Thursday, March 19, 2015

Books and Treats (1)

A new blog idea inspired by Andi @ with the Pub Date where a few bloggers share book and beer pair ups.  Andi states that the idea is the brain child of Brittany at The Book Addict’s Guide.

Denton Little's DeathdateProduct Details

Debut novel Denton Little's Deathdate is funny, smart, and will keep you thinking about the book long after you close it. This debut novel hits it out if the park.

As you will read, Reese's peanut butter cups are featured in the book at Denton's funeral. It's kind of funny and then not so funny.

Trust me - When it comes out, go read this book. Review coming soon.

Does reading sometimes make you crave treats? It makes me crave them.
 Stay tuned for more Books and Treats. 

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