Friday, July 29, 2011

Review: Flying Blind

Zoe’s been told of her future, according to the legend of her people. She is a Wyvern – a shapeshifter who can see into the past and present by dreams. There’s only one Wyvern born to a generation of the Pyr.

Zoe is the one for her generation.

However, she can’t use her powers to perform any of the Wyvern’s abilities. Since the past Wyvern is dead, there’s no one to train Zoe. She’s not forthcoming about not understanding her powers or even her failed attempts to use them.

When an incident occurs at her school, she’s packed up to boot camp. Boot camp is where the other boys her age of the Pyr use their powers to train. They work together to make themselves strong and to enhance their abilities.

Once at camp, Zoe’s dreams go up in smoke. Nothing turns out the way she imagines, not the boy she’s dreamed about for the past few years, not the camaraderie with the other Pry, and certainly not the introduction of a new girl. Zoe doesn’t know what’s happening, but something feels very strange.

Can she figure out what’s bothering her while kicking her training into overdrive?

My Thoughts: Since reading Firelight, I'm so interested in dragon novels. Lots of action and danger helps create a fast paced plot for the first book in this new series about dragons. Friendship drama and romance add to the fires, making this book an emotional read. The action and the emotions combine for an amazing read.

Cover Thoughts: LOVE it!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review! This sounds like a good book.

YA Book Queen said...

I really love the sound of this one...Great review! :)