Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mysterious Saturday Review: Lost and Fondue

Charlotte's helping her best friend with a fund-raiser at the old winery. Meredith's hoping to turn the abandoned winery into a college. She's hosting a party for potential donors. Charlotte's providing fondue. Matthew's bringing the wine. It's supposed to be the perfect evening.

During the scavenger hunt, Charlotte and Rebecca witness strange behavior amongst the guest. They've never dream that one of the guest would turn up dead in the basement covered in fake jewels.

Did the murderer find the rumored hidden treasure? Now everyone's a suspect and things are getting tense. Can Charlotte help Chief Urso uncover the murderer before things get out of hand?

My Thoughts: The second book in the Cheese Shop mystery is amazingly good. I love Charlotte and her world. I love learning about different cheeses - I want to try them all. I couldn't believe Sylvie's reappearance and repercussions for the twins. I love Rebecca and her TV phrases, they're so funny. Lost and Fondue has a charming cast of characters, a great list of murder suspects, and a delicious romance. I can't wait for the next book in the series.

Cover Thoughts: LOVE it - I love the table, but most of all, I love the view from the window.

Source: Purchased.

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