Monday, July 4, 2011

Sunday (really Monday) Matinee: Transformers Dark Side of the Moon

What I liked:
As usual, I love Sam and his smart aleck remarks.

I love his mother

I love Bumblebee

Happy for the return of John Turtorro - who is very funny as usual

Also happy for return of my two favorite soldiers

I liked the addition of John Malkovich and Patrick Dempsey - those were two surprises

All the action and special effects

What I didn't Like:
It was hard to distinguish between robots at times. There was one fight when they all looked like the same robot and it was hard to figure out what side won the fight.

Also the new girl - Carly wasn't as good. She didn't have many good lines or the wit of Mikaela's character.

What was wrong:
The whole premise with the moon and the discovery of the machines - as the Hoover Dam (from the first movie) was built in the 1930s. Therefore, they already knew of their existence!!! But I confess I love how they mixed history in with these movies. I loved the idea of moon landing being a secret mission and the footage of Kennedy.

What I wish they did differently:
They didn't explain the break-up of Sam and Mikaela

There were too many new robots and no explanation of them - I wish there had been a little more character development. For the most part - there are only two Autobots that are well known - Optimus Prime and Bumblebee

Overall Thoughts: A pretty good movie with the usual action and special effects

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the movie WAY more than the second film. The second film, IMO, never existed. I'm a midnight showing kinda girl when it comes to the Transformers franchise (because I LOVE IT TO DEATH), so it was like waiting on pins and needles until I saw this film just two days ago.

All of LaBeouf's one-liners were like gold. If they made a film out of all of his one-liners I would've been a happy camper. I love how they toned down the things that completely irked me (and put me to sleep) in the second film and were way more careful about it in the third. The pair of little autobots and the parents were WAY LESS annoying in this one.

Also, I never cared for the girl. I've never cared for the girl and could've done without her in this one, either. Also, was this not a FANTASTIC advertisement for Chicago?! Let's pack our bags and go on a trip! =)