Saturday, March 7, 2015

Mysterious Saturday Review: Private Games

* Book 3 in the Private series *
The Olympics games are in London this year with Private providing security for the games. Hours before the opening ceremony, a member of the game organizing committee is murdered. It wasn't a crime of passion and in the hours to come, the press receive a letter from a man who claims responsibility.

He plans to restore the Olympic games to their former glory and rid the world of those connected with the games who are corrupted with greed or cheating.  Can Private solve the identity of the man behind the mask before his actions taint the Olympic games?
My Thoughts: I really like this series for the action and the danger. I devour these books in one setting. This one takes place in London again - although the main character from the last Private book has been killed. The series moves forward with mentions of previous characters, which I like. 

The man who claimed responsibility for the murders likes history and the integrity of the games - not the scandals behind the doping or the cheating to win. He wants to the games to go pack to their purest form. I can understand his reasons, but not the crimes themselves. It's a thought-provoking read, especially as you think of the athletes who have now been deemed cheaters and stripped of his/her medals. 

Cover Thoughts: Great - I love the medal and the city in the background.
Final Thoughts: If you're looking for an action-packed read, pick up the Private series - you won't be disappointed. 

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