Monday, May 23, 2011

Review: The Daughters: Take the Stage

Hudson Jones love music – soulful music that makes you think. She’s not interested in the bubble-um pop music her mother’s famous for signing.

She now has the opportunity to become a major musical star. She’s recorded her tracks. When her mom her the tracks, she changed them. Now they don’t represent Hudson’s style, the songs are so similar to her mom’s style. Hudson knows they aren’t for her.

The first chance she has to perform in front on an audience, she runs off the stage. Her mother covers her absence with a fake food poisoning story. Hudson knows that she has to take control of her musical career and sing the way she wants to sing.

Can she stand up to her mom?

My Thoughts: The third book in the series takes Hudson’s perspective in the tale of three daughters trying to make their own way in life from outside their famous parents’ shadows. Hudson learns to take control over her life, even if it means making huge mistakes along the way. Luckily she has the support of her two best girlfriends. Their friendship is still rock solid. The drama, friendship, romance, and finding yourself continues in the addicting series.

Cover Thoughts: I love how the cover connect and I love how the girls pop against the mostly black and white background.

Source: My Library

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