Monday, July 18, 2011

Review: Ghost Huntress - the Discovery

After returning from her retreat, Kendall's ready to start up ghost hunting again. Her team's down a photographer since Taylor moved. But the good news is that Patrick, her new boyfriend, is willing to join her team. He comes to visit her on the weekends.

Together they attend a Civil war exhibit for a homework assignment. There Kendall and her friends come across a creepy doll - a cursed doll. After hearing the legend of the doll, several people pose for photos with the doll.

According to the legend, anyone who snaps a picture with the doll will develop bad karma. The doll gives Kendall and Patrick the creeps, but nothing they say can prevent people from taking photos.

When accidents start occurring to the people from the pictures, Kendall knows that she needs to perform a ghost hunt inside the historical society house. However, the authorities aren't interested in her help. Can they be convinced otherwise?

My Thoughts: A creepy edition to this fascinating series. As the series progresses, the books and the ghosts become darker. I confess I had a hard time reading this book alone after dark. However, the side stories add lightness. One of the major side stories in this book surrounds Kendall finding out more about her family. I really liked the historical aspect of the book. The book ends on a cliff hanger - making me eager for the next book.

Cover Thoughts: I'm always interested in these covers because they reveal so much about the story - but it's hard to uncover the clues until after you've read the book.

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Marley Gibson said...

Thanks for the awesome review! Glad the cliffhanger gotcha! = )