Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Women's History Month: Timeline

This year's timeline through YA books focuses on the continent of Asia - check out the books that portray women through history at Yalsa HUB blog.

Top Ten Tuesday: Books just added to TBR Pile

This week's Topic is books just added to your TBR pile. As I mentioned - I have a HUGE TBR list.  As of Sunday afternoon it stands at 2024 books - which given that I read roughly 330/year would take me roughly six years to finish. The problem however, is that I keep adding new books. It's a curse and a blessing. This is one of the easier lists to make for TTT.
Isle of the LostThe Shrunken Head (The Curiosity House, #1)The Doublecross: And Other Skills I Learned as a SuperspyThe Classy Crooks ClubThe 39 Clues: Doublecross Book 1: Mission Titanic
Hidden: A Child's Story of the HolocaustThe Loch Ness Punster (43 Old Cemetery Road, #7)Best Friend Next DoorEighth Grade Is Making Me Sick: Ginny Davis's Year In StuffThe Galaxy Pirates: Hunt for the Pyxis

Our SongAna of CaliforniaAfter HoursI Am Princess XFirst There Was Forever
Ball Don't LieLast Shot: A Final Four Mystery (The Sports Beat, #1)SoundlessMs. Marvel, #1: Meta MorphosisThe Revenge Playbook

If You Only KnewThe First Kiss (Sweetest Kisses, #2)Back to Before (Second Chances, #1)Death by TeaFudging the Books
Grace Cries Uncle (A Manor House Mystery, #6)Death of an English Muffin (A Merry Muffin Mystery)Murder in the Paperback ParlorBetter Homes and Corpses (Hamptons Home & Garden Mystery)Some Kind of Wonderful (Puffin Island, #2)

Monday, March 30, 2015

Why Hart of Dixie reminds me of Gilmore Girls:

And why if it ends now, it will leave a great big GIANT whole in my heart...

Small Town:

Stars Hollow

That girl you didn't like a first, but who grew on you:

Drama, Drama, Drama:

That BFF:

The other BFF:

The guy who was right for a while, but wrong in the end

This Guy:

The Food: Luke's VS The Rammer Jammer

Both places I'd like to hang out

What Left from Gilmore Girls?
Pop Culture 
Mother-Daughter relationship Although this helped a little


Both shows are clever, quick witted, and full of great friendships. They leave you with a smile.