Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Review: In the Shadow of the Lamp

Molly can't believe her back luck when she's dismissed for stealing. She has no where to go, until she hears about a nursing opportunity. She doesn’t have much experience and thus, she’s rejected from the girls and women picked for Miss Nightingale’s staff.

Molly’s determined to make it and sneaks aboard the ship. Most of the women aboard the ship become sea sick on the rough waters. Molly and another girl help keep them calm and attempt to clean up the messes. Upon arrival, Molly’s allowed to join the nursing staff.

Miss Nightingale keeps strict rules. Anyone caught breaking these rules will be sent home.

Molly tends to the soldiers as best she can – helping to wrap their bandages, assisting the doctors, wiping their brows, and talking to them in an attempt to keep them calm. Although the work is tough and the conditions hard, she knows that she’s making a difference.

However, Molly doesn’t always follow the rules. Lately, it’s getting harder and harder to remain angelic. Will her action cost her her position?

My Thoughts: I found the politics of the hospital and the battle for improving the conditions of the wounded fascinating. I loved the in depth look at both nursing and Miss Nightingale’s character. This subject is not found often in YA literature and it is a great tool for learning more about the time period and conditions of the war. A wonderful look at the Crimean War – filled with the horrors of war, friendship amongst the nurses, and the possibility of romance. A fascinating read!

Cover Thoughts: Gorgeous

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Challenge: YA Historical Fiction Challenge

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