Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mysterious Saturday Review: Absolutely, Positively

Lucy Valentine works for the family business of match-making. Their business is quite successful because of their ability to see auras and match people accordingly. Lucy no longer has this talent.

Instead, she has the ability to find lost objects. She's started a new branch of the company, looking for lost loves. She works with her P.I. boyfriend to help track down and reunite people.

She's working for a client who's searching for a long lost love from her childhood. They were in a foster home together. Lucy begins tracking down the man's whereabouts only to discover his shady past. She's not sure if she should continue her investigation.

Lucy's also wrestling with another case - as a favor to her grandmother. She's dealing with the reuniting of her parents, her constant worry that someone will uncover her family's secret, and hoping to overcome the family love curse.

My Thoughts: I love this series. I love Lucy - for her sense of loyalty, her spunk, and her unique qualities. I love her boyfriend - he's quite dreamy. I love the family secret. I love the secondary cast of characters. In short - I don't think there's anything about this series that I don't love.

As to this mystery: I liked the potential relationship that Meghan and Tristan lost and how Meghan's determined to rekindle it. I love this difference in the series - how Lucy uses her powers to aid the police in investigations, but also in finding lost loves. I liked Emily's progress in her relationship. I loved the ending. I do hope there are more in the series!!!

Cover Thoughts: Cute!

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