Saturday, March 21, 2015

Mysterious Saturday Review: Double Fudge Brownie Murder

* Book 18 in the Hannah Swenson series *
Hannah's mother is getting the surprise of her life. Her fiance is whisking her and her daughters off to Vegas for a marriage ceremony. Then he's taking his new bride on a cruise. She knows nothing about it and couldn't be happier when she discovers the truth. Hannah is also surprised by the identity of the best man, who could be the man on her dreams.

When she returns to town, she begins to focus on her trial. Unfortunately, she's called in to court. As she's waiting, she hears a thud. When she goes to investigate, she finds the judge presiding over her case murdered in his chamber.  Now she's suspected of murder and must clear her name - twice over.
My Thoughts: I really like this series - reading about the characters are like visiting with old friends. I loved the surprise Doc cooked up for his bride to be; it was a wonderful trip. Reading about sitting poolside while in the winter made me envious. I liked learning more about Hannah's case and the eventual outcome. 

As usual, I loved the baking moments in the book. They always make me crave something sweet and I long to experiment with a recipe from my Pinterest board. 

I'm also happy that the love triangle could be at an end - especially since one of the men has been bothering me for a few books now. 

A fun mystery with old friends and yummy treats!

Cover Thoughts: Cute and goes along with the brand.
Source: My Library

Final  Thoughts: If you like mysteries in small towns and conversation about baked goods - then this series is perfect for you!

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