Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Review: Reality Check

Charlie works at a coffee shop where her three best friends come hang out with her during her working hours. A scout spies them there one day and asks if they're interested in having their own reality show centered around Charlie.

Charlie's not sure she wants to do the show. What if it changes their amazing friendship? Her BFFs Keiran, Brooke, and Hallie really want to do the show. So she caves.

At first, it's weird in front of the cameras, but soon the girls don't notice the intrusion. They're spilling secrets, dating boys, and fighting with each other. When the first show airs, they're astonished to see how different it appears than their real life together.

Charlie notices a BIG change in her life. Her would be boyfriend doesn't want to be on T.V. - thus they can't go on dates together. She's fighting more with her friends - especially Brooke. Brooke isn't happy that the show centers on Charlie and begins to create her own star power. Keiran always has to baby-sit her siblings, making her life a tad on the boring side. Hallie wants to find true love, but in the reality world, that's really hard.

Will the girls survive the show with their friendship intact or will the cameras pull them apart as they swore they wouldn't?

My Thoughts: I really LOVE this author. This book sucked me in and devoured it. I couldn't stop reading it. I loved the angle of this book in the midst of all the reality T.V. shows (which I can't understand). I loved the friendships between the girls, the drama from the show, and their relationships with boys.

The Cover: A little creepy, but unique and thus eye-catching

Source: My Library

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