Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Adult Review: Sisterhood Everlasting

Fast forward 10 years after Forever in Blue, the four friends haven't seen each other in a while. Their friendship fell apart after Tibby abruptly moved to Australia with Brian for his job.

Now, she's sending them tickets to meet in Greece.

The three other girls can't wait to see each other and bask in the sisterhood.

Carmen's an actress and dating a man that could be the one, but there's something miss from her life.

Lena lives in the past and the "what ifs."

Bridget floats through life, going where the wind takes her.

Apart their lives are horrible, but together, maybe they can get back on track. The three girls meet in the airport, delighted to see each other and feeling refreshed. They can't wait to see Tibby and reconnect. When tragedy strikes, their lives and perhaps friendship will never be the same. Will they be able to survive and move forward?

My Thoughts: It took me a while to get into the book - I almost put it down, but I'm SO glad that I finished it. I hated the tragedy and how it unfolded, but everything made sense in the end. I loved reading from their various perspectives. It's hard to choose between the girls, but I've always felt I'm more like Lena. I love how each of them is better when they are together and just how strong their friendship runs. I loved reuniting with the girls again and seeing where their lives took them. It was a bittersweet book that made me laugh, cry, and smile with content.

*Confession - while reading the books, I couldn't get the actresses from the movies out of my head as the characters.

Cover Thoughts: After reading the book - I really like it.

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