Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tween Tuesday Series Review: Charmed Life

Caitlin's Lucky Charm (Charmed Life, #1)Mia's Golden Bird (Charmed Life, #2)Libby's Sweet Surprise (Charmed Life, #3)Hannah's Bright Star (Charmed Life, #4)

Four girls from different parts of the world meet at camp and form a friendship for life. Sad they won't be able to see each other until next year, they purchase a charm bracelet. When the try on the bracelet, a memory from camp and their friendship comes to life. They decide to split up the time with the bracelet and at the end of their turn, each girl will add a charm to it.
My Thoughts: I loved this series that focused on friendship and family in each of of the books. I love how the girls wrote letters to each other throughout their time apart. It was nice to hear how everyone was doing. I loved the flashback moments at camp when the girls put on the bracelet. I loved that the girls were far enough apart so they couldn't see each other throughout the year, but the bond of friendship they had straightened them. Each of the dealt with a different type of friendship issue, but with good instincts, support from each other, and luck from the charm bracelet, they all pulled through. 

Cover Thoughts: I love how each cover has the charm each girl chooses and the photos from their time at camp together. 

Source: My Library

Final Thoughts: Think Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants for tweens - just as good,

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Sophie said...

I want to read that book because it sounds like a good one.