Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mysterious Saturday Review: Midnight Tunnel

** I usually do an adult mystery review on Saturday - but the last mystery failed me and this tween read was super cute! **

Suzanna’s parents run the inn Loch Harbor, New Brunswick, where many wealthy families spend the summer. Zanna’s learning the ins and outs of running the place in anticipation for her future. Zanna doesn’t want to run the inn, she’d rather become a famous detective like her Uncle. She keeps a notebook filled with observations.

When the daughter of an important guest goes missing one night during a storm, Zanna thinks she saw the girl in the servant’s tunnel. When she attempts to tell her parents, no one believes her. They don’t want to hear her nonsense.

Instead, they ask her Uncle to come. Zanna can’t wait to see her Uncle again. She’s dumbfounded when he exits the train with his apprentice, a boy her age. She’s furious when he calls her by the wrong name and dismisses her ideas.

Zanna’s determined to continue her own investigation.

My Thoughts: An adorable start to a new series provides tween readers with a great main character. Zanna has feistiness and she’s unwilling to back down from her knowledge. I loved the lush setting of the Inn and the tourists spending their summer. I wanted to be there with them. I loved the character of Isaac. He puzzled me with his secrets and his changing attitude. I loved this twists and turns of the mystery - it made a page turning read.

I did figure out the culprits - but it was still enjoyable. I'm looking forward to Zanna's next mystery!

Cover Thoughts: Adorable - I Love the wall paper.

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Anonymous said...

I've definitely got this book on my radar! I love a good mystery!

Jessica said...

This one sounds good. It's on my list of things to read. I'm always looking for mysteries to recommend to the tweens!