Friday, November 17, 2017

Mini Review: Lilac Lane

* Book 14 in the Chesapeake Shores series *
When Moira's mother suffers a heartache, she convinces her to come to America for an extended visit. Keira can help out around the house especially with the baby and help out in the family pub. with any luck, she'll find happiness and move stateside for good.

The Good:
Seeing old favorite characters
Keira's feistiness
Kitchen Wars
Keira and Bryan becoming friends
Fathers and Daughter
All the plotting
That ending

The Bad:
Nitpicking, but I missed a few favorite characters.

Final Verdict:
Another fun book in this series, one to read for sure.

This series has been brought to live on the Hallmark channel. We're all opening for a season three next summer.

Library Recommendation: If you don't have this series in your romance section, purchase immediately. 

Thursday, November 16, 2017

I Never

On New Year’s Eve in Cabo, Janey’s world changed when her parents announce they are getting divorced. On the plane home, in own world, she accidentally sings aloud to her ipod.

She’s mortified when she realizes the cutest boy in school is sitting in front of her and overheard her singing. But that might not be a bad thing, because know he acknowledges her in school. Then Luke asks her out for coffee after track practice one day.

Janey tries not to read too much into it, but she’s more than pleased about the date.  She doesn’t want to jinx it. They have a really great time together. She’s not sure why Luke picked her, but she couldn’t be happier. The more time they spend together, the deeper she falls for him. Could he be her first everything?
My Thoughts: I loved this book. I tore through it wanting to know what would happen. And it's great for covering all aspects of sex. Some decide to have sex. Some decide to wait. Parents talk about sex with their kid. Teens talk about their parents having sex. The whole book revolves are sex and relationships. It's honest and frank and positive. I Never is this generation's Forever. I look forward to reading Laura Hopper's sophomore novel. 

Cover Thoughts: Cute - I get it after reading it
Source: Reviewed for Voya

Library Recommendation: Because of the honest nature, this might be one school librarians won't stock, but it's one that should be in all public libraries. I won’t be surprised when this book circulates like wildfire from word of mouth reviews. And it might be one of those most stolen books (you know the ones I mean)

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Picture Book Review: Mice

All about mice and who really likes them - with a twist.
This picture book is several years old, but I'm just discovering it thanks to story time ( I used it for a mouse storytime just this week).
A simple text perfect for story time and sharing.  Fun illustrations from a favorite artists. I love her method of labeling items and using her paper art creations. While the illustrations are cute adorable mice, they work really well with the text. 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday: Books Still Popular in the Future

This week's topic is about books we hope future kids/teens are still reading. Here's my vote on books I've read in the past two years that I hope they're reading ten years from now.
meme from The Broke and the Bookish 

Wonder Woman by Leigh BardugoThe Hate U Give by Angie ThomasMoxie by Jennifer MathieuWhen Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya MenonEliza and Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia
Letters to the Lost by Brigid KemmererSome BoysDefending Taylor
Real Friends by Shannon HaleRoller GirlMr. Lemoncello's Library Olympics (Mr. Lemoncello's Library, #2)The Great Shelby Holmes (The Great Shelby Holmes, #1)

What do you hope kids/.teens are still reading ten years from now.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Holiday Gift Ideas (1)

Coloring Books

Nope this craze still hasn't gone away. Great for relaxing and unwinding after a hard day. Perhaps you know someone who could use a break. There are hundred of coloring books out there, one for every person. Here are a few that I've looked at this year. 

This one I got for Christmas last year and it's amazing!

Gifted from a friend


Sent for review.
You can see my write up and some favorite pages here

Sent for review: perfect for cat loving friends 
Kid friendly. 
Quotes on ones side, coloring pages on the other.


Sent for review. Perfect for animal loving friends
Kid friendly. 
Quotes on ones side, coloring pages on the other.
Mix of animals, not just puppies, a nice variety including pigs and snowman too.


Friday, November 10, 2017

Middle Grade Review: Katana at Super Hero High

Katana different from her classmates; she follows the traditions of ninjas - just like her Grandmother. She still doesn't know what happened to her Grandmother, all she knows is that she went out ones day and never returned. Katana misses her more than anything. Luckily, a school project helps her gather answers from her parents.

Katana finds herself in position of guarding 100 ancient samurai swords. She's not sure why the swords are in possession or what she's supposed to do with them. She's hoping to uncover the truth about their past as well with the help from her friends.

What Katana and her friends don't know is an evil force is after the swords. Katana and her friends must protect the swords at all cost. Can the superheroes in training save the day yet again?
My Thoughts: Another fun book in this series. I love how the students work together to solve problems and how they support and defend each other. I loved learning about the connection between Katanna and her grandmother. I loved that her grandmother was fearless and was a samurai. I really liked reading about Katana training the other students. Looking forward to more from Super Hero High!

Cover Thoughts: Cute - I love the sword
Source: Book sent for review
Next Up: I really thought it was going to be Miss Martian, but it's Harley Quinn
Library Recommendation: Grab this series for Elementary/Middle Schools and all public libraries.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

NaNoWriMo: 2017

Last year was the first year in a LONG time I didn't participate in NaNoWriMo - because I was working on editing my novel all last year. I realized that if I finished it, then I would be able to write again. This made me get my butt in gear. It's always hard to think the manuscript is finished because there are always things to write differently and ways to improve. But I called it quits on Friday and by Wednesday, I was back writing.

So here's what I'm writing about: it the last companion novel in my book set - all Jane Austen novels. It's the retelling of Sense and Sensibility

Here's the mock-up cover:

It's very simple. And I have no idea how lollipops will play into it - yet.

For right now, I'm just having fun writing again.

But since I try for 2,000 words/day, this space might get a little less active. Although I'll try not to make that happen. Plus, I'm reading less because of all the writing. 

Today I'm at 15,000 words and striving for another 1,000 to hit my goal for the day.

If you're also writing, good luck!
And add me as a buddy (yabooknerd)