Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Review: Secrets of Sophia Musgrove

Sophia Musgrove navigates through society with her best friend Lucy. She adores anything French - in terms of fashion. Both of them love to shop and pour over fashion pieces in magazines together.

However, lately, she's begun to think there's more to life than balls, fashion, and gossiping.

At her sister's wedding, she meets a young man - Mr. Stevens. He asks if he can call on her when they are both back in town.

Sophie's excited to meet him again. He introduces in politics into their discussions. Sophie admits that her father doesn't discuss politics with her, but that she'd like to know more about the world.

Soon, she's sneaking out to meetings, lying to her father, and planning a dangerous mission.

Will her new found interest in politics ruin her reputation or has she finally found her calling?

My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this read - I admit it's my favorite historical time period. I Love reading about the balls, the dresses, and the gentlemen. I admired Sophie for wanting to know more about her world. I admired the way she took charge of situations - including fights with her father, rejecting suitors, and helping her sister at her wedding. I loved Lily and Lucy (although at times I got them confused because of the similarities of their names) I loved the romantic parts of the tale. This appears to be the start of a new series, I'm so looking forward to more adventures for Sophia.

Cover Thoughts: I adore this cover - it's perfect!

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