Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mysterious Saturday Review: Lord and Lady Spy

Lady Smythe doesn't know her husband of five years. They rarely spend any time together. He knows nothing of her secret life, which is why she's dumbfounded to learn he holds a secret identity as well.

She uncovers his identity during a secret rendezvous following her recent unemployment. With the Napoleonic Wars over, England won't be needing her services.They also won't be needing her husband's services either. However, there is one spot vacant. Both are requested to attend a midnight meeting if they hope to keep their jobs. As they move in the shadows towards the meeting, they uncover each other's secret during a fight.

Adrian's impressed with his wife's skills and shocked to learn she's The Saint.

At the meeting, Lord and Lady Smythe are asked to take on one final mission - solve a murder for Lord Liverpool. The one who uncovers the identity of the murderer (where the police could not) is allowed to keep his or her job. Will they be able to work together or will their competitive nature, their mistrust of each other, and their emotions force them to battle each other?
My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this romance mystery. I liked how Lord and Lady Smythe had martial problems - which stemmed from several miscarriages and not spending time together. However, each enjoyed their spouse's company. I love that Lady Smythe hid herself behind horrible dresses. I loved her sense of adventure, determination, and independence.  I liked how they found their romance again (or really for the first time). I liked how they each had different ways of investigating and interrogating witnesses.  I heard there might be more of their adventures coming. I sure hope so.

Cover Thoughts: Fun

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