Saturday, July 23, 2016

Mini Review: Case of the Missing Moonstone

Lady Ada Byron commands the household as the only person of rank, with her mother off visiting and her father dead. She's not thrilled about a new tutor. But when the new tutor brings along a student, she has somewhat of a change of heart.

When she meets Mary Godwin, she finds her first friend. Together, the girls even each other out. They start coming up with schemes - one of them is to start a detective agency, which they do.

Lady Ada is quite particular about which case they choose, but once she hears about the missing moonstone, she can't wait to solve it.
The Good:
Lady Ada and her inventions
Lady Ada ruling the house
Lady Ada and her interactions with Mary
The strength and determination of Lady Ada and Mary
Charles, the invisible boy who reads
Lady Ada discovering the truth about her tutor
Victorian Era
All the STEM in the book
The Ladies Detective Agency
Solving the case
The references to other elements in the story
The chase
That ending!

The Bad:
Nitpicking here, but historical impossible to happen with the difference in ages between the two.

Cover Thoughts: Fantastic
Source: My Library
Library Recommendation: Highly recommended for all Children's Collections
Final Thoughts: I'm looking forward to the second book in this series!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Summertime Book Review: Unexpected Everything

Andi knew what she wanted from life and a plan to get it. So imagine her surprise when her world comes crashing down after her father's political career takes a hit.

The scandal changes her summer plans in an instant. Now without her internship, Andi's floundering. She's stuck at home with no plans and no ways to create a better summer.

At first, she's at her wits end, but then she agrees to take a dog walking job. Just like that everything changes.

She meets Clark - a boy who challenges her on every level. Her relationship with him gets off to a rocky start but then rebounds.

Could this spontaneous summer be the best thing that ever happened to her?
My Thoughts: I LOVED this book, not surprising because I love her author books. I enjoyed the father - daughter banter, the political side to the book, Andi's friendships, her letting go of her plans and letting loose, and of course Clark. Clark reminded me of the Christoper Paolini publishing story crossed with a little Game of Thrones - which was awesome. And that sweet dog. Bertie was charming. I love how Clark and Andi didn't know much about each other and their first date was priceless. I liked learning more about Andi's mother. I loved how this summer taught her to have deeper relationships. I didn't want this book to end!

Cover Thoughts: Cute
Source: My Library
Library Recommendation: Highly recommended for all teen collections.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Book Blogger Tag

I found this on Bring My Books blog and decided to give it a try.
Go ahead and fill this out if you're interested. 

How old are you?


What book are you reading?

Mother-Daughter Book Camp (The Mother-Daughter Bo…The Queen of Blood  (The Queens of Renthia, #1)The Inside of Out


(One True Pairing, for those who don’t know.)
Yikes this is hard!
Darcy and Lizzie 
Ron and Hermoine
Luke and Lorelai 
Wes and Macy
Mia and Michael

Blogger or WordPress?


Going outside being active or staying in and reading a book?

Depends on the day - I love hiking, but I also love reading inside. Usually if the weather is nice, I'd pick hiking. But if not, reading for sure. 

What is the last book you read?

Too Many Moose by Lisa Bakos
Super cute Children's book

What is the book you’re going to read next?

Sweet Little Lies (Heartbreaker Bay, #1)

Ebooks – yes or no?

NO! I love feel of print in my hand. 

Where do you prefer to read?

Mostly anywhere but usually on the couch or in bed

Who is the last person you tweeted?

 To wish her a happy book birthday for
The Way Back Home (Wildflower, #3)

Whose blog did you look at last?

Andi's for her ABCs

Who is your favorite blogger?

I'm not sure I can choose....

Who is your favorite book-tuber?

I don't have one - I don't watch these videos, but maybe I should. Who should I be watching?

What do you do when someone tells you reading is boring?

I'll try to help them find a book they will love.

Who is your all-time favorite book character?

Yikes again! 
Elizabeth Bennet 
Harry Potter characters

What is your preferred drink whilst reading?

I'm a diet coke addict

How many bookshelves / bookcases do you have?

7, including four my husband made me and 1 built in bookcase (which in no way influenced my house buying decision - ok it totally did!)

Insta-love: yes or no?

Nope - not unless there's a REALLY unique twist on it

Favorite author?

Yikes Again!
Meg Cabot, Jane Austen, Sarah J Maas, JK Rowling...

What is the number-one book on your wishlist?

The new Meg Cabot or Sarah J Maas book (whenever they are coming out)

Do you prefer books with female or male protagonists?

Doesn't matter to me as long as the story is good.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

August ARC reading

I've got to tell you that I'm in Love with this idea. I have so many great books on the shelves that I've been wanting to read - but things get in the way. With our library system in flux with the holds system, this is a perfect time to concentrate on the books that I have here with me.

So I'm going to attempt 10-15 ARCs sitting on my shelves.

Here are some on my list:
The Girl at Midnight (The Girl at Midnight, #1)Friday Barnes, Girl DetectiveLove Fortunes and Other Disasters (Grimbaud, #1)Flawed (Flawed, #1)Zeroes (Zeroes, #1)
Pennyroyal Academy (Pennyroyal Academy, #1)The Novice (Summoner, #1)Kissing Ted Callahan (and Other Guys)Broken Hearts, Fences, and Other Things to Mend (Broken Hearts & Revenge, #1)This Adventure Ends

PS: There's a contest that goes along with this challenge for more ARCs. But I'm here to clean up my shelves and read some great books.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Set Outside The US

This week's topic is favorite books set outside The US. I love a good travel romance (in fact of the first longer pieces I ever wrote was a travel romance in England.) I have a bunch of these and can't wait to check out more recommendations from others. I'll try to keep the list short, but you know me...
meme from The Broke and the Bookish 

This year's reads:
Wanderlost by Jen MaloneTwo Summers by Aimee FriedmanLove, Lies and Spies by Cindy AnsteyLost in Rome by Cindy CallaghanThe Heir and the Spare by Emily Albright
Copy Cap Murder by Jenn McKinlayThe Rogue Not Taken by Sarah MacLeanSee How They Run by Ally Carter

Last year's reads:
The Blackthorn Key (The Blackthorn Key, #1)Moving TargetMalice at the Palace (Her Royal Spyness, #9)The Lure of the Moonflower (Pink Carnation #12)Lost in Paris
My Secret Guide to ParisThe Royal WeEarls Just Want to Have Fun (Covent Garden Cubs, #1)The Queen's HatA Time to Dance

Plus these earrings from my Etsy shop are perfect for this theme:

Tween Tuesday Review: Sealed with a Secret

 * Companion Book to My Secret Life in Paris
While she was in Paris, Phoebe found a vintage compact. Inside, she discovers a letter to a sister. With relations at an all time low with her sister, Phoebe's intrigued. When the letter mentions a secret spell to bring people closer together, Phoebe knows that she has to complete the spell - even if it takes a few lies.

She convinces her good friend Ned to help her. After all Alice is leaving for college soon, if they don't solve their problems, Phoebe's afraid she'll lose her sister.
My Thoughts: I love the at Phoebe wants to become closer to her sister and I love the fact that she traipses all over London to do it. I enjoyed reading about the past sisters and how Phoebe discovered clues to the spell. I enjoyed the tie in with Nora. I really liked the moments between Alice and Phoebe - both the fighting and the good times. Of course it made me want to travel to London. 

Cover Thoughts: Adorable
Source: My Library
Library Recommendation: Recommended for all tween sections

Monday, July 18, 2016

Kids Book Review: Puppy Pool Party

 What do puppies do at a pool party?

This super cute book is my new favorite. I love it. And it's perfect for sharing with kids. Already looking forward to sharing it during story times.

Pick this one up for your library! But don't forget to read it before it hits the shelves.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Fall Program for Kids (2)

I know Summer Reading is in full swing, but my head is filled with ideas for fall programs. Fall for my library runs from September thru December. This is the first year for me creating programs for kids, so Pinterest is of course my new best friend. Here are some ideas I'm looking at closely.

Great for going back to school:
Back to School I Spy Game - free printable search and find!:
I Spy: School Style

Perfect for the week before Halloween:
Free Monster Printables - for making monster faces:
Design Your Own Monster Face
Writing is great for all ages, perfect for early November and NaNoWriMo
Realistic Fiction Graphic Organizers FREE! **Use when sharing what realistic fiction is.  Students create a character they would find in a realistic fiction story.  Then they create what they would find in a fantasy story, sci-fi and so on....use same template as this.:
Create a Character 
Perfect for the week of Thanksgiving:
Stuff the Turkey Game. Perfect for preschool or elementary school Thanksgiving parties! This is so easy to make, and the kids have a blast stuffing the turkey! -
Stuff the Turkey Game
Hide the Gingerbread People (I've been hiding Ninjas this summer and people seem to love it! So I might try it again in the winter.