Monday, May 2, 2011

Review: Sugar and Ice

Claire has so much going on her in her with her skating, coaching young skaters, school work, working on her family’s farm, and hanging out with her friends. One day all that changed when a famous Russian coach sees her skate the soul at the annual Maple Show. She lands a double toe loop, impressing him greatly.

He offers her a scholarship to skate at the school in Lake Placid for the summer.

She can’t believe it. Claire almost doesn’t take the scholarship. The drive is long. The maple sap is just starting to run, making it the busiest time of year on the farm. She’s afraid she’ll miss out on all the summer fun. Plus she’s terrified of competing.

Claire can’t let her fear dominate her life.

The camp isn’t what she expected. Claire loves skating. She loves the feel of the ice. She loves the way the music makes her move. She’s not expecting the crazy intense schedule. She’s not expecting sabotage from her teammates. She’s not expecting all the pressure from her coach.

Can she overcome all the odds and prove to herself to everyone?

My Thoughts: I was super excited to read this book as I love watching figure skating. It's something my mom and I used to do together. Watching the competitions, it does make you wonder what goes on behind the scenes. Sugar and Ice takes an entertaining in-depth look at the skating world – where mean girls, intense schedules, and self doubt fill the locker room. I enjoyed watching Claire’s transformation, her fight for her own place, and her struggle to find herself. The skating scenes transported me to the ice, right next to Claire. I loved those scenes the best and the book was fantastic!

Cover Thoughts: Sweet, Simple, and simply perfect.

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