Thursday, February 23, 2012

Adult Review: An Offer from a Gentleman

* Book 3 in the Bridgeton series - read my reviews for the first and second book *

Sophie Beckett has a wicked stepmother who orders her to do the work of three servants.  Her two step-sisters haven't ever stood up for her. Her father never claimed her while he was alive, although he made sure she was educated. Upon his death, her life changed for the worse.

One night, she attends a ball - a Bridgeton ball. There she dances with Benedict Bridgerton who makes her feel like a princess. It's a magical night for her. Except her stepmother discovers her identity from the scuff marks on her shoes. 

Sophie leaves the only home she's ever known and goes into service.  She meets Benedict Bridgerton again while serving at a house party. She's in a tough spot. Benedict rescues her.  He offers her shelter and will make sure she finds a position in his mother's household. During their trek, he falls ill. Sophie nurses him.

She's never forgotten their moment together. However Benedict doesn't recognize her.  She can't help but feel deeply for him. Could she win the gentleman's heart?

My Thoughts: I love this twist on the Cinderella story. This book was different from the two previous Bridgerton novels.  Sophie's heritage leaves her place in society questionable. I love her interactions with the Bridgerton household.  The only criticism I have of this book is the fact the Sophie harps on her station in society too much. It seemed like she kept using the same arguments over and over.  I still devoured this one and loved the same aspects as in the previous books: the Bridgerton family, their easy banter, their way at stumbling into love, their charm, and their wit.

Cover Thoughts:  Love the slipper and how it connects the book to as Cinderella story

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Rebs @ Book-Rants said...

This was the book that introduced me to Julia Quinn. I fell in love with Bridgertons!