Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mysterious Saturday Review: Sweet Revenge

Lady Arianna Hadley wants revenge - Revenge for the death of her father. She needs to be in society to uncover the conspirators, but can't heave them uncovering her identity. So she creates a new persona - a male French chef and becomes employed in the house of the Prince Regent's mistress.

Here she hopes to gain access to the crowd of men who dealt with her father. Unfortunately for her, someone makes an attempt on the Prince Regent's life.

The authorities want this matter solved - and quickly. They don't care much about being right either. Unless Lady Arianna Hadley helps Earl of Saybrook, the investigator, it could be her neck swinging from a noose.

My Thoughts: I loved the bits about chocolate at the beginning of each chapter. I love reading about Regency England. I loved the banter between Lady Arianna Hadley and Earl of Saybrook. They make a great team. I love how Lady Arianna Hadley changes disguises - quite convincingly. This is a great start to a new series. I'm anxious to read more adventures.

Cover Thoughts: Fabulous - I love how the chocolates stand against the backdrop of Regency England.

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