Saturday, March 28, 2015

Mysterious Saturday Review: At the Drop of a Hat

* Book 3 in the Hat Shop Mystery Series *
Scarlett and Viv couldn't be more thrilled when a woman walks into their shop with an old hat designed by Mim. She needs it repaired for her upcoming wedding. The two cousins can't wait to get started, but when they don't hear back from Ariana, Scarlett goes to visit her office.

As soon as she arrives, Scarlett hears a scream. Following the noise, she rushes through the office to find Ariana leaning over her boss who fell from the roof. The police investigation quickly uncovers a motive for Ariana. She's soon arrested.

Deep down, Scarlett knows her new friend isn't a murderer and she's not about to let Ariana rot in jail while she has a wedding to plan.
My Thoughts: I love this series - for the hat shop, for the cousins, for the secondary characters, and for the investigations. I love the relationships in this series: between the cousins, between Ginger and Harry, between Scarlett and Andre and Nick, and between customers. I love how Scarlett embraces people and tries to help them. I love the setting. I love the differences in cultures - between Scarlett's American ways and Fee and Viv behaving more properly. A fantastic mystery filled with humor, intrigue, and a little danger. I can't believe the bombshell dropped at the end - and I can't wait to read more about that!

Cover Thoughts: Perfection
Source: My Library

Final Thoughts: Reading a new hat shop mystery is like sitting down with your favorite cup of tea, always relaxing and enjoyable.

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