Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Books I'm Dying to Read: July Edition

Stealing Bases: I liked sports stories, especially featuring girls. I think we need more of them. GoodReads - out July 7th

Sass and Serendipity: The Jane Austen Freak in me can't wait for this modern version of Sense and Sensibility. GoodReads - out July 12th

Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Style: I love looking at the these books. A great book for the YA collection. Plus my style could always use a boost. GoodReads - out July 5th

Cleared for Take-Off: I loved the first two in this tween series - so cute! I can't wait to see what mischief Liberty will get into next! GoodReads - out July 12th

Wizard of Dark Street: I have an ARC of this - looks super cute! A wizard who wants to be a detective and then must use her magic to help solve an important case. GoodReads out July 26th

Magical Mischief: I LOVE the cover and the title. Plus it's about saving a bookstore - from magic! GoodReads - out July 19th

The Girl is Murder: I love teen mysteries - can't wait for this one. I love the cover - the old telephone and that skirt! It's Veronica Mars set in WII era. GoodReads - out July 19th

Ripple: Loving the mermaid trend right now! It's about a girl siren torn between two boys. And that dress is to die for. GoodReads - out July 21st

Love Story: I LOVE Jennifer Echols. I have an ARC of this one too. And it sounds AMAZING. I love her romances, plus it's about a girl taking college writing classes. GoodReads Out July 19th

Sometimes It Happens: Hannah's boyfriend dumps her. Her BFF's boyfriends helps her to heal her heart- while her BFF is gone for the summer. Hannah falls for Noah. Then Ava comes back - sounds a little similar to Something Like Fate! GoodReads out July 12th

Small Town Sinners: I don't usually read books about faith, but I Love Melissa Walker GoodReads - out July 19th

Texas Gothic: Amy comes from a family of witches. There's a ghost haunting a ranch. And a hot cowboy! I loved her Maggie Quinn series. GoodReads - out July 12th

Shadow of the Moon: I really liked Daughter of Flames. This is a fairy-talesque read set in Japan. GoodReads - Out July 4th

Touch of Frost: I actually won this from a blog a little while ago. I can't' wait until it comes. It's set in a magical school. With a Library of Antiq­ui­ties and other magical artifacts. Plus there's a murder. GoodReads - out July 26th


Jen Bigheart said...

I have a copy of SASS out on tour...if you want in, let me know. I love Jenny!


Anonymous said...

Ahh, there are a few books on your list I'd like to read, too! I hadn't heard of Stealing Bases before, and now I'm intrigued! I loved Dairy Queen and I'm a sucker for a sports story. I also want to read Small Town Sinners, Love Story, and Sometimes it Happens!