Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Matinee: On Stranger Tides

Yesterday my husband and I went to see this movie.

We both loved it and thought it was on par with the first movie - and much better that the second and third movies. We were happy to see so many old characters: Gibbs and Barbossa.

I missed the two guys always fighting and one had a fake eye.

I liked Penelope Cruz. I can't believe she filmed the movie while pregnant. I loved her opening scene - very clever and very funny.

The scenery was beautiful - just stunning.

The dialogue funny and snappy

And there's always a woman involved...

After the movie, while talking about our favorite parts:

Mine: the escape scene with the King

His: Jack and Gibbs scenes together:

Other parts I liked: the mermaid Serena
Blackbeard: he was really cool - not a nice guy obviously

All in all, I'm eager to see the next movies in the franchise.

He mentioned that he thought it was a prequel to the first movies. I thought it came after. He said that nothing from the new movie had any mention of the other movies.

I thought the map that burned was the same map from the last movie.

Anyone know which is true? Prequel or after?


Anonymous said...

We've considered seeing it in the theater, but wondered if we should spend the many critics have panned it. But, then, what do critics know. They often don't like the movies that I do!! Glad to hear your helps!

Anonymous said...

After it comes after the third movie but is not a countiueation on the will/Elizabeth love is all