Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Picture Book Review: Naughty Ninja Takes a Bath

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It's time for the ninja to take a bath and get cleaned up from his adventures outside. But he notices trouble inside and tries to save his father from harm. Things do NOT go as expected.

A funny picture book about not wanting to take a bath, ninja moves, one unhappy dad, and one huge mess. But the ending is sweet. A fun story to share.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Top Ten Tuesday: Signs You're a Book Lover

This week's topic is signs you're a book lover.

If you:

1. You know you librarian by name
2. You read a variety of books
3. You shout about awesome books that everyone else should read
4. You have books stacked all over your house
5. You take pictures of your pets with books
6. If you match your clothes to a book
7. If you've dressed as your favorite book character for Halloween
8. If you read while eating
9. If you ever canceled plans to read more
10. If your friends know not to bother you when your favorite author's newest book comes out.

Congratulations, you're a Book Lover!

Monday, March 30, 2020

Review: Mermaid Inn

Mermaid Inn* First in a new trilogy *
Eve fled the small town where she spent her summers 10 years ago after a heartbreak and never returned. Her great aunt Lucille died leaving Eve the Mermaid Inn. Eve tries to come into town undercover. She only wants to make a plan with the real estate agent and leave immediately.

She's dumbfounded when the lawyer tells her about the clause in the will - she can't sell the inn for a year. Eve's forced to stay in town and deal with her past heartbreak, the town gossip, and renovating the inn. Will she learn to love this town and Sawyer again?
My Thoughts:  This book was adorable!
I loved this second chance romance in a small town setting. I love how everyone knows everything and how fast the gossip spreads. I loved the bromance between Sawyer and his friends. I loved the moments between Eve and Sawyer as they worked to become friends again - and beyond. I loved their banter and their chemistry. I loved Clara and Eve's interactions. They were really sweet. I loved the friendship between Maya and Eve. I can't wait to read more in this series!

Cover Thoughts: Charming
Source: My Library
Heard About it: Andi from Andi's ABC was chatting about this book on Twitter.
Library Recommendation: Grab this one for your library's romance section - it's perfect for beach and summer displays. Plus it's perfect for those readers who love Hallmark movies.

Next Book: Paradise Cove
Publishing Date: July 28

Paradise Cove

Saturday, March 28, 2020

If You Like Pitch

If you like(d) Pitch.

I loved this TV show and will always mourn it's ending. Especially after that cliff hanger. Every so often my hopes are high that it's going to come back, but so far nothing.

Still, this show left a huge impression on me.

And this picture book reminded me of it.

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Mamie Peanut Johnson had a dream. She wanted to play baseball professionally. But the All-American Girls Baseball League rejected her - not because of her talent but because of the color of skin. Mamie didn't give up. Instead she became the first female pticher (at the age of 19) in the Negro Leagues' Indianapolis Clowns - a male team. She pitched for the team for three years breaking records and barriers. 

A great story and a must have book for school and public libraries!
It's also a wonderful book for Black History Month and Women's History Month

Friday, March 27, 2020

Review: Fergus and Zeke at the Science Fair

Fergus and Zeke at the Science Fair
Fergus and Zeke are the classroom pets, but they do everything the children do in class. When the children get ready for the Science Fair, they want to create an experiment too.

But when one of the children want them to be the experiment - Fergus and Zeke decide to take matters into their own hands.
My Thoughts: A cute easy chapter book with fun illustrations and lots of science as the kids getting ready for the fair. I really liked Fergus and Zeke. I loved how they solved their science fair problem. I'm looking forward to reading the other two books in this series.

Cover Thoughts: Cute
Source: My Library
Library Recommendation:  A great series for early readers.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Cozy Review: Coconut Layer Cake Murder

Coconut Layer Cake Murder (Hannah Swenson, #25)
* Book 25 in the Hannah Swensen series *

Hannah's on a much needed vacation when her sister's boyfriend becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation. Because he's part of the police force, Michelle begs her to come home. The police need her help because many of the detectives have to recuse themselves from the case.

Hannah's ready to help; she knows Lonnie would never murder someone. She's more than happy to start bribing people with cookies for information. She never knows what someone might remember.
My Thoughts: I had to read this book based off the cliff-hanger from the last one. That part was mentioned and figured out in the first few pages. In this cozy series, the murder has become second place to the characters and their lives. I love reading about all the treats Hannah bakes for her cookie shop - it makes me want to bake. I did test out the mug cake recipe and it was pretty good!

Cover Thoughts: Cute
Source: My Library
Library Recommendation: Purchase for the collection where this cozy series is popular.

If you haven't seen the Hallmark movies based on this series - do check them out. They are pretty good. I hope they make more.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Picture Book Review: Roundup of Women's History Month Books

Here are several amazing picture book biographies that are perfect for Black History Month and Women's History Month. They are must have books for school and public libraries. 

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Mabel Fairbanks wasn't allowed to skate because of her skin color - but she was determined and talented. She never made it to competitions but she did dance in ice shows. And she coached other talented skaters. She's the first Black person inducted into the Figure Skating Hall of Fame. She broke down barriers and became a star in her own right.

The Oldest Student: How Mary Walker Learned to Read
Mary Walker was born a slave and freed by the Emancipation Proclamation. She worked hard to support her family. She didn't know how to read until one day when she was the only person left in her family, she decided it was time. So she did at the young age of 116  - showing that you're never too old to learn. This book sends a great message to all readers. Plus the collage art work illustrations were fun.

Althea Gibson: The Story of Tennis' Fleet-of-Foot Girl
Althea Gibson was great at sports, but especially great at playing tennis. She knew how to compete and had a big personality. She always wanted to win. But even though she was talented, strong, and athletic, she had a hard time because she wasn't allowed to play the best athletes. Her determination and skill helped her break down barriers. She because the first Black person to win Wimbledon. 

Lizzie Demands a Seat!: Elizabeth Jennings Fights for Streetcar Rights
Before Rosa Parks, there was Lizzie Jennings. In 1854, she was late and waned to sit on the streetcar. After a conductor blocker her way and forced her off, she sued the company. With the help of a witness, she won the case. It was one victory, but it made a difference and things slowly started to change for streetcar segregation. Lizzie was strong, determined, and she wanted justice. She didn't deserve to be treated so poorly. Her case was the first recorded court case for equal rights on transportation and many more cases would follow. 

A Voice Named Aretha
Aretha Franklin was a shy young girl, but she sang at church. When she was 10 years old, people knew she'd be going places because of her voice. And she did. She signed with a record company. She refused to sing for white only crowds. She sang the music that spoke to her and as a savvy business woman, she because a huge success.  Her music inspired people and she became the first woman inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.