Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tween Tuesday Review: Throne of Fire

The second book of the Kane Chronicles picks up three months after The Red Pyramid ends. The siblings and their associates attempt to break into a museum to locate the first part of the Book of Ra.

Unfortunately, the museum and the scroll are both heavily protected by curses, magical guards, and a high tech alarm system. They create massive damage to the museum and just barely escape with their lives. However, they obtain the first piece to the Book of Ra. They need to find and recover the other two pieces within four days time.

Carter and Sadie will use the Book of Ra to awaken the long retired
Egyptian God, in hopes that he can save the world from the Chaos threatening to overtake it. The Gods and magicians start taking sides and Ra could be the world’s only hope.

My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this read - much more than the first book in the series. I'm not sure why that is - maybe it took me a little bit to acclimate myself to the new series. Normally I hate it when the narrator "talks" to the readers - but in this case, I think it works. I loved the danger, the drama, the snarkiness of Sadie, the humor, and the non-stop danger. I'm so looking forward to the last one in the trilogy!

Cover Thoughts: I like it - I love the light

Source: reviewed for VOYA

Monday, May 30, 2011

Review: Anti-Prom

While Prom is the dream of many high school students, for three girls it becomes the worst night of their lives.

Bliss finds her boyfriend and her best friend making out in the limo. She can’t bear to go back into the prom and pretend that everything’s fine. She wants revenge.

Jolene isn’t the type of girl who goes to prom, but she’s here against her will. She’s wearing a pink dress with ruffles and she’s hating every minute of it. When Bliss breaks down and asks for her help, she thinks there might be a way to save the night after all. Plus she might find a way to get back at her father.

As the two girl stumble into the night, they come across Meg driving away from the prom. Meg doesn’t have a date or any friends waiting for her. Her Mom would have wanted her to have this experience, so she came. She can’t bring herself to go into the dance.

When their paths cross, Meg reluctantly helps the two girls. Although the three of them would never have been caught dead hanging out, for one night, they might break the social cliques of high school and become friends.

One thing is for certain, it will be a prom night to remember.

My Thoughts: Abby McDonald has a knack for taking ordinary life and creating engrossing reads full of drama, friendships, and a little romance. The Anti-Prom takes a hard look at high school cliques, questioning their significance and their worth.

Cover Thoughts: Cute

Source: reviewed for www.teensreadtoo.com

Thursday, May 26, 2011

review: A Girl in a Million

Caroline works as a nurse at a children's hospital. On vacation, she does a favor for a co-worker and meets a man she can't get out of her head.

When he appears at the hospital to take care of one her charges, she immediately falls for him.

The family of the little boy offer her a private nurse placement. She readily agrees, knowing she will see Marius. Could a sophisticated doctor really fall for someone like her?

My Thoughts: A cute manga novel with the tagline "Written in flirty pink ink!" This series was one of my first introduction to manga. I love the sweet romance and the illustrations are cute. All in all, a fun quick read. I do wish they made more of this line. Cover Thoughts: Cute! Source: Inter-Library Loaned

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Review: Goddess Test

Kate and her sick mother move halfway around the country on Kate’s eighteenth birthday to fulfill her mother’s wish. She wants to move back to her childhood home. On top of her mother’s declining health, Kate now must also deal with a new school, finding new friends, and figuring out what to do after her mom dies.

Kate gets invited to a party. She doesn’t want to go, but she goes to appease her mother. Only the party turns out to be a prank – a deadly prank.

Kate meets Henry right after the accident. Henry makes her a deal – he’ll bring back Ava from the dead if Kate agrees to become a form of Persephone. Kate agrees to anything if it will just bring Ava back to life.

Now, she’s stuck in a bargain where she must live in a mansion for six months out of the year. She must pass seven tests in order to remain in the mansion – among the living. Meanwhile, Henry will do his best to help her and also keep her mother alive until the end of six months.

No other girl has passed the tests in centuries. Kate has no idea what’s she’s getting herself into. The more time she spends with Henry, the more she grows attracted to him. Can she break through his barriers and capture his heart?

My Thoughts: The first in a trilogy leaves the reader breathless – a beautifully haunting novel. Kate worries about everyone around her that she doesn’t realize how different her life will become. Readers watch her new life unfold as she struggles with loneliness, her frustration, her growing feelings for Henry, and her fears at failing the tests.

Cover Thoughts: I love the greenery and the old fashioned dress.

Source: reviewed for www.teensreadtoo.com

YA Debut Novel - perfect for the Debut Author Challenge

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tween Tuesday Review: Chosen

Lauren loves riding - again.

She's had a hard time adjusting after her massive fall. Her family's moved to Connecticut - the home town of Sasha Silver. Lauren starts riding at Sasha's old stable with Kim. Kim's helping her regain her confidence and love of riding.

With Kim's support, Lauren applies to Canterwood Crest. She has no idea if she's good enough to be accepted. She's not sure she wants to give up her two BFFs or her amazing boyfriend. While she waits for the answer, she's going to try to enjoy life as best as she can.

My Thoughts: The start of a new era with Lauren. While she made an appearance at the end of Unfriendly Competition, Chosen is a prequel to her days at Canterwood Crest. I liked hearing about her life before boarding school and the pressures of life versus riding. I can't wait to see how she adjusts to life at Canterwood.

Cover Thoughts: Love it - as usual

Source: My Library

Up Next: Initiation - out in December

Monday, May 23, 2011

Review: The Daughters: Take the Stage

Hudson Jones love music – soulful music that makes you think. She’s not interested in the bubble-um pop music her mother’s famous for signing.

She now has the opportunity to become a major musical star. She’s recorded her tracks. When her mom her the tracks, she changed them. Now they don’t represent Hudson’s style, the songs are so similar to her mom’s style. Hudson knows they aren’t for her.

The first chance she has to perform in front on an audience, she runs off the stage. Her mother covers her absence with a fake food poisoning story. Hudson knows that she has to take control of her musical career and sing the way she wants to sing.

Can she stand up to her mom?

My Thoughts: The third book in the series takes Hudson’s perspective in the tale of three daughters trying to make their own way in life from outside their famous parents’ shadows. Hudson learns to take control over her life, even if it means making huge mistakes along the way. Luckily she has the support of her two best girlfriends. Their friendship is still rock solid. The drama, friendship, romance, and finding yourself continues in the addicting series.

Cover Thoughts: I love how the cover connect and I love how the girls pop against the mostly black and white background.

Source: My Library

Up Next: Daughters Join the Party - out in November

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Matinee: On Stranger Tides

Yesterday my husband and I went to see this movie.

We both loved it and thought it was on par with the first movie - and much better that the second and third movies. We were happy to see so many old characters: Gibbs and Barbossa.

I missed the two guys always fighting and one had a fake eye.

I liked Penelope Cruz. I can't believe she filmed the movie while pregnant. I loved her opening scene - very clever and very funny.

The scenery was beautiful - just stunning.

The dialogue funny and snappy

And there's always a woman involved...

After the movie, while talking about our favorite parts:

Mine: the escape scene with the King

His: Jack and Gibbs scenes together:

Other parts I liked: the mermaid Serena
Blackbeard: he was really cool - not a nice guy obviously

All in all, I'm eager to see the next movies in the franchise.

He mentioned that he thought it was a prequel to the first movies. I thought it came after. He said that nothing from the new movie had any mention of the other movies.

I thought the map that burned was the same map from the last movie.

Anyone know which is true? Prequel or after?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mysterious Saturday Review: Lost and Fondue

Charlotte's helping her best friend with a fund-raiser at the old winery. Meredith's hoping to turn the abandoned winery into a college. She's hosting a party for potential donors. Charlotte's providing fondue. Matthew's bringing the wine. It's supposed to be the perfect evening.

During the scavenger hunt, Charlotte and Rebecca witness strange behavior amongst the guest. They've never dream that one of the guest would turn up dead in the basement covered in fake jewels.

Did the murderer find the rumored hidden treasure? Now everyone's a suspect and things are getting tense. Can Charlotte help Chief Urso uncover the murderer before things get out of hand?

My Thoughts: The second book in the Cheese Shop mystery is amazingly good. I love Charlotte and her world. I love learning about different cheeses - I want to try them all. I couldn't believe Sylvie's reappearance and repercussions for the twins. I love Rebecca and her TV phrases, they're so funny. Lost and Fondue has a charming cast of characters, a great list of murder suspects, and a delicious romance. I can't wait for the next book in the series.

Cover Thoughts: LOVE it - I love the table, but most of all, I love the view from the window.

Source: Purchased.

Up Next: Clobbered by Camembert

Friday, May 20, 2011

Ten Things: Sarah Dessen Week

Apparently I wrote down the wrong week in my calendar: I thought THIS week was Sarah Dessen week, which means that I'm a week late. Better late than never I guess. Did you celebrate Sarah Dessen week? If you missed it (like me) , check it out here.

Reasons why I LOVE Sarah Dessen:

Her books are amazing - I seriously LOVE them
May favorite is Truth about Forever - although I Love Along for the Ride too
She writes contemporary romances - which always make me fall for the boy
Her book covers ROCK - she's bless by the cover Goddesses
I met her and she was super sweet
She posed for a photo for my Library READ posters, even though she hates how she looks in pictures.

I LOVE her blog - she's so honest and funny
I love how she writes about FNL - I seriously need to watch that show
She loves the beach and basketball
Her new book, What Happened toGoodbye is on my bookshelf right now, just waiting for me to read it! I can't wait!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cover Reveals:

The book following Elixir: Read my review here
Cover Thoughts: I find this cover MUCH more interesting. Plus it was the necklace from the first cover. - Out October 11th

The follow up to Meg Cabot's adult novel Insatiable: Read my review here
I Like this cover MUCH better. they tied the dress in from the first cover. I love the book and the creepy doors! Very nicely done. - Out July 5th

Your thoughts? Will you read either of these books?

Trailer Thursday: Dark Side of the Moon

I loved the first two movies and this one looks awesome: lots of action and special effects. I hope it's as witty as the previous ones. I really love Sam Witwicky.

Are you wanting to see this movie too?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Books I'm Dying to Read: July Edition

Stealing Bases: I liked sports stories, especially featuring girls. I think we need more of them. GoodReads - out July 7th

Sass and Serendipity: The Jane Austen Freak in me can't wait for this modern version of Sense and Sensibility. GoodReads - out July 12th

Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Style: I love looking at the these books. A great book for the YA collection. Plus my style could always use a boost. GoodReads - out July 5th

Cleared for Take-Off: I loved the first two in this tween series - so cute! I can't wait to see what mischief Liberty will get into next! GoodReads - out July 12th

Wizard of Dark Street: I have an ARC of this - looks super cute! A wizard who wants to be a detective and then must use her magic to help solve an important case. GoodReads out July 26th

Magical Mischief: I LOVE the cover and the title. Plus it's about saving a bookstore - from magic! GoodReads - out July 19th

The Girl is Murder: I love teen mysteries - can't wait for this one. I love the cover - the old telephone and that skirt! It's Veronica Mars set in WII era. GoodReads - out July 19th

Ripple: Loving the mermaid trend right now! It's about a girl siren torn between two boys. And that dress is to die for. GoodReads - out July 21st

Love Story: I LOVE Jennifer Echols. I have an ARC of this one too. And it sounds AMAZING. I love her romances, plus it's about a girl taking college writing classes. GoodReads Out July 19th

Sometimes It Happens: Hannah's boyfriend dumps her. Her BFF's boyfriends helps her to heal her heart- while her BFF is gone for the summer. Hannah falls for Noah. Then Ava comes back - sounds a little similar to Something Like Fate! GoodReads out July 12th

Small Town Sinners: I don't usually read books about faith, but I Love Melissa Walker GoodReads - out July 19th

Texas Gothic: Amy comes from a family of witches. There's a ghost haunting a ranch. And a hot cowboy! I loved her Maggie Quinn series. GoodReads - out July 12th

Shadow of the Moon: I really liked Daughter of Flames. This is a fairy-talesque read set in Japan. GoodReads - Out July 4th

Touch of Frost: I actually won this from a blog a little while ago. I can't' wait until it comes. It's set in a magical school. With a Library of Antiq­ui­ties and other magical artifacts. Plus there's a murder. GoodReads - out July 26th

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


In last nights killer season finale, two awesome bookish things were revealed:

Derrick Storm graphic novel
is in the works and will be out in September

and the reveal of the next Nikki Heat cover - also out in September 20th.

I can't WAIT for both!

One Week Until BEA: Getting my face out there

In one week, it will be Christmas for the book world. I LOVE BEA for the mingling, the sighting (and talking) to authors, the meeting with other book bloggers, and the talking about books: new upcoming books and books you LOVED reading.

I come back to the library with books and swag, but more importantly with a list of books to read that everyone's been raving about, new blogs to read, and new people to chat with over social media sites (twitter being my personal favorite- I'm also yabooknerd on twitter)

While I Love networking, I'm pretty shy. So if you see me, say Hi and I'll try to do the same. I'll be there on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Review: Harry Potter Film Wizardry

This book contains secrets for filming the movies including wardrobe choices, scenery, models used, filming techniques, and a look at characters.

My Thoughts: I really loved the in-depth look into the Potter world. It made me want to go back and have a movie marathon. I didn't like the fact that there was nothing about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2. I can see not having in the book for spoiler reasons, but then I wish they had waited to release the book when the last movie appeared because it feels so unfinished without it.

The book set-up feels similar to that the DK style - with lots of pictures and a page or two of information on each subjects. I loved all the photographs, sketches, and drawing made by the crew. It's a fascinating read - just perfect for fans of the Harry Potter movies.

Cover: Interesting - but not great

Source: Inter Library Loan

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Matinee: Secretariat

I just watched this movie last night and I really loved it! It was uplifting and amazing.

Penny Chenery Tweedy takes control of the horse farm from her father. She has one shot at turning the farm around. It all comes down to a coin toss, which she loses - but wins big anyways. Penny Chenery Tweedy knows about horses and she's picked a winner. Big Red turns about to be the horse of a lifetime - and he proves himself and her abilities to the world.

I loved:
Diane Lane: She did an excellent job as a tough woman who lead two different lives - one has a homemaker and one as a business woman and horse owner. I loved her in the press conferences - so poised yet witty.

John Malkovich - was funny, charming, and ridiculously dressed.

Even though I knew the outcome of the story - my heart still sped up during the races. I was so caught up in the story that I was afraid history would be changed. Silly - but true.

I also loved the moments between
Penny Chenery Tweedy and her children. They were sweet!

I also loved that the real
Penny Chenery Tweedy made a cameo in the movie!

Plus I love sports stories featuring an under dog.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mysterious Saturday Review: Absolutely, Positively

Lucy Valentine works for the family business of match-making. Their business is quite successful because of their ability to see auras and match people accordingly. Lucy no longer has this talent.

Instead, she has the ability to find lost objects. She's started a new branch of the company, looking for lost loves. She works with her P.I. boyfriend to help track down and reunite people.

She's working for a client who's searching for a long lost love from her childhood. They were in a foster home together. Lucy begins tracking down the man's whereabouts only to discover his shady past. She's not sure if she should continue her investigation.

Lucy's also wrestling with another case - as a favor to her grandmother. She's dealing with the reuniting of her parents, her constant worry that someone will uncover her family's secret, and hoping to overcome the family love curse.

My Thoughts: I love this series. I love Lucy - for her sense of loyalty, her spunk, and her unique qualities. I love her boyfriend - he's quite dreamy. I love the family secret. I love the secondary cast of characters. In short - I don't think there's anything about this series that I don't love.

As to this mystery: I liked the potential relationship that Meghan and Tristan lost and how Meghan's determined to rekindle it. I love this difference in the series - how Lucy uses her powers to aid the police in investigations, but also in finding lost loves. I liked Emily's progress in her relationship. I loved the ending. I do hope there are more in the series!!!

Cover Thoughts: Cute!

Source: My Library

Friday, May 13, 2011

Ten Things: Prom

Prom Books: I love them because they're fun, flirty, and have great dresses.

It's also one of my most popular displays at the library. Here's this year's display:

This past week's If You Like....Prom (check it out for other books and movie/TV suggestions)

Here were my books:

Prom Crashers
by Erin Downing:
Emily and Ethan met and sparks flew. Emily lost his number, but she’s determined to find him. She knows he goes to high school nearby and that he’s going to Prom this month. She has no choice but to round up her friends and crash every Prom until she finds him

Prom Season by Elizabeth Craft: Three best friends share the joys and frustrations of Prom – including finding the right dates, finding the right dress, and having the night of their lives. (3 books in 1)

Prom Dates from Hell
by Rosemary Clement-Moore:
The start of a trilogy features Maggie Quinn, who’s anxious to leave high school behind. She wasn’t even going to her prom. Maggie realizes that something’s strange. She smells evil, and it’s not your typical mean girl evil, it’s brimstone and fire evil. She needs to work fast to uncover the person unleashing evil into the world before the prom goes up in flames.

Suzi Clue by Michelle Kehm: Suzi’s just a lowly freshman in high school. She’s not part of the A-List, but her locker’s right next to the popular girls. When she hears about the mysterious accidents happening to the candidates for Prom Queen, she can’t help but be interested. Suzi loves a good mystery. Now all she needs to do is find a way to get on the ballot and see if anything strange happens to her.

Top 10 Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress
by Tina Ferraro:
Last year, Nicolette’s date uninvited her to prom two dates before the big event. Now she has a gorgeous pink unworn dress and still harbors a crush on Rascal. Will this year’s prom have a happier ending?

(Once Upon a Prom) by Jeanine Le Ny:
It’s four weeks until prom and Jordin, Tara, and Nisha can’t wait to for the night. Will it be the night they’ve always imagined?

Here are the ones I didn't add, but LOVE just the same:

Prom and Prejudice: The Jane Austen freak in me loves the setting with Lizzie and Darcy in high school - and the prom fast approaching.

Anti-Prom: Three girls from different cliques come together one night for revenge and a little romance.

Dating Diaries: Katie's been dating Paul for 5 years. When he breaks up with her 12 weeks before Prom, she realizes that she's able to date multiple guys. She vows to date one guy each week.

24 Girls in 7 Days
: Jack doesn't have a date to the prom - until his friends make him a dating add. They're screening the girls and setting him up with 24 girls in 7 days. Will Jack find the right girl to ask to Prom?

Do You have a favorite Prom story?

Trailer Thursday: Raised By Wolves series

I LOVE this series, check out the new book trailer and keep your eyes peeled for Trail By Fire coming out June 14th!

Have you read this series yet?

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Chatting with Kim Culbertson

Kim, author of Instructions for a Broken Heart, is here to chat with us today!!

Welcome Kim!

What made you choose to write YA?
I feel more like YA chose me. I’ve been a high school teacher for 14 years and love working with teenagers so it’s a natural fit for me to write for them. Teens really are like having your own light source – so hopeful, and funny, and emotional. Which makes for fun fiction.

Great answer - I love it. I'm a huge fan of fun fiction.

Where do you write best?
Anywhere I can plug in my laptop and order a latte.

How do you get your ideas? Do you use real events in your novels and if so, can you describe one? I’m sure that many ideas come from my teaching though never really one idea –they all start mashing together after all these years. I think anytime some specific thing inspires me, I can start there but then I embellish, refine, and invent something new out of something familiar.

How do you come up with your titles? I think a title emerges from a book because of its soul and structure. With IFABH, it was a real collaboration between me and my publisher.

I love it, I think it really works well!

Can you tell us a little bit about Instructions for a Broken Heart?
Instructions for a Broken Heart follows Jessa as she heads to Italy with her drama academy three days after finding her boyfriend in the costume barn with another girl – not trying on costumes (yikes). And now she has to navigate the trip in the wake of this huge betrayal. And he’s on the trip with his new girl (double yikes). Her friend sends a care package of “instructions” to help Jessa “get over” her ex-boyfriend but it also takes Italy and some new friends to light her way.

Check out my review

Check out the book trailer:

Have you ever been to Italy?
I went to Italy in 1999 with 16 of my students and another teacher.

As a teacher, do you share your work with your students during your writing process?
I do, but mostly just when they ask me too.

What did you do on your release day? Instructions for a Broken Heart comes out on May 1st and I have some events scheduled for that following weekend, but that Sunday I just plan to hang out with my family and a few friends and just smile a lot. And I’ll host a couple of contests to give away a few books that day too.

What was the last book you’ve read that you’ve been recommending to everyone? A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan

Do you have a book crush? Please Don’t Come Back from the Moon by Dean Bakapoulos and You Remind Me of You by Eireann Corrigan

Do you have a favorite library experience?
Watching my six year old daughter discover her own book crushes…

Oh, I LOVE this answer - so cute!

Are there any authors you’d love to meet? Deb Caletti, Richard Russo, Jonathan Tropper, John Green, Nick Hornby

Do you have a favorite literary quote?
“Dwell in possibility” – Emily Dikinson

Listing of your favorites:
Candy – See’s
Pizza topping – black olives
Genre of books – YA and adult literary fiction
Singer and/or Song – Ani DiFranco’s “Small World”
Restaurant – Ike’s for their cheeseburger and fries
TV show /Movie Arrested Development and Freaks and Geeks
Color – blue-ish/green-ish
Shoe – Uggs. Or flip-flops. It depends on the season
Video Game – I’m not much of a gamer but my family is really into Angry Birds right now.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Review: Instructions for a Broken Heart

Jessa found her boyfriend entangled in the arms of another girl just before their school trip to Italy. Jessa thought the trip about be magically romantic, instead, Sean and Natalie barely come up for air. She can't believe it.

Instead of breathing in the Italy air, she's moping over her ex-boyfriend. Her BFF, who did not make the trip, sent along a packet of instructions with a mutual friend. Inside 20 envelopes are 20 reasons why Sean was not the boy for Jessa along with 20 things Jessa must do to break free from the moping, crying, and all around pity party.

At the first, the instructions seem to be working. She's crying her eyes out, starting to get angry, and thinking about all the times Sean was a jerk. However, she's also throwing a drink in Sean's face, reciting a rude limerick, and making a huge mistake with her teacher.

Jessa's beginning to think that the instructions might be getting her into more trouble than it's worth. Will her whole trip be a disaster, or can she salvage her experience? Will her heart heal?

My Thoughts: I liked this book - I loved the idea of the instructions. I loved how the relationship of Jessa and Sean was woven through the story along with the instructions. I'm torn between liking and really liking this one. From the back cover, it suggested a romance. I wish there had been more romance. I felt torn between a break up novel and a hasty romance.

I really loved Tyler - he was a great addition to the story.

There were scenes where the characters appeared so mature - and scenes where they were high school students again. I felt some of the more mature scenes were a stretch.

I love the inclusion of a book as central turning point for Jessa, although I must admit, I never understood Portrait of the artist as a Young Man.

I LOVED the descriptions of Italy, I soaked up all those scenes and wished I was there with Jessa.

Cover Thoughts: Cute!

Source: publisher

Stay Tuned tomorrow for an interview with the author!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Book Trailer: Fins Are Forever

After many issues with the music and a completely different sound track, here's a book trailer for this awesome book!

What do you think?

Review: Fins are Forever

**Sequel to Forgive My Fins - spoiler alert***

Lily's approaching her 18th birthday, where she'll relinquish her claim to the Thalassinia throne. She'll give up being Princess Waterlily and become Lily forever. She's so happy with Quince, but she needs to figure out her future for her life on land. Unfortunately, this means passing the SATs and looking at colleges.

Lily never thought this day would come, so she's completely unprepared for the future. She devotes time to studying. One of her teaches might have an inside track at a nearby college.

Lily can't believe everything's working out so smoothly.

Then her cousin Doe appears on land. She's been exiled from Thalassinia and is here to stay with Lily and Lily's aunt. Lily can't imagine what caused her cousin's exile and Doe's not talking. Worse, after one day, Doe fits into Lily's world better than Lily does. Doe has an amazing fashion sense. Doe captures Lily's ex-crush Brody's attention. Then Doe completes her plan: kiss Brody and force Lily back to the castle to save her once again.

Does Doe simply want to return to the sea, or is she angling for Lily's life on land?

My Thoughts: I LOVED this read and it's by one of my favorite authors. As with the previous book, I loved the relationship between Lily and Quince. I loved the addition of Doe to the story - even though she's evil. I liked watching Lily figure out her future as she's torn between two worlds. An enchanting read that's thoroughly recommended!!! I loved the ending and HOPE there's more coming about Lily and her future.

Cover Thoughts: Cute and I love the connection to the Forgive My Fins

Source: ARC from the author

Also if you're from the New England area, please note that Tera Lynn Childs will be at Otis Library on June 27th at 6:30!!! I'm super excited to meet Tera. Save the date because it's going to be a GREAT night!

Monday, May 9, 2011

If You Like...Prom

If You Like… is a feature highlighting blogger recommendations for books, authors, TV shows, movies, and music based on the things you already know and love. In honor of prom season, this week’s recommendations are for prom stories and music.

Come back here on Friday if you want to see my top ten Prom reads...

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday Matinee: Green Hornet

I showed this movie at my library last week - not many teens showed up, but I had a few interested adults. I found it an entertaining movie.

It was a little crude.

I thought it was a very similar movie to Iron Man: There were great gadgets, a father who died, and Cameron Diaz seemed a lot like Pepper Potts.

I really loved the crime boss - he was hilarious. I actually quite liked James Franco's small part in it too.

I thought that the duo of the Green Hornet were great. I enjoyed the banter between the two. I thought Seth R wasn't the superhero sort, but I think he fits the role perfectly.

I liked it. I hope this is the start of a new series.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mysterious Saturday Review: Evil Eclairs

Right before her early bedtime (getting up at 1 AM is rough), Suzanne hears her beloved donut shop trashed over radio waves by jockey Lester Moorefield. Furious when he calls her donuts poison, she drives over to the station to give him a piece of her mind.

They argue - loudly.

Suzanne goes home and finally falls asleep. The next morning, just as Suzanne is about to open her shop, the police appear on her doorstep.

Lester Moorefield was murdered overnight - strangled with an eclair stuffed in his mouth. While the police chef knows Suzanne didn't commit the crime, her livelihood is suffering from all the gossip.

Once again, Suzanne starts looking into the murder to save herself and her store.

My Thoughts: I love Suzanne. I love learning more about donuts. I love crazing donuts each time I read the newest book of the series. I love the small town life - including the gossip and the barely kept secrets. I love the friendship between Suzanne and Grace. This mystery wrapped up a little too quickly, I wish the climax had been a little bit longer. I loved the interactions between Suzanne and her boyfriend. I loved the snippets between Suzanne's mother and the police chief. I can't wait to find out what happens next.

Cover Thoughts: I really love the covers and the titles of these books. I love how the creme oozes out of the eclair and forms a skull!

Source: My Library

Up Next: Tasty Toppings out August 30th: When friend and fellow shopkeeper Emily Hargraves disappears, Suzanne sets out to find her!

Stay tuned for Book 6:
KILLER CRULLERS out December 2011

Friday, May 6, 2011

Ten Things: Comics

In honor of Free Comic Book Day (The 1st Saturday in May each year), I made a fun display of items in our collection. I just purchased a bunch of manga and graphic novels for the collection - tie-ins to movies, new series, filling gaps in our series, and adding on to popular series.

Here are some of my favorites. I admit, I don't usually read this type of book. Thus most of the ones I read are either extraordinarily girly or adaptations of books. I confess sometimes it's hard for me to follow manga, as I get confused with the characters. A lot of times the characters look so similar they blend together and I have no idea which character is talking. I suppose I simply to read more of this genre.

Pride and Prejudice: I find this interesting and I have the Sense and Sensibility version to read next.

Breaking Up: I LOVE Aimee Friedman. I love this book for the story and the art!
Dark Hunter: I haven't read the books, but I found myself loving this story.
Harlequin Ginger Blossom Manga: I love these romances.

Garfield: I Love Garfield. He cracks me up

Marmaduke: I have a special love for Marmaduke - from my Grandfather:

Sorcerers and Secretaries: Love the daydreaming and the secret world of her imagination

Emma: An unlikely tale of love between classes in the Victorian Era. I'm a sucker for Victorian books.

and Two that I'm waiting for:
Vampire Academy - LOVED this series

and of course the Song of Ice and Fire adaptation.

What comics/graphic novels do you enjoy?