Saturday, September 25, 2021

TBR check - in

Here's the link to my list made mid-June.

And I have to say, it doesn't look good. Part of it was my library's been on a budget freeze because it took three times to pass the budget. It finally passed last night and I can order ALL the books.


Checked out from the library to read:

I have several on hold at the library, but I'm waiting for other libraries to send their books. But generally new books go out to the library's patron's first. So I'm waiting for those. 

I feel like I want to read SO many books, but there are too many books and not enough time....

I don't often go back and see how many books I've read from my lists, but I think I might start to check in a little bit more.  

Are you a reader that checks in with your lists?

Friday, September 24, 2021

Movie Review: Love for Real


From the Hallmark Channel:

Blurb from the Hallmark Channel:
Hayley and her best friend Bree go on a reality dating show to publicize her fashion line, but nothing goes as planned when love, friendship, and careers are on the line. Starring Chloe BridgesScott Michael FosterCorbin BleuTaiana Tully and Karen Malina White.

My Thoughts:
First of all, I really liked the lead actor who was in Greek.

Second: I really like how they used the best friends - they were a package deal and they didn't turn on each other. I confess I haven't watched many reality shows (Lego Challenge and GGBO), but I found their friendship refreshing. 

Third: I thought this was a fun look at reality TV (in my limited experience - see above)

Fourth - I loved the scenery 

Fifth: I Loved both love stories and how both friends found their happily ever after.

If you're a Hallmark fan like I am, don't miss out on this charming movie. 

And if you're looking for some reality TV books:

The first row is adult, the second row is YA.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Review: Capture the Crown


* first in a new spin-off trilogy *

Princess Gemma is known for her lovely of jewels and pretty dresses. She isn't known for her work as a spy. But someone is stealing large amounts of tearstone from the mines. Gemma believes someone is planning to start a war and will be using the tearstone to make weapons. But first she has to uncover who's behind the thefts.

While undercover as a mine worker, she befriends another woman. But this woman has secrets and soon she tugs Gemma along into the conspiracy. There Gemma learns that a foreign prince is behind the theft, but not the foreign prince's brother who is being held against his will. Leo is Gemma's mortal enemy, but she's quick to realize that the enemy of my enemy might just be a friend.

But how does one trust your nemesis? 
My Thoughts: I loved this book. Jennifer Estep is a favorite author of mine. I loved the princess becoming a spy. No one would ever suspect her, which makes it perfect. But she does hear some interesting opinions about herself. I felt badly for her as the book weaves in her emotional turmoil from her childhood and how that has impacted her and her magic. I did love reading about Gemma (you see her in Kill the Queen). I loved Grimley the gargoyle and Gemma's new spy friend (I've forgotten her name, but she made me laugh). I loved the banter between Gemma and Leo. I loved Leo's sister. I even might admire Queen Maven - just a little bit. She's definitely playing the long game now and it makes me very curious to see what happens next!

Cover Thoughts: Love it
Source: My library
Library Recommendation: Highly recommended for your adult fantasy collection - as well as the previous trilogy if you don't own it.

* Hand this book to readers of Sarah Beth Durst and Sarah J Maas adult novels.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Picture Book Review: Niki Nakayama


Niki Nakayama had a dream. She loved inventing new dishes to try - a fusion of her Japanese and American cultures. Not everyone thought she could do it. But she proved them wrong. She studied and experimented and learned. And she succeeded.
A fantastic picture book biography about a chef who didn't take no for an answer and who creates dishes her way. I love that the dinners tells a story and that no one ever has the same meal twice. Very inspiring.  A great story with fantastic illustrations.

Library Recommendation: Highly recommended for your school and public libraries. 

* Book sent for review

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Top Ten Tuesday: Fall TBR

 This week's topic is all about Fall TBR list books. Of course, I have several. BUT I'm not going to share the Holiday/Christmas romances. I'll talk about those in a separate post. Also I need to go back to my Summer and Spring Lists to see how I did. So here are September, October, and November books that I can't wait to read. 








Any of these on your TBR list too?

Monday, September 20, 2021

Review: She Drives Me Crazy


Basketball player Scottie Zajac has never liked cheerleader Irene Abraham. Especially after Irene towed her car at a party. So she's less than thrilled when the fender bender in the parking lot happens with Irene.

Even worse, their moms get involved. Neither of the girls can stop the plans their moms put into place. Scottie will drive Irene to and from school until her car is fixed. In their forced time together, they trade snarky comments.

But people take notice of them driving together - especially Scottie's ex girlfriend.  Which makes Scottie hatch a fake dating plan. If it works, her ex might no longer be an ex.
My Thoughts: From the moment I heard about this book, I needed to read it. And I loved it. So many awesome parts: basketball, cheerleading (of course it's a sport), fake dating, enemies to lovers trope, friendship, and of course the romance. I loved the snark and the banter between Scottie and Irene. I loved the sports award drama and how it all turned out. I enjoyed the families of each girl - especially Scottie's sisters. I didn't want to put this book down, it was super good!

Cover Thoughts: Perfection
Source: My library
Library Recommendation: Grab this sports romance for your teen collections! Highly Recommended.

Friday, September 17, 2021

Review: Death in Bloom


* first book in a new series *

Sierra never thought she'd be back in her hometown. But after her singing career died in Nashville, she needed a place to stay. Luckily, she's been working part time at a local flower shop. When teaching a class on flower arranging, one of the customer's dies.

Sierra can't imagine anything more horrible - but it gets worse. The owner of the shop disappears, leaving the flower shop and his dog to Sierra. People keep breaking into the shop. The suspect list grows by the day - especially when people do not want the struggling flower shop to stay in business.

Sierra can't help but attempt to untangle all these secrets. How can she keep the flower shop with all the secrets and anger directed towards it?
My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this start to a new series. I loved the flower shop setting and reading about all the flowers. I like the small town and all the secrets. The boss part was strange to me, but I did enjoy how it left Sierra in charge of the flower shop. And of course I loved Gus, the dog. I also loved Granny Mae and her ways of doing things. Looking forward to the next book in the series. 

Cover Thoughts: Charming
Source: My library
Library Recommendation: Grab this one for your cozy section