Monday, August 31, 2009

Author's Writing Places

Janette Rallison posted a wicked blog about authors and their work spaces. Check it out! Whose office do you like most?

This one is most like mine here at the library - except that I have a million more papers all over my desk.

Chair, Fireplace, and a Tea Cozy Snark (awesome!)

Liz at this awesome blog explains the difference between Catching Fire review in EW and the book. V. Amusing!

I do wish that EW had more of an interest in books because it seems like they review the same type of books and if they review something I'm interested's usually frowned upon - which just drives me CRAZY.

I adored the book and I'm breathlessly awaiting the third!
And of course awaiting the movie (I've heard rumors)

Creating Nonreaders

Here's a hilarious post from Meg Cabot about reading and forced reading in schools. I'm of the same opinion.

Plus I once had a librarian ask me if I was going to read anything other than Babysitter Club books for the year. I was annoyed and I think I took out two as an act of rebellion. But at that age (6th grade), there wasn't much for me that I liked. There were these books that had a heroine and always two guys on the cover. She had to choose between the two men - they were mostly historical fiction. I think I read all those too.

Someone came into the library three weeks ago and for help gathering books. She described one book as a Catcher in the Rye book meets... and I had to tell her I never read that book. I tried it, but it never took.

I've long gotten over reading books I don't enjoy. There's just too many great books out there on my list to read that I can't even bother wasting my time.

I hated reading for high school. I stopped reading a bit in high school because it was so dull. I never "understood" what the author was obviously saying. This happened through college where I had my into to English course. I hated that professor because he said that shyness wouldn't count towards your participation grade - but it totally did (I'm wicked shy). I never understood what he was talking about. I NEVER got the short stories we talked about. I almost changed majors because clearly I was in the wrong place. I don't remember what changed my mind, but there were other English that I did enjoy.

I see teens coming into the library looking for summer reading books with their parents and half of them want the shortest book on the list - they don't even care what it's about. The other half want something interesting. There's also the other section and many people choose not to have that option of reading anything you choose - but to stick to something on the list. I never understood that because if you're forced to read - it might as well be something you're interested in.

Friday, August 28, 2009

My Soul To Take

Kaylee's not human, and she just finding this out. She's having a hard time wrapping her head about it, but she's happy to know that she's not crazy. Kaylee can see shadows on people right before they die. It hasn't happened in a while (not since her aunt and uncle took her to the psychiatric ward at the hospital and had her admitted) - but one night in a club, she sees the shadow. It's following a young girl. She begins to lose focus and almost have a panic attack while trying to keep in the scream that threatens to let loose. Instead, her best friend takes her outside and the hottest guy in school follows them. He calms Kaylee down and she's compelled to confide her secret in him. Instead of calling her crazy like she imagines, he understand and believes her. She's hoping that on Monday, she won't be called out as a freak. Then she hears about the girl dying at the bar with no possible cause of death. At work, her best friend tells her another young girl died with no apparent reasons. When a third girl collapses at school, Kaylee begins to question death. Are these girls actually suppose to die or is there are larger force at work? Given the knowledge of her new powers, Kaylee's determined to figure out the reasoning behind these deaths, even if it lands her in a heap of trouble at home and also into significant danger.
The first in a new series Soul Screamers and the first in the new book line from Harlequin Teen, this book doesn't disappoint. It's romance and paranormal - two of my favorite genres plus there's a mystery involved. Plus the whole idea if a death list and people who can save souls are intriguing. The cover is super fun - the red makes it pop out. I'm looking forward to the next one in the series already.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Today's the 89th anniversary of the 19th Amendment - granting women in the US the right to vote. It had been a battle fought for many years with no progress, but finally the day came. Famous women were arrested for attempting to vote prior to the amendment, protested in various forms including outside the White House, were thrown in jail and force fed after going on a hunger strike, led a march of protest during Woodrow Wilson's inauguration and fought amongst themselves as to tactics that would work in persuading men to join their cause. The right to vote started with the Seneca Falls Convention on July 19-20th 1848. Thirty years later, the issue finally made it's way to congress. Hundreds of men and women fought for theif beliefs including Susan B. Anthony, Lucretia Mott, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Carrie Chapman Catt, and Alice Paul.

It all gave down to one man - when the votes were tied Harry Burns voted yes beacuse his mother urged him too!

As something near and dear to my heart, I'm happy that such brave women (and men) fought for our equality even though it was such a long hard road.

For more info - read a biography of one of these daring women or watch the movie

Here's to Women!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sea Glass

Opal's been betrayed and tricked into thinking someone she loves is really him, when in actuality, he's used magic to switch souls. She's on a mission to change their souls, when she's ordered home by the Council. She defies the Council to track them down. Meanwhile, the Council's anxious to see Opal considering her new found power. With her defiance, they're not sure they can trust her or her new powers. When she finally returns to the keep, she's kept under constant surveillance and is ordered back to classes. The magicians she's trusted no longer want to hear her story. Instead, she's left almost alone. Now she's not sure she trusts the Council - as no one believes her and she's forced into virtually no privacy. It's a battle of wills and Opal's realizing she has some power as she's the only glass magician who make the magical glass messengers. Will she use that power to bargain with the Council now that graduation's near?

Sea Glass is the sequel to Storm Glass. Opal's adventures will continue in a third book due out next year (I'm hoping it comes sooner as Storm Glass came out in May and this one just came out, it seems strange to have to wait so longer for the final chapter). Maria Snyder's books always make me want to do nothing but read. It's dangerous to open them if I don't have much time to read. They're THAT addicting. The stories are amazing - the magic, the characters, the romance, and the danger are all fabulously written. Plus the covers are enticing. If you haven't read her works, start with Poison Study.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Bite Me!

AJ's life totally sucks. First of all - her mom is marrying her boyfriend's father - putting an end to their relationship. Unfortuantely, she's having a hard time keeping her hands off him. She tells him it's time to move on and she even picks out his future girlfriend - but she never expected him to take her advice. Now she's stuck at a party and fuming. However, there's a boy who has his eye on her. She leaves the party for a secluded makeout spot. But trouble comes calling, she leaves the area surrounded by her girlfriends and her new brother to enact revenge. When word reaches school that Noah never made it home and AJ's brother might have been the last person to see him alive, AJ freaks out. She's terrified that she's responsible for Noah's death and even more afraid that her secret just might be revealed. She's not normal and she's looking into her family history to proof her innocence. But can you even really trust a vampire?

An awesome first novel with a killer twist and a sequel (Love Bites) already in the works. The cover's amazing and drew me in along with the title. I'm quite looking forward to the next book.

My Apologies

I haven't been updating my blog for two reasons: 1. I'm on a forced shutdown vacation from the library so I haven't been reading my fave blogs and thus no real news have I learned and 2. I've having some medical issues - everything's fine now.

Plus I had hoped to read TONS these two weeks and with one week finished, I've only finished 4 or 5 books :)

Reviews will be coming shortly

Friday, August 14, 2009

Harry Potter Theme Park pics

There's a bunch of construction photos of park.
I'm SO looking forward to the opening - though I might wait a little bit before going.
Also tale a look here at the what the park might look like
opening Spring 2010

Cover Revealed

Pretty huh?
Already looking forward to this even though it doesn't come out until April...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Webpage for Teen Librarians

Check out NEW page on Teen Programs – it’s a listing of potential ideas in case you get stuck. It's @
Also send me an email if you have something I should add.
Keep in mind, it's a work in progress.

Triple Fault

Sasha's still reeling from the Callie/Jacob news. She's hurt beyond belief and she can't deal with looking at them, let alone talking to them. Plus, she's still not able to ride thanks to the stunt the Belle's pulled on their team. With nothing left to do, she's been groom Charm like crazy and paying attention to her school work so she won't fall behind again. A bonus to hanging around the stable -seeing Eric. When he confesses that he wants to date her, she's over the moon. But she's unwilling to take their relationship public after what happened with Jacob and the Trio. But the Trio have their hands full with newcomer Jas. Jas has pulled too many tricks on them to bury the hatchet and no one on the team trusts her. Does she have another trick up her sleeve? Once riding starts up again, Sasha's pulled in all directions - Callie wants to patch things up, Eric wants to take her out on a date, and Paige's TV debut is just weeks away. Can Sasha juggle everything and keep everyone happy?

Two days ago I went to 2 area bookstores looking for this book. I didn't find it at either, but the next day at work it came in. I asked nicely if it could be processed right away and luckily for me, it was. I devoured it the next day. The covers rock - so fresh and fun and featuring cute riding gear. The books always make me want to go riding. I adore these books - an incredibly sweet and perfect blend of friendship, horses, drama, and romance.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Awesome Idea

Check out this site to vote on your favorite books and to read celebrity answers from people such as Judy Blume, Morgan Freeman, R.L. Stine, Rick Riordan, Selena Gomez, Neil Patrick Harris and bunch of others.

For my pick, it's hard to remember the first book since I always loved to read, but this book I remember LOVING
Plus L.M. Montgomery's Emily series always holds a special place in my heart.
As does Meg Cabot's The Princess Diaries series and Cecily von Ziegesar's Gossip Girl series as they helped me realize that I wanted to specialize in becoming a YA Librarian

What are some books that touched you?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

King James

has a book out...

Totally buying it for the teen section.


Lucy doesn't know much about her mother, except that she's crazy. But she does know that her mother left her adoptive parents a different version of the song Scarborough Fair and made them promise to teach it Lucy. Lucy never knew why. On the night of her prom, she's raped by her date - but she knows it wasn't really him. There was someone else controlling his body. When he crashes that night, she tells only her family the truth. Its a family legacy of becoming pregnant at seventeen. Her family is so supportive of her decision to have the child as well as a family friend. When Zac discovers her mother's diary, he gives it to Lucy. Suddenly things start becoming more clearer and much more a nightmare. Lucy realizes that her mother left her clues in the song, clues to stop a family curse. Can her parents and her best friend and possible romantic interest Zac help her uncover her past and make it possible for her to have a future?

I'm a little late with this one, I feel like I'm remember a lot of buzz when this came out. But a friend at the library whom I'm always giving books, handed it to me and demanded that I read it. So I did. And it's amazing! I couldn't put it down and when I wasn't reading it, I was thinking about it and wondering about the outcome. I'm not crazy about the cover and I think that's what put me off a little. Plus, while reading it, I had the song stuck in my head the ENTIRE time.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Louder Than Words

New book series: check out the books and participate in the chats. Each author has a chat every night this week. Plus the series editor answers the behind the scenes questions

Here are the books:

Some say truth is more interesting than fiction, and that's what the Louder Than Words series proves. This exciting, new series will be the resource for girls looking to read compelling, intriguing, and personal real-life stories written by current teens with powerful voices.
Truth is More Fascinating than Fiction.
Enter a new reality.
Louder Than Words.
Compelling personal stories written by current teens with powerful voices.

Here's the chat line-up

Monday, August 10, 8-9 p.m. ET
Guest: Deborah Reber, Series Editor
Topic: Introducing the Louder Than Words Series
Description: Join us Monday night as Deborah Reber, editor of the new series of teen-authored memoirs, "Louder Than Words," gives us the story behind the series. How were the teen authors chosen? How were the books put together? Who is the series written for? What kind of feedback are you getting? Are there more books coming? How can I be a "Louder Than Words" author?

Tuesday, August 11, 8-9 p.m. ET
Guest: Marni Bates, author of "Marni"
Topic: Compulsive Behavior and How the Internet Can Help

Description: Join us Tuesday night as teen author Marni Bates answers questions about her book, "Marni." Marni has trichotillomania -- a irresistible desire to pull out her own hair. What do you have? Marni discusses how the Internet helped her understand the problem, and also how she feels about having her secrets revealed in a book.

Wednesday, August 12, 8-9 p.m. ET
Guest: Emily Smucker, author of "Emily"
Topic: Sickness and Faith, Pickles and Cake

Description: Join us Wednesday when Emily Smucker will answer questions about what it's like getting through senior year with a chronic illness. Emily is a Mennonite but, don't worry, it's not contagious. She'll also talk about blogging and writing books.

Thursday, August 13, 8-9 p.m. ET
Guest: Chelsey Shannon, author of "Chelsey"
Topic: Assembling a New Life with Pieces from the Past

Description: Join us Thursday night as Chelsey Shannon, author of "Chelsey," talks about fashioning a new life for herself after her father was murdered a week before her 14th birthday and she had to move away from home and school. She'll talk about overcoming grief, and how she discovered a group of women writers who helped her get over.

Friday, August 14, 8-9 p.m. ET
Guest: Deborah Reber, Series Editor
Topic: How to Break Into Publishing for Teen Writers
Description: On Friday, series editor Deborah Reber will answer questions about how teen writers can break into publishing. All the "Louder Than Words" authors were teen writers when they were first published. Some made money as writers. All of them wrote on the Internet, and made friends with writers online. One of the author's moms is a writer.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Cinderella Society

Note: This book doesn't come out til next April, but it's so fun, I wanted to talk about it.

Jess hates her school and desperately needs to find friends to keep her off of the mean girls' radar. On the final day of the school year (after two humiliating events), she finds an envelope in her bag inviting her to a secret society. At first, she thinks it's just another prank, but then she realizes that it's for real. Jess has no idea why they want her, but she's willing to find out why. The Cindys, recruits girls with special powers of kindness, leadership, and generosity and includes some of the most popular girls in school. There's a long standing tradition of the Cindys nationwide - battling the Wickeds, the evil counterpart. This year, the Wickeds has doubled in size, proving that something's afoot. It's a lot of information for Jess to take in and she's super excited about the makeover given to all the Cindys upon their initiation. Soon, she's picking out her own signature style and having her hair and makeup professionally done. So far, everything about the group has been great, but there's a lot of work ahead of her. In the midst of the battle for good and evil, Jess snagged the boy she's been crushing on since she moved to town. The Cindy's have given Jess a mission to uncover information but once Jess has the information, she can't let go. Will she go against the Cindys' way to battle her nemesis?

This is the first book in a new series - with the next book out in 2011.
I LOVED this book for several reasons including the title (love stories about Princesses), the cover is awesome, plus the story rocks. There's makeovers, secret societies, romance, and snarky showdowns. Add this to your list of books to look forward to!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Review Ratings

Here's something I'm curious about:

I never rate books (unless it's the reviews I'm doing for But I've been reading so many book blogs lately: The Story Siren, GreenbeanTeenQueen, and TheUnderCoverBookLover and they all rate books.
Mostly I say what I like about the book and I'll say I liked it, loved it, or adored it....but that's about it. Should I be saying more in terms of rating?

Anyone have any thoughts on the subject?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

HarlequinTeen Winners

Boy, this was a hot post (not surprisingly as I'm anxious to read all the books in the new line myself)

For Intertwined Books:
A_Lafront Lurver
Kate (neverendingshelf)

For Intertwined T-shirt

For My Soul To Take Book
Kat Duncombe
Midnight Shine

For My Soul To Take T-Shirt

For those of you lucky winners, please send me addresses to mail out your prize @

Congrats and happy reading/wearing!