Friday, May 20, 2011

Ten Things: Sarah Dessen Week

Apparently I wrote down the wrong week in my calendar: I thought THIS week was Sarah Dessen week, which means that I'm a week late. Better late than never I guess. Did you celebrate Sarah Dessen week? If you missed it (like me) , check it out here.

Reasons why I LOVE Sarah Dessen:

Her books are amazing - I seriously LOVE them
May favorite is Truth about Forever - although I Love Along for the Ride too
She writes contemporary romances - which always make me fall for the boy
Her book covers ROCK - she's bless by the cover Goddesses
I met her and she was super sweet
She posed for a photo for my Library READ posters, even though she hates how she looks in pictures.

I LOVE her blog - she's so honest and funny
I love how she writes about FNL - I seriously need to watch that show
She loves the beach and basketball
Her new book, What Happened toGoodbye is on my bookshelf right now, just waiting for me to read it! I can't wait!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Just found your blog actually...and yes on posting during last week for me. My first thought when I saw your post was how did I miss you, lol. Glad you posted this and the poster! We're a tiny library (I've only been there since Sept), with only two of her books, I've ordered the rest...and some Elizabeth Scott and Sarah Okler and...well, collection building is fun! Enjoy your weekend.