Saturday, October 23, 2021

On Saying Goodbye

 On Monday, we said goodbye to our best friend of almost 13 years.
Cabot was named after:

1. A town in Vermont

2. A Vermont company that makes delicious cheese

3. My favorite author.

His Story:

A friend found him on the side of the road and took him home with her. But she was heading off to college and her parents didn't want another dog. She knew we were interested in getting a dog and offered him to us. We didn't really know how old he was - but we guessed about 6 months. That was basically twelve and a half years ago. He would have turned 13 at the beginning of the year.

About a month ago, his back feet started to swell. We learned that he had cancer and there was nothing to be done but keep him comfortable. The vet said days/weeks were left. 

So we stayed close to home. Didn't make many plans for the future because we didn't know the future. We just wanted to spend time with him.

His last days were filled with dog ice cream, bacon, and lots of belly rubs.

But this is why I haven't been chatty lately. It's not something that was easy to talk about. Feelings aren't easy to talk about. And I didn't want to lie when I said that things were ok because they weren't. 

We are heartbroken. 

Thirteen years is a long time. And we have so many happy memories with him. So I'm choosing to remember the good times and the funny quirks thru the many many tears I have cried and will cry.

On a happier note, here are some of my favorite pictures:

Friday, October 22, 2021


 So in typical fashion, I missed my blogging anniversary - which was earlier this month. I just wasn't on my radar this year. 

(You can read tomorrow's post to discover why.)

I just want to say Thank You for being here and reading this blog for so many years. 

I really do appreciate you!

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Christmas Book Review: The Girl Who Ruined Christmas

A picture taken at the wrong time has catastrophic results which leaves Brady stuck in a small holiday loving town to pay off her debt - where of course everyone hates her for ruining Christmas.
My Thoughts: This novella was super cute and I loved it. Of course I wanted it to be longer because I didn't want to let go of the characters or the setting. I loved how this took place in a holiday town (something you'd see in a Hallmark movie). I loved the Christmas Tree Farm setting. I enjoyed watching Brady try to fix her mistake and understand the town people's feelings. I admired her persistence. I enjoyed watching her try to mend fences with the three people her age.  Of course I loved reading about the holiday traditions in this one. So much fun. 

Cover Thoughts: Cute
Source: ARC sent for review  
Library Recommendation: A fantastic holiday read for your middle grade section - highly recommended.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

More Halloween Picture Books


Nothing goes right on Crankenstein's favorite day of the year...until it does.

A Halloween tale that will generate empathy over a bad day during all the Halloween fun

This bad seed is upset that none of his costume ideas worked out. What if he could postpone the holiday until he has more time for a better costume?

Another book about empathy and feeling the pressure of holidays - when you just need to be yourself. 

If you're a dinosaur fan - this is a great mash-up of Halloween fun and dinosaurs.

Pumpkins turn into Pumpkin Heads on Halloween night - and each other is a little bit different. 

Lots of different faces in this book. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Tools

 This week's topic is all about bookish tools. These are the ones I use more often.

My library: seriously, 85% of the books I read each year come from the library. 

Goodreads - to keep track of all the books I read over the years and want to read.

A Daily Planner to help plan out the blog posts over the year

Social Media: To talk and learn about upcoming books.

Fun Stuff:
Book Stickers
Notebooks - sometimes I make up book lists.
Etsy (Did you know I have some book inspired merch? Check it out!)
Bookish T-shirts

Monday, October 18, 2021

Blog Tour: The Outlaws Scarlett and Browne

I am thrilled to be hosting a spot on the THE OUTLAWS SCARLETT AND BROWNE by Jonathan Stroud Blog Tour hosted by Rockstar Book Tours. Be sure to enter the giveaway!

About the Book:

Title: THE OUTLAWS SCARLETT AND BROWNE (The Outlaws Scarlett and Browne, #1)

Author: Jonathan Stroud

Pub. Date: October 5, 2021

Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers

Pages: 432

Formats: Hardcover, Paperback, eBook, Audiobook

Find it: Goodreads, Amazon, Kindle, AudibleB&NiBooks, KoboTBD,

Action! Humor! Fantasy! This new series opener is a tour de force from international bestseller Jonathan Stroud.

Scarlett McCain is an outlaw, a bank robber and a sharp shooter--a girl of formidable skills. Fueled by a tragic injustice in her past, she travels the broken kingdoms of England alone, carrying out daring heists in the surviving towns and fending off monstrous beasts in the wilds outside their fortified walls. Her life is dangerous, free, and simple--until she finds a wrecked bus on a lonely road. Albert Browne, the sole survivor of the accident, is a seemingly innocent and harmless youth. Against her better judgement, Scarlett agrees to escort him to safety.

This is a mistake. They are soon pursued by men with dogs and guns and explosives. Scarlett is used to running from the law, but these trackers are the most skilled she's ever encountered--and they don't seem to be after her. Just who is this Albert Browne Scarlett must uncover his shocking secrets if either of them are going to survive.


"Stroud is a genius.” —Rick Riordan, bestselling author of the Trials of Apollo

My Thoughts:

Scarlett and Albert make an unlikely pair of friends. But despite the odds: Scarlett's problem with her past and Albert's secrets - they make a good team. After of course they save each other's lives and learn how to trust each other. 

Lots of action and danger make this one a page turner. 

About Jonathan Stroud:

Jonathan Stroud is the author of two internationally bestselling series: the award-winning Bartimaeus Sequence, which has been published in thirty-six languages worldwide, and the critically acclaimed Lockwood & Co., which is currently being adapted by Netflix. His stand-alone titles include Heroes of the Valley, The Last Siege, The Leap, and Buried Fire. Jonathan lives near London with his wife and three children. You can visit him at and follow him on Instagram at @jonathan.stroud and on Twitter at @JonathanAStroud.


Website | Twitter | Tumblr | Facebook | Instagram | Goodreads | Amazon | BookBub


Giveaway Details:

3 winners will receive a finished copy of THE OUTLAWS SCARLETT AND BROWNE, US Only.

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Review: New Pallet Book


The New Pallet book has lots of ideas for fun projects from pallets. I've seen pictures on Pinterest - mostly the vertical garden and always wanted to try it. So I was very happy to take a look at this book. So many great looking projects.

There are several that I would love:
Potting Bench
Planter Box
Bookshelf (And Styling the bookshelf was funny to this librarian/book hoarder)

Book Set-Up:
 Lots of pictures. 
Step by Step instructions. 
The time it takes to complete a project. 
And the level of easiness of the project.

* NetGalley Read
Library Recommendation: Grab this for your DIY section

Friday, October 15, 2021

Series Spotlight: Definitely Dominguita


Definitely Dominguita
Book 1: Knight of the Cape
Book 2: Captain Dom's Treasure
Book 3: All for One

There is so much in these fun chapter books. Dominguita doesn't love her name and prefers to be called Dom. She misses her Abuela who moved to Florida. Dom wants to have adventures like the storybooks she and her grandmother used to read together. 

These books contain:
 Knights, Pirates, and 3 Musketeers
Books and Libraries
A friendly Neighborhood
People coming together and helping each other.

*Books sent for review

Library book recommendation: Grab this series for your school and public libraries - highly recommended. Lots of adventure, friendship, and community feeling. 

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Christmas Book Review: Royal Christmas Fairy Tale

Kaylie's not a huge fan of Christmas. Her family celebrates after the holidays and they don't make a big to-do over it. Her sister can't usually get time off and she's happy to volunteer to work so her co-workers with children can spend the day at home.  But changes are coming to the news station where Kaylie works. She's been hoping for her own investigative news program, but instead, she hears the network is under new ownership and her job's been eliminated. 

Stunned, she takes on a freelance assignment her previous boss volunteered her for - without knowing all the details of the story. She's sent to a small county in Europe for Christmas. When she arrives, Kaylie learns she's being hired to write a Christmas Fairy Tale for the princess who's mother died and needs to regain her Christmas spirit.

Kaylie isn't sure she's the best person for the job. She's an investigative journalist not a storyteller. To make matters worse, the princess's father isn't thrilled she's there. The family has a long terrible history with the press. But the Queen stands firm. She knows her son and her granddaughter need to be reminded of the joys of Christmas. She overrules her son, forcing him to show Kaylie their traditions. Soon, they both rediscover some joy in celebrating Christmas - and spending time with each other. 
My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this book. I loved the moments between Kaylie and Princess Anna. I also loved the banter between the Prince and Kaylie - when they teased each other, when they made a mess in the kitchen, and when they are with the Princess. I loved the Princess's dog Blitzen - he was adorable. I did enjoy the moments between Princess Anna and her father. They were sweet. Of course, Christmas is hard for both of them missing their wife/mother (especially since she loved Christmas.)  I loved the painting moment between Princess Anna and Kaylie - and how that worked out. I really did enjoy the Queen and how she made everything happen for her family. She wanted a modern world and a traditional one - I think she made it work really nicely. 

A few things I didn't love because they were brought up too many times:
1. too many journalist/Prince moments. 
2. Kaylie's belief that she wasn't the right person for the Fairy Tale job.

I felt cheated that readers didn't get to read the Fairy Tale that Kaylie wrote.

But overall, I really enjoyed this story. It read like a Hallmark movie - which made me really happy. 

Cover Thoughts: Charming
Source: NetGalley 
Fun Fact: This book is written by the author of the Netflix movie The Christmas Prince

Library Recommendation: A fun Christmas romance - perfect for your collection. Hand this out to those who love Hallmark Christmas movies. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Halloween Picture Books

A few new Halloween books came into the library this week:

A witch in your book is making a terrible mess - maybe magic will help clean it up!

I love these books and Tom Fletcher is really popular at my library. These fun interactive books are great for storytimes. 

Creepy monsters won't leave the town alone but Curly Locks might have the solution. 

A little bit creepy but very fun, this cooking book is sure to please readers. 

For anyone who can't get enough of Baby Shark. The ending is cute here!

For those who love We're Going on a Bear Hunt with a spooky vibe!

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Top Ten Tuesday: Settings

 This week's topic is all about settings. There are so many settings that I love, but I thought I'd talk about one of my favorites: Paris. I've been there once. There were so many things I saw and several that I didn't get the chance to see. Still, Paris as a setting pulls me towards a book.  Some recently read and enjoyed and some I'm waiting to read. 

Recently Read:

Want to Read:


Is there a city that pulls your interest?

Monday, October 11, 2021

Review: Weird but True

300 facts about the USA,

Bright colors. Great photographs. Interesting facts.

This is a great book to read with someone else. 

Some fun facts: 
Banana twinkies. YUCK!

Yes, I'm one of those. YUM.

Weird but fascinating! Nerds for the Win!!

Cool. Who doesn't love fun facts about libraries???

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Cybils Awards: Judge


I haven't shared the good news here yet - but I'm on the panel for Graphic Novels for the Cybils. I'm a Round 1 judge - which means I help create the short list which the second round reads and then decides the winner!

You have 5 more days (until October 15) to nominate Graphic Novels and other Children's and Young Adult books. Go here to share your choice for the year!

So this means, I'll be reading and chatting lots about graphic novels. So stay tuned!