Friday, May 13, 2011

Ten Things: Prom

Prom Books: I love them because they're fun, flirty, and have great dresses.

It's also one of my most popular displays at the library. Here's this year's display:

This past week's If You Like....Prom (check it out for other books and movie/TV suggestions)

Here were my books:

Prom Crashers
by Erin Downing:
Emily and Ethan met and sparks flew. Emily lost his number, but she’s determined to find him. She knows he goes to high school nearby and that he’s going to Prom this month. She has no choice but to round up her friends and crash every Prom until she finds him

Prom Season by Elizabeth Craft: Three best friends share the joys and frustrations of Prom – including finding the right dates, finding the right dress, and having the night of their lives. (3 books in 1)

Prom Dates from Hell
by Rosemary Clement-Moore:
The start of a trilogy features Maggie Quinn, who’s anxious to leave high school behind. She wasn’t even going to her prom. Maggie realizes that something’s strange. She smells evil, and it’s not your typical mean girl evil, it’s brimstone and fire evil. She needs to work fast to uncover the person unleashing evil into the world before the prom goes up in flames.

Suzi Clue by Michelle Kehm: Suzi’s just a lowly freshman in high school. She’s not part of the A-List, but her locker’s right next to the popular girls. When she hears about the mysterious accidents happening to the candidates for Prom Queen, she can’t help but be interested. Suzi loves a good mystery. Now all she needs to do is find a way to get on the ballot and see if anything strange happens to her.

Top 10 Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress
by Tina Ferraro:
Last year, Nicolette’s date uninvited her to prom two dates before the big event. Now she has a gorgeous pink unworn dress and still harbors a crush on Rascal. Will this year’s prom have a happier ending?

(Once Upon a Prom) by Jeanine Le Ny:
It’s four weeks until prom and Jordin, Tara, and Nisha can’t wait to for the night. Will it be the night they’ve always imagined?

Here are the ones I didn't add, but LOVE just the same:

Prom and Prejudice: The Jane Austen freak in me loves the setting with Lizzie and Darcy in high school - and the prom fast approaching.

Anti-Prom: Three girls from different cliques come together one night for revenge and a little romance.

Dating Diaries: Katie's been dating Paul for 5 years. When he breaks up with her 12 weeks before Prom, she realizes that she's able to date multiple guys. She vows to date one guy each week.

24 Girls in 7 Days
: Jack doesn't have a date to the prom - until his friends make him a dating add. They're screening the girls and setting him up with 24 girls in 7 days. Will Jack find the right girl to ask to Prom?

Do You have a favorite Prom story?

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Jessica said...

Oooh! Love the Wordle and the prom bookmarks - so cute how you have both the gown and the suit!!

So far, I think my favorite prom related book has been PROM DATES FROM HELL by Rosemary Clement-Moore!