Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tween Tuesday Review: Chosen

Lauren loves riding - again.

She's had a hard time adjusting after her massive fall. Her family's moved to Connecticut - the home town of Sasha Silver. Lauren starts riding at Sasha's old stable with Kim. Kim's helping her regain her confidence and love of riding.

With Kim's support, Lauren applies to Canterwood Crest. She has no idea if she's good enough to be accepted. She's not sure she wants to give up her two BFFs or her amazing boyfriend. While she waits for the answer, she's going to try to enjoy life as best as she can.

My Thoughts: The start of a new era with Lauren. While she made an appearance at the end of Unfriendly Competition, Chosen is a prequel to her days at Canterwood Crest. I liked hearing about her life before boarding school and the pressures of life versus riding. I can't wait to see how she adjusts to life at Canterwood.

Cover Thoughts: Love it - as usual

Source: My Library

Up Next: Initiation - out in December

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