Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Matinee: Voyage of the Dawn Treader

* Spoilers Ahead *

While Susan and Peter are in America, Lucy and Edmund must stay behind with family - including a bratty younger cousin Eustace.

While arguing in their room, the three of them become sucked into the painting and thus into Narnia. They land aboard ship, The Dawn Treader where Prince Caspian sails the seas.

They encounter green mist commanding sacrifices and set out to destroy the stronghold of the mist and return the kingdom back to normal.

Last week, I watch the third Narnia movie.

I LOVED the first movie, enjoyed the second movie, and enjoyed this one too.

I Liked: The Mouse for his humor
The Snow scene with Lucy and the book - I loved her face of delight (which is exactly how mine would have looked)

Ben Barnes: I now understand the fuss about him - I think the facial hair did me in :)

The Dragon - loved it!

I Didn't Like: The cousin - until he turned into the dragon
The ending - I didn't understand how the people were still in the boats and why no one appeared to be responsible for the mist. Did I miss those explanations?

I hope they make the rest of the series into films as well.

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Jessica said...

I think the mist was pure tempted each of them...but yeah, I'm with you, I don't quite get how the boats just came back!?