Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Books I'm Dying to Read: June edition

Here is the latest edition of books I simply can't wait to read - all of these are out in June

Ten Things We Did: LOVE the author her books are always funny and charming. GoodReads
out June 7th

Uncommon Criminals: I LOVED Heist Society. So looking forward to Kat's latest heist. Not to mention Hale. GoodReads out June 21st

Withering Tights: I loved the Georgia Nicoleson series - so funny! Looking forward to a new book. GoodReads (Goodreads has this a July 8th, but BN has June 28th)

Mission (un)popular: Really enjoyed Rhymes with Cupid, eager read the second book by this authorabout a girl looking to change herself, her image, and stand up to the mean girls. GoodReads - out June 14th
Jane Austen: A Life Revealed: I'm a bit of Jane Austen freak. Also love reading about her. Hopefully I'll learn something new. Love the idea of a biography for teens (Wish I thought of writing it). GoodReads (again Goodreads and BN differ with release dates)

Secret Ingredient: Sequel to Teashop Girls where Annie competes in a scone baking contest where the prize is a trip to London. She also starts a food blog. GoodReads out June 28th
Countess Nobody: I think I had some insider info on this book that made me very excited to read it, but I no longer have that email. GoodReads out June 14th

The Day Before: LOVE the author and novels in verse: GoodReads out June 28th
Sirenz: Two girls fight over the perfect pair of shoes and end up serving Hades becoming Sirens. GoodReads Out June 8th

Flying Blind: Love dragon books and it's the first of a new series. Zoe's powers are hideous, but she's going to need them and fast if she wants to save herself and all shifters from extinction. GoodReads out June 7th

My Life Undecided: I Loved Karma Club and I adore the book trailer for this new book by Jessica Brody. Brooklyn's made terrible decisions in her past so she's setting up a blog to let others make her decisions for her with hopes of better outcomes. GoodReads out June 7th - view the booktrailer

Who What Wear: The second book in the fun fashionista Allegra Biscotti Collection series where Emma, must go undercover to protect her identity as Allegra plus design a few new pieces. GoodReads - Out June 1st

The Lost Crown: I Love the cover plus it's a novel about the Romanov family and the daughters of Tsars . GoodReads out June 14th (And just perfect for the YA historical fiction challenge)

Cleopatra Confesses: A great historical fiction author with a new book with an awesome cover! GoodReads out June 7th

Slice: Sequel to Killer Pizza which I gobbled up (along with several teen boys in my library) GoodReads out June 21st

Fins Are Forever: I've read this one and it's a FABULOUS sequel to Forgive My Fins GoodReads (again Goodreads/BN differ for the date)

Never Sit Down in A Hoopskirt.... I've read this one too and it's funny, snarky, and highly entertaining- read my review here. GoodReads Out June 14th

Trial by Fire: The sequel to Raised by Wolves - it's an awesome intense read. Read my review here. GoodReads out June 14th

Spoiled: I have the ARC and need to read it, because it looks super cute! Molly's mom passes away and she's shocked to dsicover the identity of her father - a famous movie star. Before she knows it, she's trust into a new lifestyle complete with an evil stepsister. From the authors of the blog: GoodReads out June 1st


LinWash said...

Uncommon Criminals will be an automatic buy for me. I loved Heist Society!

Anonymous said...

Girl! Get thee to reading Spoiled! I've heard good things -- curious to hear what you think. I LOOOOVE the Fug girls.