Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Books I'm Dying to Read: April Edition

Here are several books I can't wait to get my hands on that are coming out in April!

Take a Bow: I LOVED both Lonely Hearts Club and Prom and Prejudice. I simply can't wait to read Eulberg's newest book! Goodreads: Out April 1st

Cordially Uninvited: I really love the middle grade series Jennifer writes with her twin Julia (Trading Faces). I can't wait to read her new book. Royal weddings, true love, and mean girls? Sounds great.  GoodReads - out April 3rd

Medusa the Mean: The 8th book in the Goddess Girl series - which is adorably cute about friendship drama, first crushes, and of course Greek mythology. Goodreads - out April 3rd

Renegade Magic: the 2nd book in the trilogy starting with Kat, Incorrigible - which I ADORED. I can't wait to see what Kat's going to do next while trying to find her sister a suitor in Bath. Goodreads - out April 3rd


Magic Under Stone: The sequel to Magic Under Glass - in which Nimira will search for a sorcerer to help free Erris from his prison. Goodreads - out April 10th 

False Prince: Three boys are being trained to assume the identity of the prince - only one will win the chance to impersonate the Prince. Only one will live.  I'm reading this one now and it's amusingly sarcastic. Goodreads - out April 1st


The List - I've heard amazing things about Siobhan Vivian and clearly I need to start reading her books. This one sounds like a great place to start with the ranking of girls and how the list changes 8 girls in particular.  Goodreads - out April 1st

Belles: The start of a new series by one of my favorite contemporary authors. Izzie must deal with a transition from her old life to a new life with a family she's never met and introduction to high society. I adored this one!  Goodreads - out April 10th 

Making Waves: A summer novel of lifeguard competition, rules, and summer love. Sounds like the perfect beach read.   Goodreads - out April 26th 

Radiate: A cheerleader who discovers a lump on her leg - and it turns out to be cancer. A semi-autobiographical novel from Marley Gibson.   Goodreads - out April 3rd


Grave Mercy: Love the cover and the concept: a girl joins the covenant to escape an arranged marriage. There she learns that she will be trained as an assassin. Goodreads - out April 3rd

The Calling: I still need to read the first Darkness Rising book, but I adored the Darkest Powers trilogy.  Goodreads - out April 10th

Above: I LOVE the cover!  A debut novel of Urban Fantasy Goodreads - out April 10th 


Academie: A historical fiction based on the daughter of a future President James Monroe - who's sent to boarding school in France. There she meets Hortense de Beauharnais, daughter of Josephine Bonaparte. I loved her previous book In the Shadow of the Lamp.  Goodreads - out April 10th

Spirit's Princess: An historical fiction account of Himiko from Japan. I really love Esther Friesner's other princess books. Goodreads - out April 24th 

The Night She Disappeared: Gabie works delivering pizzas. One night a girl goes missing and Gabie learns that she was the girl who was supposed to be kidnapped. Can she find Kalya before something dangerous happens to her?  Goodreads - out April 10th

The Marked: The second book in the Delcroix Academy in which Danica learns more about the academy's secrets. It's very mysteries and quite good.   Goodreads - out April 3rd


Drop Dead Chocolate: I love this addicting delicious series which started with Glazed Murder. This is book seven with Suzanne's mother running for Mayor. Goodreads - out April 24th

The Scarlet Pepper: The sequel to Flowerbed of State which was a smashing debut. Now Casey Calhoun is having trouble with her organic garden and things are heating up.  Goodreads - out April 3rd


7 Clues to Winning You: I really enjoyed her first book A Match Made in High School.   Blythe is humiliated when a picture of her circulates the school. Can she save her damaged reputation?  Goodreads - out April 26th

Once Upon a Toad: I really loved her Mother Daughter Book Club series, so I'm eager to try her new tween book featuring a fractured Fairy Tale.  Goodreads - out April 17th

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