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Mysterious Saturday Review: Books Can Be Deceiving

Dealing with a bad breakup, Lindsay moved libraries. She's now working with a friend of hers from library school. Beth's been working as a Children's Librarian. She's known throughout the state.

Beth has aspirations to become an author. When a children's book editor comes to town, Beth has the chance to show off her work. The editor looks at her work and tells her the bad news. She's talented, but the idea's been done.

Beth doesn't understand as she's never seen anything like her work before. She leaves the table crying. Lindsay learns that Beth's ex-boyfriend Rick, an award winning children's book author, stole her ideas.

Beth and Rick broke up last night. When Beth learns of this new info, she flies into a rage. She and Lindsay take a water taxi to his home, only to discover his body.

Beth is the local police chief's number one suspect. He's not even interested in looking farther. Lindsay knows that she needs check out other suspects in order to save her friend. Together, can they uncover clues and put them together before Beth is arrested for murder?

My Thoughts: The first in a new series about Library Director in a small town in Connecticut. As a librarian, I love reading about libraries and books, so this was right up my alley!!! I really loved reading the description of the library - the building, the programs, the people who worked there, and the patrons. I loved how Lindsay knew the townspeople and connected them with the authors they read. The town descriptions were great - very small town New England. I loved the relationship between Beth and Lindsay. I loved the potential romance for Lindsay. All in all, it was a charming book. I can't wait for more of this series.

Cover Thoughts: Very quaint - just perfect. I love how the library photo is portrayed in a book! Super

Title Thoughts: cute

Source: Inter-Library Loaned

Fun Fact: Jenn McKinlay is also the author of the Cupcake Bakery Mysteries

Friday, July 29, 2011

Review: Flying Blind

Zoe’s been told of her future, according to the legend of her people. She is a Wyvern – a shapeshifter who can see into the past and present by dreams. There’s only one Wyvern born to a generation of the Pyr.

Zoe is the one for her generation.

However, she can’t use her powers to perform any of the Wyvern’s abilities. Since the past Wyvern is dead, there’s no one to train Zoe. She’s not forthcoming about not understanding her powers or even her failed attempts to use them.

When an incident occurs at her school, she’s packed up to boot camp. Boot camp is where the other boys her age of the Pyr use their powers to train. They work together to make themselves strong and to enhance their abilities.

Once at camp, Zoe’s dreams go up in smoke. Nothing turns out the way she imagines, not the boy she’s dreamed about for the past few years, not the camaraderie with the other Pry, and certainly not the introduction of a new girl. Zoe doesn’t know what’s happening, but something feels very strange.

Can she figure out what’s bothering her while kicking her training into overdrive?

My Thoughts: Since reading Firelight, I'm so interested in dragon novels. Lots of action and danger helps create a fast paced plot for the first book in this new series about dragons. Friendship drama and romance add to the fires, making this book an emotional read. The action and the emotions combine for an amazing read.

Cover Thoughts: LOVE it!

Source: My library - also reviewing for

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cover Reveal: Glass of Swallows

I just found out about this book - it's the companion novel to Dragonfly, which was simply magical and beautifully written

I like how the swallow glows and how similar it looks to Dragonfly!

Trailer Thursday: Dark Knight Rises

I can't tell you how happy I am to see this movie - but I'm a little sad that it's the last one, wrapping up a trilogy.

Review: Bloodline Rising

Cai can blend in anywhere – making him the perfect thief. He’s known as the Ghost. He moves through the shadows and has amazing balance. He gives his loyalty to the King of Thieves, hoping one day to rule his world.

One day, his King gives him an impossible task.

Cai does his best to retrieve the information. However, he hears more than he’s supposed to hear. This information concerns his family and he races back towards them.

In Cai’s line of work, there’s always a rival wanting to take out down. It happens at the worst possible timing for Cai and before he can figure out what happens, his world goes black.

When he awakes, he finds himself on a ship. He’s headed to the very place his parents fled. Cai knows that he can’t go back home, but he has to create the best future for himself.

Could the people his parents’ fled from be part of his future?

My Thoughts: The companion novel to Bloodline takes place twelve years later. I loved the time period and the historical aspects of the book. Cai’s strong, bold, determined, stubborn, and impulsive. He has a unique sense of honor and loyalty. While I loved Bloodline, I couldn’t quite connect with Cai.

Cover Thoughts: It's ok, but it doesn't capture my attention

Source: reviewed for Teens Read Too

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Review: In the Shadow of the Lamp

Molly can't believe her back luck when she's dismissed for stealing. She has no where to go, until she hears about a nursing opportunity. She doesn’t have much experience and thus, she’s rejected from the girls and women picked for Miss Nightingale’s staff.

Molly’s determined to make it and sneaks aboard the ship. Most of the women aboard the ship become sea sick on the rough waters. Molly and another girl help keep them calm and attempt to clean up the messes. Upon arrival, Molly’s allowed to join the nursing staff.

Miss Nightingale keeps strict rules. Anyone caught breaking these rules will be sent home.

Molly tends to the soldiers as best she can – helping to wrap their bandages, assisting the doctors, wiping their brows, and talking to them in an attempt to keep them calm. Although the work is tough and the conditions hard, she knows that she’s making a difference.

However, Molly doesn’t always follow the rules. Lately, it’s getting harder and harder to remain angelic. Will her action cost her her position?

My Thoughts: I found the politics of the hospital and the battle for improving the conditions of the wounded fascinating. I loved the in depth look at both nursing and Miss Nightingale’s character. This subject is not found often in YA literature and it is a great tool for learning more about the time period and conditions of the war. A wonderful look at the Crimean War – filled with the horrors of war, friendship amongst the nurses, and the possibility of romance. A fascinating read!

Cover Thoughts: Gorgeous

Source: reviewed for

Challenge: YA Historical Fiction Challenge

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Review: Wishful Thinking

When Hazel turns 18, her stepfather hands her an envelope. It doesn’t contain a birthday card, but instead the name of her birth mother. More than anything, Hazel wants to belong somewhere. After her adoptive mother died when she was just a baby, she’s been with her stepfather or foster care.

After doing some research, Hazel realizes that her birth mother lives in the same city. She’s having an art opening - tonight. Hazel knows that she has the perfect opportunity to meet her. She takes her only dress to a seamstress to fix the gaping hole.

The seamstress, although gruff at first, tells her to come in hours. When Hazel comes back, she rushes off to the event. She brings her dress to change in the bathroom. She’s shocked to realize that the dress she pulls out of the garment bag isn’t the same. Without time to rectify the situation, Hazel immediately puts on the dress. When she arrives at the party, she uncovers devastating news.

Hazel doesn’t realize that any wish she makes while wearing the dress will be granted. More than anything Hazel wants to the chance to meet her mother. Can she cross time and meet her?

My Thoughts: The companion novel to WISH, WISHFUL THINKING, takes another girl with heartache and tries to make her dreams come true. I love the idea of three different gorgeous dresses for each wish granted. I loved watching Hazel attempt to uncover clues to her past while hiding her secret. It’s a wonderful book about one magical summer and a girl discovering herself. I don't know why I waited so long to read this one!

Cover Thoughts: Amazing - LOVE the butterflies

Source: reviewed for

Monday, July 25, 2011

Cover Reveal: A King's Ransom

Here's the second 39 Clues series

This comes out in December, while the first of the new series comes out August 30th

I love this series

The cover is interesting - very interesting. Can't wait to read it

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mysterious Saturday Cover Reveal: Affairs of Steak

I LOVE this series - Affairs of Steak comes out in January!

I just noticed that on all the covers, there is a shadowing figure.
I can't wait to read it!

Mysterious Saturday Review: Smokin' Seventeen

After the fire burned down the bail bonds office, Stephanie's boss (and cousin) is planning to rebuild. Before he can, a body appears at the building site. Before long, another body turns up. No one's sure how the bodies are connected.

While the police are trying to connect the murders, Stephanie attempts to catch her fugitives. There's a man who swears he's a vampire. Another man puts his dancing bear up for bond money. Somehow Stephanie agrees to take care of the bear if the man goes to jail. As usual, her professional life is one step away from ruining her life.

Stephanie has troubles in the romance department. Her mother's fed up with her on-again off-again relationship with Morelli. She's starting to introduce her daughter to other men. Morelli's grandmother starts putting curses on Stephanie in hopes of breaking them up permanently. Plus, as always, Ranger makes his interest in Stephanie known.

Will this be the case that brings everything down around Stephanie?

My Thoughts: I love this series. I'm so addicted that I read the books in one sitting because I can't stop. It was no different with this book. I didn't laugh out loud as much, but I was thoroughly entertained. I love the love triangle - I'm a fan of Ranger. I love the scrapes Stephanie gets into when she's attempting to bring someone back to jail. I LOVE Grandma Mazur. I love Lulu. There's nothing that I don't love about these books.

Cover Thoughts: It flows with the rest of the series, but none impress me.

Source: My Library

Friday, July 22, 2011

A look at: Once Upon a Time

Have you heard about this upcoming show?

It looks really good - I love the way the past and the present combine. The Enchanted Forrest and then a small town in Maine.

Plus it has some great actresses.

I'm so looking forward to watching it this fall.

Check out the trailer and more info here at EW.

Adult Review: 16 Lighthouse Road

Olivia takes an unusual stand against one couple seeking divorce. Instead of granting them divorce, she wants them to talk about their issues. As a a judge, it's a different approach, but her decision stands.

Could it be a result of her own failed marriage?

Either way, the newspaper writes an article about it. The reporter seems very interested in getting to know her a little better (or a lot better.)

That worries Olivia. Her daughter's dating habits and their tension filled relationship also worries her.

Can Olivia find a way to smooth out the wrinkles in her life?

My Thoughts: I Loved it! I LOVE Debbie Macomber. The start of a series in the small town of Cedar Cove - where everyone knows each other. I love the feel of the small town. There are no secrets here. I loved the different perspectives, especially those in Olivia's family. I loved the romance, the friendships, and the drama. I loved the ending - where the woman looks across the road to the next house 204 Rosewood Lane (which I just started last night.)

Cover Thoughts: adorable

Source: My Library

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Poll Winner: Hermoine

I absolutely love her brains, her loyalty, and sense of friendship. She's an amazing character!!

Trailer Thursday: Hugo

I'm so interested in this movie as I adored the book:

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cover Reveal: Spell Bound

This is the third and final book (of Sophie's adventures)

It's beautiful and SO similar to the other cover - simply fabulous!!!
This book can't come soon enough for my liking.

Want more info? Check out the author's blog

Adult Review: Sisterhood Everlasting

Fast forward 10 years after Forever in Blue, the four friends haven't seen each other in a while. Their friendship fell apart after Tibby abruptly moved to Australia with Brian for his job.

Now, she's sending them tickets to meet in Greece.

The three other girls can't wait to see each other and bask in the sisterhood.

Carmen's an actress and dating a man that could be the one, but there's something miss from her life.

Lena lives in the past and the "what ifs."

Bridget floats through life, going where the wind takes her.

Apart their lives are horrible, but together, maybe they can get back on track. The three girls meet in the airport, delighted to see each other and feeling refreshed. They can't wait to see Tibby and reconnect. When tragedy strikes, their lives and perhaps friendship will never be the same. Will they be able to survive and move forward?

My Thoughts: It took me a while to get into the book - I almost put it down, but I'm SO glad that I finished it. I hated the tragedy and how it unfolded, but everything made sense in the end. I loved reading from their various perspectives. It's hard to choose between the girls, but I've always felt I'm more like Lena. I love how each of them is better when they are together and just how strong their friendship runs. I loved reuniting with the girls again and seeing where their lives took them. It was a bittersweet book that made me laugh, cry, and smile with content.

*Confession - while reading the books, I couldn't get the actresses from the movies out of my head as the characters.

Cover Thoughts: After reading the book - I really like it.

Source: my Library

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hunger Games poster reveal

Just released and looks AMAZING!!!!!

Cover Reveal: Popular

This is the 3rd book in the Lauren Town series (or 15 in the Canterwood Crest series) It comes out May 1, 2012

I really LOVE this series - and all the covers are gorgeous!

Have you read them yet?

Review: Supernaturally

Evie can't believe how normal her life has become - while she loves the idea of a locker, she hates gym class. High school is nothing like what he imagined from watching TV shows. She actually misses her old daring life - where she made a difference. Here it feels like she's simply going through the motions.

Just as the boredom sets it, the International Paranormal Containment Agency asks for her help again. While they've dealt with some of Evie's concerns, she's still unhappy with them. She knows that Lend will be unhappy about her decision, but she agrees to work for IPCA again.

How can she make her relationship with Lend work while trying to trust the IPCA again? Since she refuses to work with faeries, Evie has a new contact who pops in and out of her life at the worst possible moments causing all sorts of havoc.

Is IPCA telling her the complete truth this time? Are her missions really helping anyone?

My Thoughts: I LOVE this series! I love Evie's snark. I love her relationship with Lend. I love the dinner. I love how Evie can see underneath glamor. I love learning more about Evie's world and the creatures in it. I love watching the IPCA and the mysteries unfold. There's nothing I DON'T love about this book!

I'm pretty sad that this is a trilogy - because I can't wait to devour the next book!
Cover Thoughts: Gorgeous, simply gorgeous

Source: borrowed from Jess @ I Read To Relax

Out: July 26th!

Check out the author's blog!

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Cover Reveal: Take a Bow

Check out the cover for Elizabeth Eulberg's new book - I LOVE her books and can't wait for this one! It comes out: April 2012.

I really love the cover and for more info on the book, check out the author's blog

Review: Ghost Huntress - the Discovery

After returning from her retreat, Kendall's ready to start up ghost hunting again. Her team's down a photographer since Taylor moved. But the good news is that Patrick, her new boyfriend, is willing to join her team. He comes to visit her on the weekends.

Together they attend a Civil war exhibit for a homework assignment. There Kendall and her friends come across a creepy doll - a cursed doll. After hearing the legend of the doll, several people pose for photos with the doll.

According to the legend, anyone who snaps a picture with the doll will develop bad karma. The doll gives Kendall and Patrick the creeps, but nothing they say can prevent people from taking photos.

When accidents start occurring to the people from the pictures, Kendall knows that she needs to perform a ghost hunt inside the historical society house. However, the authorities aren't interested in her help. Can they be convinced otherwise?

My Thoughts: A creepy edition to this fascinating series. As the series progresses, the books and the ghosts become darker. I confess I had a hard time reading this book alone after dark. However, the side stories add lightness. One of the major side stories in this book surrounds Kendall finding out more about her family. I really liked the historical aspect of the book. The book ends on a cliff hanger - making me eager for the next book.

Cover Thoughts: I'm always interested in these covers because they reveal so much about the story - but it's hard to uncover the clues until after you've read the book.

Source: My Library

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Matinee: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 2

On Friday afternoon, the saga came to an end for me. I ADORED these books and the movies. The ending for me was bittersweet - the movie was magical, but sad.

I LOVED Professor McGonagall - she was awesome!

I loved the little moments between all the action and danger

(Side note: Isn't this look of Hermoine's also used in the third movie - the same sweatshirt)

I loved all the special effect - the crumbling walls - the stone statues - the magic over the castle

A GREAT final battle - that made me want to cry and cheer at the same time

I loved watching Neville in his big moments

Overall - MAGICAL - the perfect ending. I can't wait to see it again (and to show it at my library)

My husband and I were talking later in the day about our favorite books from the series. There were parts of the books that never made it to the screen and parts of the movies that showed things different (sometimes better) than the books.

Thoughts on how the books/movies differed from each other? Which one are your favorites??

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mysterious Saturday Review: Sweet Revenge

Lady Arianna Hadley wants revenge - Revenge for the death of her father. She needs to be in society to uncover the conspirators, but can't heave them uncovering her identity. So she creates a new persona - a male French chef and becomes employed in the house of the Prince Regent's mistress.

Here she hopes to gain access to the crowd of men who dealt with her father. Unfortunately for her, someone makes an attempt on the Prince Regent's life.

The authorities want this matter solved - and quickly. They don't care much about being right either. Unless Lady Arianna Hadley helps Earl of Saybrook, the investigator, it could be her neck swinging from a noose.

My Thoughts: I loved the bits about chocolate at the beginning of each chapter. I love reading about Regency England. I loved the banter between Lady Arianna Hadley and Earl of Saybrook. They make a great team. I love how Lady Arianna Hadley changes disguises - quite convincingly. This is a great start to a new series. I'm anxious to read more adventures.

Cover Thoughts: Fabulous - I love how the chocolates stand against the backdrop of Regency England.

Source: Purchased

Friday, July 15, 2011

Quick Reviews from Otis Library Teens

Middle School - the Worst Years of My Life by James Patterson
7 stars
I liked this book in the comedic sense. It was funny how he described middle school in the fictional way. I just hope kids don't read it and think those situations would happen to them. (LOL). I also liked the drawings he used to describe the scenarios. Overall it was interesting and exciting.
~ Claudine age 15

The Genius Files by Dan Gutman
9 Stars
This book is great because at a point when you think there is no way out of a situation, they found a way.
~ Luis age 13

From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler by E.L. Konigsburg
6 stars
It was a fun adventurous book. My favorite is the cheapskate boy Jamie. I enjoyed reading how he spend his money.
~ Luis age 13

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan
7 Stars
It was interesting when Medusa comes in and then they go to the museum and see dragons. It's just cool! :)
~ Kiyana age 11

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead
8 stars
In this book, there is adventure, suspense, and romance. It's a great series!
~ Adrien age 12

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blour Tour: Jennifer Ziegler

Jennifer Ziegler is joining us today on her blog tour!

What made you choose to write YA?
I write YA for a number of reasons. First, because I remain 17-years-old at heart. I still have a sense of awe about the world and enjoy daydreaming and acting silly. Secondly, I grew up reading great YA writers like Judy Blume, Paula Danziger, Paul Zindel, and S.E. Hinton, and their writing had a significant impact on me. And lastly, from a strictly artistic vantage point, I find the teen years to be a gold mine of stories and characters. Everything is heady and dramatic at that age. You’re experiencing these new, raw emotions and feel trapped in a limbo between childhood and the adult world. I used to wonder if I was the only grown-up who still had dreams about being in high school, but my friends say they do too. I think that’s because it was such a profound time – everything you go through seems to etch permanent grooves. As a writer, I enjoy exploring those early experiences that mold our identities.

Where do you write best?
I’m usually in my “writer’s nook” – a little open area in the corner of the house that I use as an office. However, I tend to write all over the place. Sometimes I write in the car while waiting outside my daughter’s school. Sometimes I feel more focused in a coffeehouse, away from the distractions of home. Sometimes the best way to work through a troublesome scene is by grabbing pen and paper and sitting in the armchair by the window.

How do you get your ideas? Do you use real events in your novels and if so, can you describe one?
My ideas come from everywhere – dreams, articles, friends, family, classic tales, or real-life experiences. Often times I can take a mundane occurrence and ask myself, “What if x had happened instead of y?”

However, I must stress that real events are always a starting point. If they do make it into the book, they are changed to the point of being unrecognizable. For example, Sass & Serendipity was partially inspired by my sister Amanda. However, there is no character or scene in the novel lifted straight from my life. Instead, it’s the essence of sisterhood that translated – moods and themes regarding my own sister relationship that I could apply to my made-up siblings.

That said, there is an inside joke in Sass & Serendipity. A “code word” that my Austin-based author pals would recognize. I can’t tell you which word it is, but if you guess it right I’ll let you know.

How did you come up with your title?
Since Sass & Serendipity was partially inspired by Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility (as well as my own sister), I wanted my title to be evocative of the original. In the beginning my title was Sass & Stupidity, but “stupid” is a loaded word – especially in children’s and YA lit. I tossed around other word replacement ideas with my editor and writer pals, and “Serendipity” was the clear winner. And I have to say, it fits the central premise and tone of the story much better.

Can you tell us a little bit about Sass & Serendipity?
Sure. Sass & Serendipity is the tale of two sisters, Gabby and Daphne, growing up in a small South Texas town. Gabby is sensible to the point of severity, whereas Daphne is a born romantic. Both girls are still reeling from their parents’ divorce and struggling with such issues as identity, friendship, and the definition of true love. When dire financial circumstances place them in a unique situation, the sisters must rely on, and come to a greater understanding of, each other.

Read my review of it here!

When did you first discover Jane Austen?
I can’t remember exactly, but it was during high school. I believe I was resistant at first. I’m sorry to say that I went through a stage when I felt “older” books couldn’t teach me anything about my life. Sense and Sensibility was the first of Austen’s novels that I read, and I was astonished at how much I connected with the two sisters.

I discovered her in high school after someone at the high school paper mentioned that Clueless was based on Emma.

Who is your favorite Jane Austen character: Major/Minor/Hero
Ooh, that’s tough. I think Austen is brilliant at characterization. Every one of her books is populated with riveting individuals. Of course, I love Elinor and Marianne Dashwood, with a very slight preference toward dreamy Marianne. Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy are my favorite couple. I adore the Bennett family and find the parents hilarious. Mrs. Jennings is another fun, saucy side character. Also, I often felt that the narrator, with her gently ironic commentary, was sort of an unseen character – a wise, witty, and likeable one.

Do you have a favorite screen adaptation of Jane Austen’s works? I’m quite partial to the miniseries of Pride and Prejudice that stars Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy. Miniseries always work better as adaptations because they can more closely follow the book. This one was particularly well cast and acted. In fact, I see Colin in my mind whenever I reread the book.

I think Colin Firth will always be in my mind Mr. Darcy.

Do you have a sister story to share?
There was particular incident that clearly underscored the differences between me and my sister. It happened when Amanda was around three or four years old and I was about six. The ice cream truck was coming down our street and, to our great surprise, our mom actually gave in to our whining and handed us some money. We caught up with the truck and each bought a single scoop cone – chocolate for me and vanilla for her. As we walked back to our house, the neighborhood bully stopped his bicycle right in front of us, blocking our way. “Chocolate is for good girls. Vanilla’s for babies,” he said in a sing-songy voice. I was so terrified of him, I just stood there. The next thing I knew, a vanilla cone was flying through the air. It smacked against his forehead and stuck there like a unicorn horn for a few seconds before falling to the ground. The bully was so nonplussed he turned around and rode home. He didn’t bother us much after that.

What’s the spiciest food you’ve ever eaten?
Habanero salsa in Merida, Mexico. It was so hot, it made us cry and sweat – and yet we couldn’t stop eating it.

What was the last book you’ve read that you’ve been recommending to everyone? Clare Dunkle’s House of Dead Maids, her prequel to Wuthering Heights. Beautifully written … and creepy!

Do you have a book crush? This is going to sound self-serving (and kind of twisted), but I developed a crush on one of my characters as I wrote Sass & Serendipity – sweet, loyal Mule. It’s happened before. I suppose I could psychoanalyze myself and discover that these characters are amalgams of real-life crushes and past boyfriends. Or maybe my author self is so far into the heads of my protagonists that I fall for the guys, too. Who knows? I consider it a perk of the business. In real life you experience first love and a first kiss only once. As an author, you can go through it over and over and over….

Do you have a favorite library experience? I love libraries! I’ve worked in many libraries throughout my life. I think if I hadn’t become an author, I would have been a librarian. My favorite library experience? I have to go far back, to about age four, when I had a life-changing epiphany. I was standing in a public library in Anchorage, Alaska, looking down at the cover of a picture book and noticing the name of the author. I can’t remember who the author was, but I do remember seeing the byline and thinking “Hey! That’s someone’s job!” I had no idea how someone could get a job making up funny stories to share with the world, but I knew I wanted it!

Awesome! I love how you connected the library with your future!

Are there any authors you’d love to meet?I would love to meet Judy Blume, but I’d probably go all fangirl and embarrass myself. “Hi. You know what? You’re awesome. Yeah. I read all your books. They’re awesome, just like you. Yeah. Hi.”

I met her once - it was AWESOME. I'm always falling all over myself when meeting amazing authors that I admire.

Do you have a favorite literary quote?
"A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.”

It reminds me that my success is mostly dependent on me, and that sometimes the only difference between the published and the not-published is that the published folk never gave up. They kept on writing and submitting, pushing past rejection, gloomy market outlook, and despair.

Oh, I Love this quote!

Listing of your favorites:
Candy –
Heath Bar or other English toffee
Cake/Cupcake flavor –
Red velvet chocolate
Ice Cream –
Either mint chocolate-chip or homemade peach
Pizza topping –
Green olives
Genre of books –
All of them!
Singer and/or Song –
Anything by the Beatles
TV show –
Freaks and Geeks
Movie –
Too many to name
Color –
Soft hues of green or blue or brown
Item of clothing –
My yoga pants
Superhero –
Villain – Shakespeare’s Richard III
Ways to be bribed –
Dark chocolate treats or margaritas
Personal guru –
Bugs Bunny


A Sassy Giveaway! Three lucky winners will each receive one copy of Jennifer Ziegler's SASS & SERENDIPITY along with Jane Austen's classic, SENSE AND SENSIBILITY. To enter, send an e-mail to In the body of the e-mail, include your name, mailing address, and e-mail address (if you're under 13, submit a parent's name and e-mail address). One entry per person; prizes will only be shipped to US or Canadian addresses. Entries must be received by midnight (PDT) on 8/5/11. Winners will be selected in a random drawing on 8/6/11 and notified via email.

To learn more about Jennifer, visit her website: or blog:

Thursday Trailer: Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol

This looks wicked good! I really love these movies - I'm a sucker for spy movies.

Also Sawyer is in this movie (For those of you who didn't watch LOST that's Josh Holloway)

Thoughts on these movies?

Opens December 16th

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Books I'm Dying to Read: September edition

Vanish: I LOVED Firelight - can't wait to find out what happens next - it was such a cliff-hanger ending. I also loved the dragon aspect! Goodreads - Out September 6th

Ultraviolet: I LOVE R.J. Anderson's faery novels and while this one is very different. I'm anxious to read it. Goodreads - Out September

Winter's Knight: I love reading about knights and battles - and the Templars Goodreads - Out September 1 (paperback)

Ellis Island: Ever since researching Ellis Island during a high school project, I've always been fascinated with it. I really want to visit there one day. I have family who came through there from Wales to Vermont. This actually looks like a good historical series. Goodreads - reprinted in September
Shut Out: I actually have a copy of this and need to read it soon! It sounds super good - girls against boys - sports rivalries against relationships. (PS doesn't the cover model look almost identical to Liv Tyler?) Goodreads - Out September 5th

Lost in Time: I love this addicting series - it's SO good. Plus, I can't wait to find out what happens with Schuyler and Jack. Goodreads - Out September 27th

Princess Curse: Sounds like a retelling of the Twelve Dancing Princesses - and cute! I love stories about Princesses. Goodreads - Out September 6th

Sprinkles and Secrets: I really liked first book - It's Raining Cupcakes. So looking forward to the companion novel Goodreads - Out September 20th
Faerie Ring: I love this cover! I love that this new faerie book is set in Victorian London! Goodreads - Out September 27th

Glow: An interesting idea - love vs survival. I actually have a copy of this one to read! Goodreads - Out September 27th

Shelter: Harlan Coben's YA debut - which I've read and reviewed here. Goodreads - Out September 6th
First Descent: An extreme adventure story with lots of danger Goodreads - Out September 13th
The Name of the Star: Maureen Johnson - enough said. Goodreads - Out September 29th

Witch Eyes: Debut novel about dark magic and a witch feud with one creepy cover. Goodreads - Out September 8th
Blood Wounds: Family secrets come out to light in a time of danger. Sounds mysterious Goodreads - Out September 12th

Drink Slay Love: A vampire develops a conscience Goodreads - Out September 13th

The Surge: LOVED the first book - and can't wait to find out what happens next. Goodreads - Out September 1st

Dark of the Moon: a Greek mythology book! I'm loving this trend Goodreads - Out September 19th

The Girl of Fire and Thrones: Amazing cover! A chosen one. A secret marriage. A Princess. Goodreads - Out September 20th

Beautiful Days: The sequel to Bright Young Things which I really liked and again - love the cover. (What can I say, I'm a sucker for girls in pretty dresses) Goodreads - Out September 20th

The Predicteds: What if your first boyfriend was capable of murder? Goodreads - Out September 1st

You Have Seven Messages: A year after her mother dies, Luna finds her cell phone - with new 7 messages. Goodreads - Out September 13th

Dark Passage: The pretty cloak and arch way drew me in and now I realize that it's the second book. Must read book one first, but this one is still on my list. Goodreads - Out September 13th

Enthralled: 16 paranormal romance stories by awesome YA authors! I actually have this one Goodreads - Out September 20th

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Review: Sass and Serendipity

A modern day retelling of Jane Austen's masterpiece Sense and Sensibility.

Sisters Gabby and Daphne are nothing alike.

Daphne's the younger sister - she's romantic, believes the best in people, social, and out going.

Gabby's the older more responsible sister. She helps run the household, studies constantly to win a scholarship for college, and has one best friend.

They fight all the time as neither sister can put herself in the other's shoes. Each sister wishes her sister would be more like her. When their mother goes out of town for job training, the two sisters must learn to live together to survive their mother's absence. Will they ever be able to see eye to eye???

My Thoughts: I can't stop thinking about this book - and wondering how much I liked it. As a sister, I can see both sister's view perfectly. On one hand, it was hard to connect with the sisters as they were so dramatic with each other - everything was in black or white. On the other hand - the story was compelling and I needed to see it ended. I really liked Mule and Prentiss. I loved how closely it related to Sense and Sensibility.

Cover Thoughts: I LOVE the cover! Especially the way the purple and the white play off each other

Blue Slip Media

Stay Tuned: Chatting with Jennifer during her blog tour!
PLUS a contest to win the book!

Fun Fact: This year is the 200th anniversary of the publication of Jane Austen's
Sense and Sensibility

Monday, July 11, 2011

Review: Hard Bitten

*4th in the series - some spoilers ahead if you haven't read the series*

Chicago's in an uproar over the discovery of vampires living among them. There are riots and protests all over the city. Many people hate the idea of vampires in Chicago and want them to leave. However, many people are intrigued with the idea of vampires and want to be bitten.

There are some rogue vampires taking advantage of the situation. They're hosting raves - leaving humans scared.

The mayor calls in Merit and Ethan to clean up the mess - or he's holding Ethan responsible for them.

This news couldn't come at a worse time as authorities from England are in town to talk about the rising number of problems coming from Chicago.

Merit's pursuing these raves. She needs all her wits about her if she's going to save her house and keep it's reputation in tact while keeping Ethan and therefore the authorities in the dark.

My Thoughts: Another thrilling adventure for Merit - complete with action, danger, secrets from her past, and sparring (romantic and otherwise) between her and Ethan. I love Merit's strength, her wit, her courage, and her compassion. I wished this chapter had more of Mallory because they have an awesome relationship. I love this series!

*While this is an adult title - I think that teens will devour this series

** Holy Crap! What an ending! It took me by surprise and I have no words for it. But I'm desperate for book 5

Drink Deep: out in November

Cover Thoughts: Amazing as always

Source: Inter-library Loan

Fun Fact: I'm quoted in the front of the book!!!! (under Teens Read Too)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Mantinee: Adjustment Bureau

I showed this at the library for teens. I've been waiting to see it forever! Somehow I missed it in the theater.

I really really liked it

What I Liked:
The whole concept of the movie -the plan (And of course the book)

Matt Damon - I Love him :)

Emily Blunt - I Love her :)

They had a great chemistry together

All the action!

What I didn't like:
The way the ending left you hanging - just a little. (spoiler - highlight to see) I get the ending, but I wanted to know if their dreams came true (spoiler)

If she was going to become a premiere dancer - than she would have to be much younger

Final verdict: a must see!