Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mysterious Saturday: Mysteries I'm Dying to Read

I haven't finished any mysteries this week - though I have a bunch waiting for me on my shelf. Instead of a review, here's a look at a few I can't wait to read

Grace Interrupted: I LOVE Julie Hyzy - this is the 2nd book of the Manor of Murder series. This one deals with Civil War re-enactors, which the historical buff in me loves. GoodReads - out June 7th

Cookie Dough or Die: The start of a new series about a cookie bakery - The Gingerbread House and murder! GoodReads - out April 5th (I actually just purchased this and start it, it's quite good!)

PS: Don't these two covers look VERY similar (and gorgeous) with the chairs and windows.

Lost and Fondue: The second book in the Cheese Shop series where the cheese shop mixes with a winery for a fundraiser. The winery is rumored to have buried treasure hidden among the winery. GoodReads - out May 3rd

A Pizza to Die For: The third book in the pizza shop mysteries with two sisters track down clues to solve murders. GoodReads - out May 1st

Sheetcake Named Desire: First in a new series. There's no information about this series, but the cover looks great. It comes out in August. Goodreads

Evil Eclairs: The 4th in the Donut Shop series, which I love and always make me crave donuts. Goodreads - out at the end of April

Books Can Be Deceiving: The first in a new series about a director of a library - as a librarian makes me very happy. Jenn also writes the Cupcake Bakery Mystery series. Goodreads Out July 5th

Murder Under Cover: The 4th book in the fascinating series, sounds spicy! Goodreads Out May 3rd
Sweet Revenge: The first in a new series where a Lady poses as a chef to find her father's murder - in Regency England. I Adore Regency novel! GoodReads - out now.

Let's Play Dead: The second in the Museum mysteries, where the death takes places at a children's museum. GoodReads - Out July 5th
House to Die For: Somehow I missed this one when it first came out, but the second one Killer Listing caught my eye. I have to go back and read the first. GoodReads out now/ GoodReads out now
Diva Haunts a House: The 5th in this fabulous series where Sophie attends Natasha's Halloween party only to discover a body amongst the decorations GoodReads - Out September 6th

Bitter Harvest: The 5th book about Meg and her inherited apple orchard- after the harvest she's enjoying some down time until someone decides to play tricks. GoodReads - Out August 2nd
Pie a La Murder: The 4th in the Della Cooks series, Della must deal with a massive secret from a loved one. GoodReads - Out July 5th

Skirting the Grave: The 4th book in the Vintage Magic Mystery series. I think Maddie's shop sounds awesome - I'd love to shop there! GoodReads - Out July 5th

Murder by Mocha: Even though I'm not a coffee person, I love this series. The 10th book revolves around a love potion - Mocha Magic Coffee. GoodReads
Out August 2nd

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