Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Review: Wishful Thinking

When Hazel turns 18, her stepfather hands her an envelope. It doesn’t contain a birthday card, but instead the name of her birth mother. More than anything, Hazel wants to belong somewhere. After her adoptive mother died when she was just a baby, she’s been with her stepfather or foster care.

After doing some research, Hazel realizes that her birth mother lives in the same city. She’s having an art opening - tonight. Hazel knows that she has the perfect opportunity to meet her. She takes her only dress to a seamstress to fix the gaping hole.

The seamstress, although gruff at first, tells her to come in hours. When Hazel comes back, she rushes off to the event. She brings her dress to change in the bathroom. She’s shocked to realize that the dress she pulls out of the garment bag isn’t the same. Without time to rectify the situation, Hazel immediately puts on the dress. When she arrives at the party, she uncovers devastating news.

Hazel doesn’t realize that any wish she makes while wearing the dress will be granted. More than anything Hazel wants to the chance to meet her mother. Can she cross time and meet her?

My Thoughts: The companion novel to WISH, WISHFUL THINKING, takes another girl with heartache and tries to make her dreams come true. I love the idea of three different gorgeous dresses for each wish granted. I loved watching Hazel attempt to uncover clues to her past while hiding her secret. It’s a wonderful book about one magical summer and a girl discovering herself. I don't know why I waited so long to read this one!

Cover Thoughts: Amazing - LOVE the butterflies

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