Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Simon Pulse Rom Com Challenge!

(I saw this from twitter, @PageTurnersBlog who pointed me to The Book Celler, who found the challenge on Chick Loves Lit)

There is a new challenge on the block. How exciting. I usually don't do challenges, but I started them this year. So, I figure why not! I have been reading the Simon Pulse Romantic Comedies for a few years now. I can't remember the first one I read, but they're very addicting.


You can find more about the challenge here. The Simon Pulse Rom Com Challenge runs September 1, 2010 - September 1, 2011. There are four levels for this challenge:

Rom Com Lover - 5 books
Rom Com Raver - 15 books
Rom Com Addict - 25 books
Rom Com Crazy - 35+ books

I am going Rom Com Crazy - You can count books you have read before the start date, but you want to read at least 50% of the books during the year.

Here's a complete list of all 38 Simon Pulse Romantic Comedies. I'm going to bold all the ones I've read prior to September 1, 2010 and I'll simply bold each book that I read as the year goes on.

Royally Jacked by Niki Burnham - January 2004
How Not to Spend Your Senior Year by Cameron Dokey - January 2004
Ripped at the Seams by Nancy Krulik - June 2004
Spin Control by Niki Burnham - January 2005
Cupidity by Caroline Goode - January 2005
South Beach Sizzle by Suzanne Weyn and Diana Gonzalez - February 2005
She's Got the Beat by Nancy Krulik - April 2005
30 Guys in 30 Days by Micol Ostow - June 2005
Animal Attraction by Jamie Ponti - August 2005
Scary Beautiful by Niki Burnham - January 2006
A Novel Idea by Aimee Friedman - January 2006
Getting to Third Date by Kelly McClymer - April 2006
Dancing Queen by Erin Downing - June 2006
Major Crush by Jennifer Echols - August 2006
Do-Over by Niki Burnham - October 2006
Love Undercover by Jo Edwards - December 2006
Prom Crashers by Erin Downing - February 2007
Gettin' Lucky by Micol Ostow - April 2007
The Boys Next Door by Jennifer Echols - May 2007
In the Stars by Stacia Deutsch and Rhody Cohon - August 2007
Crush du Jour by Micol Ostow - October 2007
The Secret Life of a Teenage Siren by Wendy Toliver - December 2007
Love, Hollywood Style by P.J. Ruditis - January 2008
Something Borrowed by Catherine Hapka - April 2008
Party Favor by Whitney Lyles - June 2008
Puppy Love by Nancy Krulik - August 2008
The Twelve Dates of Christmas by Catherine Hapka - October 2008
Sea of Love by Jamie Ponti - December 2008
Miss Match by Wendy Toliver - February 2009
Love on Cue by Catherine Hapka - April 2009
Drive Me Crazy by Erin Downing - June 2009
Love Off-Limits by Whitney Lyles - August 2009
The Ex Games by Jennifer Echols - October 2009
Perfect Shot by Debbie Rigaud - December 2009
Hard To Get by Emma Carlson Berne - February 2010
At First Site by Catherine Hapka - April 2010
Endless Summer by Jennifer Echols - May 2010

So my current count is at


Looking at the numbers, I'm not sure I qualify for this specific challenge, so I'm coming up with a new challenge. I'm going to track down the ones I haven't read yet, because they're books that I've been wanting to read.

Are you up for the challenge?

Review: Reality Check

Charlie works at a coffee shop where her three best friends come hang out with her during her working hours. A scout spies them there one day and asks if they're interested in having their own reality show centered around Charlie.

Charlie's not sure she wants to do the show. What if it changes their amazing friendship? Her BFFs Keiran, Brooke, and Hallie really want to do the show. So she caves.

At first, it's weird in front of the cameras, but soon the girls don't notice the intrusion. They're spilling secrets, dating boys, and fighting with each other. When the first show airs, they're astonished to see how different it appears than their real life together.

Charlie notices a BIG change in her life. Her would be boyfriend doesn't want to be on T.V. - thus they can't go on dates together. She's fighting more with her friends - especially Brooke. Brooke isn't happy that the show centers on Charlie and begins to create her own star power. Keiran always has to baby-sit her siblings, making her life a tad on the boring side. Hallie wants to find true love, but in the reality world, that's really hard.

Will the girls survive the show with their friendship intact or will the cameras pull them apart as they swore they wouldn't?

My Thoughts: I really LOVE this author. This book sucked me in and devoured it. I couldn't stop reading it. I loved the angle of this book in the midst of all the reality T.V. shows (which I can't understand). I loved the friendships between the girls, the drama from the show, and their relationships with boys.

The Cover: A little creepy, but unique and thus eye-catching

Source: My Library

Monday, August 30, 2010

Meeting Suzanne Collins!

Last Friday, I met Suzanne Collins during a signing of Mockingbird. I even waited to read the stamped book, which was hard as it kept me off blogs and most of the internet for days. It was hosted by RJ Julia's but held off site. This bookstore always has amazing authors. I've met so many great ones there!

In honor of the event, I wore a special shirt.

Here she is waiting in the wings before coming up to the stage

Here she is on the stage where she read a little bit of Catching Fire for the audience to fully appreciate Katniss's voice before diving in and reading in the first few pages of Mockingjay.

Then we all waited in line. Here she is stamping my friend - a fellow librarian's - book and chatting with her. There wasn't much time to chat, but it was awesome nonetheless.

I wish there had been a Q&A as there were several questions I wanted answered, but it was still great fun. Plus I won a door prize! - a Hunger Games bag clip, which I think I can alternate and use it as a necklace or bracelet!

Finally, I chatted with her and asked her to pose of a READ poster:

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mysterious Saturday Review: Holly and Homicide

Erin and Steven finally admitted their feelings for each other. The past few months have been amazing. They're working on an old estate turned Bed and Breakfast for the holiday season. However this job is nothing like they expected.

First off, the building inspector and relative of the house manager ends up strangled after refusing to pass the house. With nitpicking details, it makes Erin wonder if there's someone sabotaging the project. Before she has more time to think about this particular problem, an unexpected visitor wrecks havoc.

Her ex-boyfriend from college appears and plants one on her. She barely has time to react - but she doesn't push him away immediately. Now Steve's unhappy with her.

Secondly, the house doesn't feel safe anymore. There's too many lies, strange occurrences, and near accidents to feel at home. Nevertheless, Erin and Steve continue their decorations of the rooms in the Twelve Days of Christmas theme. Erin starts digging because she can't stand the tension of the house. Will her questions trigger the killer to come forward again?

My Thoughts: I really like this series - for the decorating, the romance, and Erin - who is feisty, smart, curious, and a little snarky at times. Her relationship with Audrey adds a deeper dimension to the series. Plus, I do adore Christmas novels.

Cover: Cute!

Source: My Library

Fun Fact: Leslie Cain and her editor have tagged this series as "Nancy Drew meets Martha Stewart"

Friday, August 27, 2010

Review: Shield of Stars

In her former life, Weasel knew crime. Now with help from Justice Hollis, he's walking a straight path. When guards come into their home late one night, they catch the two in the act of writing letters of treason against the corrupt Regent. Weasel escapes into the night, but the guards take Justice Hollis to the dungeon.

Weasel knows he must free the man who gave him a second chance. He sneaks into the palace and finds the Prince. The young Prince at fifteen has no legal rights, but Weasel knows he must try. He makes his case to the Prince who allows a trial to begin in two weeks time. That will give Weasel time to make his plan, except that he's taken and thrown into a cell as other conspirators fill the dungeons.

A girl already resides in the cell. Immediately, Weasel takes a look at his surroundings - ready to break out of the cell. Together, they pair make their way outside the palace. Weasel knows he needs to round up help for Justice Hollis - and he has two weeks to come up and execute a solid plan.

With the help of Arisa, his prisoner friend, and a shield he stumbles upon, will he save the man who's become a father figure to him?

My Thoughts: I couldn't put down the first book in The Shield, Sword, and Crown series. I love the danger, adventure, the planning, and a hint of romance. The book contains similar elements to Bell's Knight and Rogue series. I can't wait to read the next chapter.

Cover: Awesome!

Source: My Library.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Review: The Education of Bet

Bet lives with family, but she's not quite family but not quite a servant either. She's in between and for the most part she's happy. However, she longs for a chance to become educated.

While Will comes home disgraced from yet another school, Bet attempts to understand why he doesn't like formal education. When she asks him, he confesses that he'd like to join the army. Immediately, Bet recognizes a golden opportunity for both of them to achieve their dreams.

As Will must attend a new school after summer, she volunteers to go in his place leaving him free to join the army. Bet and Will spend the summer turning into a boy. Then they go their separate ways.

Will forgot to mention a few nuggets of information such as roommates, and bullies. Bet must figure out how to fool her roommate, not let the bullies intimidate her, and study without drawing attention to herself and giving away her secret identity. Can she pull off the biggest scam, especially when she falls for her roommate?

My Thoughts: This reminds of Amanda Bynes' movie She's the Man -but without the soccer. I loved this book - Bet was clever, funny, and willing to take her life into her own hands. I found myself laughing at her snarky remarks and rooting for her all the way. I also really loved the nurse.

The Cover: LOVE it! I'm a sucker for period dresses.

Source: My Library

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Review: Prism

Kaida isn't that excited for the school trip to Carlsbad Caverns, especially when her van includes two people she can't stand. Little does she know, those two people will become her lifeline.

Their car crashes and blows up right as the make their escape. They're not sure what happened to their teacher. As the skies open and the rain pours down, they find shelter for the night. In the cave, Joy falls into a hole. Kaida and Zeke fall in as they attempt to rescue her. As they struggle to find a way out, they fall sleep until dawn.

Kaida wakes up in her own bed -but in a parallel world. She soon discovers this world is vastly different and people don't like anyone asking questions. Danger follows her around as she attempts to make contact with Joy and Zeke.

Together the three of them attempt to unravel the differences between the worlds and if they can return to normal. Is there any hope for Kaida and her friends?

My Thoughts: I really liked the book until the abrupt ending. Its hard to explain without spoiling the book, but I needed more, much more.

The Cover: Interestingly creepy

Source: My Library

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Review: Stolen Kisses, Secrets, and Lies (Mob Princess #2)

Kate Blessing's life used to be perfect with her strong family connection, her wealth and status, and her best friends. Now, her family's falling apart. Her mother left her father and she's not planning on coming back anytime soon.

Her father's a mess. As head of the mob, he's under a lot of pressure. Kate's been covering for him with the business, but a Mob war is about to break out with a rival family. There are those in the family who don't think Kate's Dad has what it takes to lead anymore.

If her Dad's business goes under due a Mob war - her future could be in jeopardy.

Right now, her heart's in jeopardy. Her feelings swing towards a boy from the rival Mob - a boy her father forbade her to date. While she's trying to fall for another boy, he doesn't send chills down her spine.

Can she straighten her life out and get back to normal or will the Mob be her downfall?

My Thoughts: I knew I should have grabbed book 3 (Count Your Blessings) off the shelve - know I'm dying to know what happens next. Kate's a strong leader who wants to learn about business to become legit after college. However, that doesn't stop her form standing up to the Family when it matters nor taking control of her own family. I love the forbidden romance. Plus I'm partial to Mob stories ever since reading The Godfather.

The Cover: Cute - shows Kate being strong.

Source: My Library

Monday, August 23, 2010

Review: Spy!

War is coming, but not everyone wants to fight against their neighbors. In a small town in Connecticut, one teacher helps mold minds towards figuring out your own beliefs and not attacking those who do not share your opinions.

Nathan Hale doesn't want to go to war and yet he believes in obtaining freedom from English rule. When the day comes, he does join the militia. He's willing to fight for his beliefs.

His students also have their beliefs, but one boy isn't sure which side to choose. His father who recently died believed in loyalty to the crown. The man who took his sister and himself in after his father's death also holds England in his heart.With war fast approaching, he will have to choose a side.

Will he follow his family's belief or his influential teacher's?

My Thoughts: Told in alternating perspectives of Jonah Hawkins and Nathan Hale, this book showcases the high tempers of the time period, the grueling decision everyone must make, and the lives and relationships changed because of this one major decision. I found this a fascinating historical fiction read - and not just because I live very close to where the action takes place.

The Cover: I like it - especially how the words and the boy's face coexist

Source: My library

Spotted: New Cover

I can't tell you how excited I am to READ this novel. I love love LOVED Lonely Heats Club. Plus I'm a Jane Austen freak and adore books about proms (could be because I never went to my own prom, but that's a different story.)

What do you think of the cover? I love the blue dress, but I'm not sure I get the scissors...

Friday, August 20, 2010

Myersterious Saturday Review: Enola Holmes and the Bizzare Bouquets

(As this is the 3rd book in the series, there are some spoilers from the previous books)

Enola's still reeling from the close call with her brother. She knows she needs to create a new identity, but she's loathes to leave behind Ivy Meshle. She must also change her habits as her brother knows too much information.

Since she's been in his rooms last, she found a card with shop information and items she never expected to find. These items would greatest help her change her appearance and drastically. She hastily heads for the shop, where she meets the shop keeper - a strange woman.

Enloa learns of Dr. Watson's fate from the newspapers and she remembers him with fondness. She knows her brother Sherlock will do everything in his powers to help locate his partner. Still, she disguises herself and pays a call on Mrs. Watson.

While she's there, she spies a rather strange bouquet with a sinister meaning behind it. Half intrigued and half horrified, she desires to learn who sent the bouquet. Unfortunately Sherlock appears and she makes a hasty escape. Can she uncover the mysterious disappearance without blowing her disguise?

My Thoughts: Enola is so spunky and feisty! I absolutely love her. I love her going against her brilliant brother Sherlock to uncover mysteries. She works on an entirely different level with open eyes to both logical ideas and the female clues that her brother so often overlooks.

The Cover: Dark and Mysterious

Source: My Library

Review: Player's Ruse

Fisk and Michael encounter Lady Rosamund in their journeys. She’s searching for the man she loves, but her Uncle (Michael’s father) refuses to allow her to marry. Hopelessly in love with her himself, Michael agrees to help her find Rudy – a traveling player.

Just as they’re arriving into the town where their information leads them to believe Rudy will be staying, they come across a fire. When they arrive and give word of the fire, they’re taken back out into the night, where they must show the sheriff and his men the exact location.

Wreckers have been making havoc on the ships and therefore the town. No one knows who’s behind the deeds, but if they don’t stop them the town will go to ruins. Michael wants to investigate the matter further.

When Rosamund finds her love, trouble follows her. When the bounty hunter attempting to take her back ends up murdered, the sheriff refuses to let Michael, Fisk, Rosamund, and the players leave town, as they’re witnesses to the wrecking and the murder. Resigned, Michael and Fisk join the players in their acts.

There’s something not right amongst the players as accidents keep happening. Are they really accidents or is
someone looking to cause trouble? Could these incidents be related to the wreckers, or does someone just
have a grudge against Michael?

My Thoughts: The third book in this series that's part
medieval and part mystery. Michael and Fisk seem like an unlikely pair, but their partnership works, as Michael tends to be softhearted, which often leads him into trouble, and Fisk’s streetwise skills save the boys often. Their adventures always contain action, danger, and the strength of brotherhood.

The Cover: It's different, but appealing

Source: Reviewed for www.teensreadtoo.com

Review: Liberty Porter

Liberty Porter's father becomes the President of the United States today and Liberty's determined to become an amazing First Daughter. She knows that she's not perfect: she wiggles, she yawns, and most importantly she likes to have fun.

Liberty can't wait to check out her new digs, especially her new room -which has a slide. She immediately changes into PJs - her ultimate comfort clothes and heads out exploring.

She finds the best spot - the chocolate shop. She runs and slides on the wooden floors. Unfortunately, she also butts in on a press conference and answers questions about her father. She's just trying to fun the balance between fun and manners.

She spies a group of kids on tour, looking bored out of their minds. In order to fulfill her duties as the first daughter, she invited them to her room - which over course is against protocol. Will Liberty Porter find her balance without loosing herself?


Liberty Porter returns as she must attend her first day of school. There's all sorts of fabulous things about the White House, including the chef. However, that doesn't stop her Dad, the President, from making his annual first day of school pancakes. Liberty just wishes they didn't taste so bad.

She's a little nervous going to a new school where people know everything about her - or everything that's been in the media. She arrives early. Her fellow classmates rush into the room, stunned to see her. Some are excited, some are jealous, and some she already knows. Soon, Liberty's thrown into the deep end. Everyone wants to talk with her, but does everyone want to be her friend?

Liberty's figuring out to navigate through the waters of friendship with her trust bodyguard by her side.

My Thoughts: I really like this series, it's younger than I thought (because I didn't read much about the series, I just saw the author name and the covers and thought cool). Liberty Porter is a fun, fresh, and excited nine year old. I love her sense of adventure and her quirks. She's always seen as misbehaving, which is part of her charm. I seriously love SAM and his sense of loyalty and playfulness. The illustrations are super cute too.

The Cover: Very attractive!

Source: My Library (I bought them for the YA dept without realizing, but I'll be giving them to the Children's Dept.)

Fun Fact: I just saw a post on facebook from Julia DeVillers's site "Writing Liberty Porter book #3. She goes abroad (but she gets to fly Air Force One.)" - Sounds awesome. I can't wait to read more.

Readalike: Ally Finkle Series and for older readers: First Daughter: Extreme American Makeover by Mitali Perkins

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Review: My Little Phony (with some spoilers)

Massie and Claire are at war after Massie required the Pretty Committee to ditch their crushes and upgrade. Claire refused to give up Cam. Instead, she found a couple ninth grade girls to replace Massie and her ridiculous demands.

She's never felt more free or more like herself since her family moved to town. She's so tired of not being her true self, yet whenever she sees Massie and the other girls, she finds herself a little wistful for the old days. She's not sure she wants to go to war with Massie but after Massie starts the war, there's no way she's backing down.

Massie can't believe Claire and her new friends. She almost has too much going on her world to worry about Claire, like lip kissing an older boy and family drama. Still, she can't let Claire off for ditching the group. When she's done with Claire, there won't be any more friendship with ninth graders or anyone else.

Will the two girls ever declare a truce or will they fight til someone backs down?

My Thoughts: I really like this series.

The Covers: Love them

The Title: Awesome titles throughout the series.

Fact for Gossip Points: The next book The Tale of Two Pretties is the last book in the series - it comes out in February of next year.

Up Next: I'm super excited to read Monster High - It looks Ah-mazing!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Review: Life After

Life in Argentina is a nightmare for Dani. Her father's broken after the loss of his sister and his family business. He sits home every day, sleeping or starring at the wall. Plus he flies off the handle at a moment's notice. Her mother works too hard for too little money. Dani needs to watch her younger sister. Everything's just hard. She lives for those quiet moments with her boyfriend Roberto. Lately those are few and far between. Now, his family is talking of moving.

She doesn't know how she'll survive without him. There are nights when she goes to bed hungry. There are nights when the lights don't work. There are nights her anger grows until it threatens to explode. She's so angry with her father for his behavior, angry at her mother for allowing her father to act so hurtful, and angry at life.

Dani can't imagine life will magically improve, but suddenly they have the chance to move to America themselves. Her father refuses to entertain the idea. He's too proud to accept handouts. Dani can't believe him. Why would he want to stay in Argentina where life is so hard? Finally, he breaks down and agrees to the move. When Dani finally reaches America, will life be better for her or will the move come with a whole new set of troubles?

My Thoughts: Wow, a very powerful and emotional novel. Dani's life brings out a wealth of emotions from sympathy to horror to sorrow to hope. A very interesting way to look at the aftermath of 9-11 from a different perspective - a real eye opening novel. I've felt this way about the authors to previous books as well: Confessions of a Closet Catholic and Purge.

The Cover: Confession - at first I hated this cover, I mean yeah it's pretty, but I didn't really get it. And then after reading it, it's beautiful, really simply amazing.

Source: Sent from the publisher at the author's request

Listen to Tell Me a Secret

Holly Cupula is launching the free serialized podcast on Wednesday (8/18) at http://tellmeasecretnovel.com—the entire novel is read by award-winning actress Jenna Lamia (The Adoration of Jenna Fox, The Chosen One), and will be releasing 2-3 chapters per week to roughly follow the timeline of the novel. The chapters will be available for a limited time, plus there will be a special edition full version available

Tell Me a Secret - Free Audiobook Podcast

Plus tonight, Holly will be chatting with readergirlz on Twitter 6pm PST/9pm EST (look for the #rgz hashtag)

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Review: The Necromancer

Sophie and Josh return home, unsure what to tell their Aunt about their adventures of the past few days. They certainly can’t tell her the truth. As they walk up the road, they notice a car outside the house.

Curious and hesitant, they approach the car. A woman exits and they believe it’s someone they know. However, almost too late, they realize it’s an identical twin. Sophie ends up kidnapped and Josh left scrambling behind.

In order to save his sister, he travels back to the start of their adventure, the Flamels. Once he confides in them, they quickly follow after Sophie.

The Flamels don’t have much time and they have already decided to fight before things spiral too far out of control, even though it might be the last thing they accomplish. They find Sophie and those watching over her. Together, they come up with a plan of attack.

Before they can accomplish their goals, they request someone to awake the fire powers in Josh. He readily agrees to the plan, already feeling inferior to his twin.

However, the Flamels didn’t consider Dr. Dee in their planning. While his masters aren’t pleased with his failures, Dr. Dee always has a plan. This plan includes taking over the world, but he needs Josh in order to set his plan in motion. Will Josh cross over to the other side and leave his twin and the Flamels behind?

My Thoughts: The fourth book in this wonderful series won’t disappoint fans with its magic, history, mythology, clever characters, evil plots, and strong sibling bonds. THE SECRETS OF THE IMMORTAL NICHOLAS FLAMEL is addicting and will leave readers on the edge of their seats.

The Cover: Awesome, I love these covers

Source: reviewed for
Where I gave it the:

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mysterious Saturday Cover Reveal

Here's the cover for the 2nd Cupcake Bakery Mystery

Doesn't it look yummy?
It comes out in January

Check out the cupcakes that inspired the cover

Friday, August 13, 2010

Review: Artemis Fowl and the Atlantis Complex

Artemis isn't right in the head. He's having a touch of OCD - talking in words of 5 or rearranging items on his desk. He's also feeling paranoid. Plus, he has an idea to save the world.

After sending Butler off on a bogus mission, he meets the new commander, Foaly, and Holly Short to explain his latest idea in Iceland. Just before he demonstrates the new technology - a large space vehicle appears.

It's one of Foaly's more brilliant designs - but now it's under someone's control and that someone is using it for deadly purposes. As they attempt to escape the deadly area, Artemis is hit and undergoes a personality switch.

Holly must hold everything and everyone together while trying to escape the situation and uncover the meaning behind their attack. Unfortunately, she could really use Artemis's crafty criminal skills but for now, she must deal with Orion. Can Artemis fight through the Atlantis Complex (a disease enabled by the combination of guilt and fairy magic) in time to help save the people he loves and his mind?

My Thoughts: I love Artemis Fowl. He's such an evil genius but also a great character to root for. Right now he's struggling with his past actions and feels tempted turning to the good side. I'm not sure how I feel about that, but it's interesting to watch the struggle. I love the side kicks of this book. I love the relationship between Butler and his sister and their crazy athletic ability to kick butt anytime anywhere. I love Holly Short - she's feisty and sarcastic, always breaking the rules, and she has a good heart. I can't wait to see what will happen next.

The Cover: Cool - very cool.

Source: My Library

Favorite Line: "You couldn't just punch him in the head," grumbled Butler, leading Foaly past her. "Boo-hoo. Help me, I'm a girl. What kind of modern woman are you?"

Fun : Here's a music video produced by Disney Hyperion with pictures from the graphic novels

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Here's a display on weapons books - my attempt on catching the guys' eyes this time and it's working a bit:

Here's the wall display, just a little something unique:

Happy Reading!

review: Dark Hunters vol 1

Amanda doesn't enjoy her family's paranormal "junk". It just cost her a fiance - not that she's mourning his loss. Still, she can't believe her luck when she's mistaken for her sister and knocked unconscious.

When she wakes up, she's in a strange room and handcuffed to a stranger. After exchanging insults and realizing they aren't going to kill each other, they realize they need to work together. Amanda has no clue what's happening to her.

Kyrian, on the other hand, is no stranger to their problem. He's used to daimons wanting to kill him. This particular daimon wants to hunt them down. The handcuffs were created by the gods and thus are almost impossible to break. Luckily, Kyrian has a powerful friend who helps the pair escape their confinement. However, Amanda still needs protection from the daimon and Kyrian can't wait to kill it. Can they survive through the next few days?

My Thoughts: I just finished Infinity - so I snagged this one. It's a great introduction to Kyrian and his world. I'm hooked on the story and want to read more. I'm going to go back and start the adult Dark Hunters series. I loved the art of this book. Just a great fun read all around read with lots of danger and a little bit of romance.

The Cover: Interesting

Source: My Library

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Spotted: Wildfire Run Booktrailer

I'm So looking forward to this book, check out the trailer and see why:

Out August 31st

Review: Sons of Liberty

When one runaway slave returns by force to the plantation by a cruel bounty hunter and dogs, two boys find themselves in trouble – deadly trouble. In order to avoid death, they run from the plantation in search of a man who just might help them survive.

They believe Benjamin Lay will help hide them until they can find a safe place. While trying to find him, they run across William Franklin, son of Benjamin Franklin, conducting experiments of electricity through animals. The boys become infused with powers they don’t understand. Their eyes glow and they can become extraordinarily strong and athletic.

The boys might be just what the country needs in times of trouble and injustice. They simply need to stay hidden and keep their powers to themselves to survive.

My Thoughts: When I saw the title, I immediately thought this was a book set during the days before the American Revolution - and about the group responsible for the Boston Tea Party. I was wrong. This start of a new series that blends history with the supernatural is very intriguing. I love the artwork; it simply leaps off the pages. However, the story is a little confusing as it jumps around. It’s hard keeping track of the people and pieces of the tale that do not seem relevant. I’m curious to see where this series will go next.

The Cover: I Love it! Very eye Catching.

Source: reviewed for www.teensreadtoo.com - where I gave it 4 stars

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

spotted: Exile cover

Isn't it beautiful?
It's the companion novel to AURELIA and Anne Osterlund has a brand new blog
It comes out April of next year - which is SUCH a long time to wait...

Reviews from Norwich Teens pt. 4

Four Truths and a Lie by Lauren Barnholdt
9 Stars
It's unpredictable and has romance and humor.
~ Rena age 14

Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery
7 Stars
It's really funny, she dreams of everything like a fairytale.
~ Luis age 12

The Returners by Gemma Malley
9 Stars
The book was relevant and interesting with a unique plot. I liked it because it was fun to read.
~ Claudine age 14

Paparazzi Princess by Jen Calonita
8 Stars
I feel like I'm next to the character watching it happen.
~ Rena age 14

Deception by Lee Nichols
10 Stars
Best ghost novel I've read (ok, more like the only ghost novel so it's my first one and it's so great.) I'm excited to see what happens in the next book - Betrayal.
~ Nicole age 15

The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan
10 Stars
The book was very exciting.
~ Steven age 10

From Dead to Worse by Charlaine Harris
10 Stars
These books from Sookie Stackhouse just keep on getting better and leave you wanting more.
~ Nicole age 15

13 Treasures by Michelle Harrison
9 Stars
The story is so exciting,. It has many twists and turns.
~ Rena age 14

1-800-Where-R-U When Lightning Strikes by Meg Cabot
10 Stars
It was so cool that the main character Jess had super powers!
~ Natalie age 13

My Best Frenemy by Julie Bowe
10 Stars
It teaches me what being a true friend is about and it's a funny book too,
~ Michelle age 11

Pucker Up by Rhonda Stapleton
9 Stars
This book is full of humor and romance, it's my type of book.
~ Rena age 14

Lonely Hearts Club by Elizabeth Eulberg
9.5 Stars
Hilariously funny- she shows the exact feeling teenagers with broken hearts show and no matter how hard we try, we'll always be looking for someone special - cute book.
~Nicole age 15

Monday, August 9, 2010

Review: Take Two

Emma and Payton are still dealing with the fallout from their backfired plan to switch places. With detention in front of them, Emma can't believe her perfect record will be not-so-perfect.

Just as they go into detention, they get a reprieve. Instead of serving detention, Emma will tutor the guidance counselor own son - who is also a twin, while Payton must clean out the theater basement.

Emma's having a hard time with the twins as one boy's a math genius and the other hates math. They've heard the story of the Emma and Payton switch (who hasn't?) and they attempt to switch places several times. Emma has a hard time figuring the two boys out, which doesn't help matters, but she's determined to wipe her slate clean and become more AcadEmma.

Thus, she's giving up her new friends and her potential boyfriend to pursue her spot as the school's number one smarty-pants. Emma's not giving up the spot to anyone, especially Jazmine.

Meanwhile Payton can't believe she's not allowed to try out for the Wizard of Oz. She has the listen to rehearsal as she cleans. Plus Sydney's joined the play so she has to combat all the nasty comments that fly her way. Will she ever get the chance to shine center stage?

The twins deal with their separate lives but circumstances force them not to switch places, but to assume the other twin's identity - all in the name of good. Will they be caught...again?

My Thoughts: The second book in this series is cute. I love the emphasis on personal happiness as the twins struggle to find their own identities at a new school. Just a great fun tween read.

The Cover: Cute -with both sets of twins - the adorable girls and the mischievous boys.

Source: My Library

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mysteries I'm waiting to read

I haven't read any mysteries this week, but here's a list of one I'm really anxious to read:

Out Now:

I really love this series (#8) and there's a new twist to this one.
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Number 3 in this series - close to where I live and very entertaining
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The 3rd book in stamping mystery - I love playing around with stamps and making cards
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While I hate coffee and anything coffee flavored, I love reading about this coffee shop - the 9th in the coffee shop series.
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I met the author once at a conference - in Boston I believe. Then I started the first in the series and now I'm hooked.


Love this author for her Stephanie Plum series
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Georgie is a member of the Royal family - distantly and without any income.
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Ice cream mystery = awesome
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Pizza mystery = yummy!
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Christmas murder - I love Christmas books
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Art forging and a little bit of history - I love Art History.
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