Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Review: Fins are Forever

**Sequel to Forgive My Fins - spoiler alert***

Lily's approaching her 18th birthday, where she'll relinquish her claim to the Thalassinia throne. She'll give up being Princess Waterlily and become Lily forever. She's so happy with Quince, but she needs to figure out her future for her life on land. Unfortunately, this means passing the SATs and looking at colleges.

Lily never thought this day would come, so she's completely unprepared for the future. She devotes time to studying. One of her teaches might have an inside track at a nearby college.

Lily can't believe everything's working out so smoothly.

Then her cousin Doe appears on land. She's been exiled from Thalassinia and is here to stay with Lily and Lily's aunt. Lily can't imagine what caused her cousin's exile and Doe's not talking. Worse, after one day, Doe fits into Lily's world better than Lily does. Doe has an amazing fashion sense. Doe captures Lily's ex-crush Brody's attention. Then Doe completes her plan: kiss Brody and force Lily back to the castle to save her once again.

Does Doe simply want to return to the sea, or is she angling for Lily's life on land?

My Thoughts: I LOVED this read and it's by one of my favorite authors. As with the previous book, I loved the relationship between Lily and Quince. I loved the addition of Doe to the story - even though she's evil. I liked watching Lily figure out her future as she's torn between two worlds. An enchanting read that's thoroughly recommended!!! I loved the ending and HOPE there's more coming about Lily and her future.

Cover Thoughts: Cute and I love the connection to the Forgive My Fins

Source: ARC from the author

Also if you're from the New England area, please note that Tera Lynn Childs will be at Otis Library on June 27th at 6:30!!! I'm super excited to meet Tera. Save the date because it's going to be a GREAT night!

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