Monday, July 11, 2011

Review: Hard Bitten

*4th in the series - some spoilers ahead if you haven't read the series*

Chicago's in an uproar over the discovery of vampires living among them. There are riots and protests all over the city. Many people hate the idea of vampires in Chicago and want them to leave. However, many people are intrigued with the idea of vampires and want to be bitten.

There are some rogue vampires taking advantage of the situation. They're hosting raves - leaving humans scared.

The mayor calls in Merit and Ethan to clean up the mess - or he's holding Ethan responsible for them.

This news couldn't come at a worse time as authorities from England are in town to talk about the rising number of problems coming from Chicago.

Merit's pursuing these raves. She needs all her wits about her if she's going to save her house and keep it's reputation in tact while keeping Ethan and therefore the authorities in the dark.

My Thoughts: Another thrilling adventure for Merit - complete with action, danger, secrets from her past, and sparring (romantic and otherwise) between her and Ethan. I love Merit's strength, her wit, her courage, and her compassion. I wished this chapter had more of Mallory because they have an awesome relationship. I love this series!

*While this is an adult title - I think that teens will devour this series

** Holy Crap! What an ending! It took me by surprise and I have no words for it. But I'm desperate for book 5

Drink Deep: out in November

Cover Thoughts: Amazing as always

Source: Inter-library Loan

Fun Fact: I'm quoted in the front of the book!!!! (under Teens Read Too)

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