Monday, March 9, 2015

Series Love: Fool's Gold

Welcome to a new blog meme here at YA Book Nerd. I realized that I read SO many series books that I should talk about them as a whole. Not to say that every series I'm going to talk about I've finished - but my thoughts my help you pick up and start a new series.

Fool's Gold by Susan Mallery

I started this series last year and I've fallen in love with it. So far I've read 11 of the 15 books currently out now. There are three more additions to the series this year - plus an additional Christmas story. 

Here's a list of why I love this series

1. Although they're part of a larger series, each set of books comes in a trilogy. You get to see characters from previous books, so you can keep up with old friends.
2. Fool's Gold is a small town where women  predominately run the town. The history of the town is fascinating. In the early books there's a shortage of men.
3. The small town charm leads to wildfire gossip - so you can't keep a secret for long
4. The community helps those in need -with food or clothes or a work party.
5. The characters are smart women who form strong bonds of friendship 
6. The banter between the hero and the heroine
7. The animals: the dogs, the horses, the elephant all add to the story
8. People want to make a difference in Fool's Gold and they have big dreams
9. The characters have flaws 
10. Jo's Bar - who doesn't want a bar that caters to women

Have you read this series? 

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