Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mysterious Saturday Review: It Takes a Witch

Darcy and her sister have just moved to Enchanted Village after their father died. Upon his death, they learn the truth about their lives. They are Wishcrafters witches - which means they have the power and the obligation to grant wishes.

The town was created as a tourist destination to hide witchcraft. Part of the rules for Wishcrafters witches is complete secrecy. They can only tell another crafter of their secret.

Darcy's still learning the rules of her trade. She's still getting used to the town and the people. When a well known woman turns up murdered and her grandmother's boyfriend the main suspect, she dives into the deep end with an investigation.

Will she lose her craft through her lack of craft knowledge or her life from her lack of knowledge about the town and it's people?

My Thoughts: First in an new fun series with magic, romance, action, job issues, and family drama. I loved the twist at the end - I didn't see that coming, but it was so sweet. I love the small town feel. I love the secrets uncovered as Darcy and her sister get to know the townspeople. So looking forward to more in this series!

Cover Thoughts: Cute - love the swirls and the sparkle

Source: My Library

Fun Fact: Heather Blake is also Heather Webber

Up Next: Witch Before Dying comes out in August 2012

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