Friday, July 1, 2011

Review: So Much Closer

Brooke has always loved Scott - she knows they're destined to be together. Just when they have a moment, he tells her he's moving to New York City.

Brooke does the only sensible thing - she moves there too. It's not too hard convincing her mother that the schools are better and she wants more of relationship with her father. Her mom's not happy, but their relationship has been strained for years.

Brooke can hardly believe it when she bumps into him at school. It turns out they live near each other. Brooke also finds out that he has a girlfriend. How can she let him know that they are meant to be together?

My Thoughts: I Loved watching Brooke discover her love for the city - in so many different ways and seeing new places. I loved the tourists things she did and the things most people don't see about the city. I enjoyed watching her struggle to figure to her relationships - with her friends and family. It felt like watching an episode of Felicity and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Cover Thoughts: I would love this cover if it were not for the purple and pink shirt/sweater combination.

Source: My Library

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Anonymous said...

There is something about this cover (the outfits) that totally screams 80's to me. ;)