Monday, April 4, 2011

Review: Sweet Valley Confidential

Jessica and Elizabeth are on the outs. For the first time in their lives, Elizabeth isn't speaking to Jessica - and hasn't for eight months.

It's killing Jessica.

Elizabeth feels nothing but anger towards her twin. Even though she feels half of her is missing, she's not ready to forgive her twin. She doesn't know if she ever will let her twin back into her heart.

On opposite sides of the country, the twins struggle in their daily lives. Elizabeth works as a write for a theater news outlet - growing in popularity. Jessica works for marketing for an environmentally concerned make-up.

Will the sisters come together or will the split over a boy cause the end of their relationship?

My Thoughts: I was really excited to read this book - so nostalgic for the books from my younger years. I confess I didn't read the series all the way through. Looking at various websites, I realize that I have no idea where I stopped reading. Therefore, I didn't remember some of the characters. While I was happy to read the book, I didn't find it believable. Both Jessica and Elizabeth challenge my preconceived notions of the characters. I didn't believe their actions. I didn't buy the couple story lines - any of them. I didn't believe some of the lines that came out of the characters mouths. I liked the alternating past and present perspectives. I liked the perspectives of multiple characters. I didn't like shift between first and third person. That said, I was happy to catch up with characters and I would probably read another book about the twins. It definitely made me want to go back and read some of the older books.

Cover Thoughts: Interesting. I do love the inside pictures of the twins from the first book.

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Cheree said...

Thanks for a fantastic review. As a child I read most of the series and I'll definitely be checking this out.

Jessica said...

I'm so conflicted about this book from all the reviews I've read...and yet, I will definitely be reading it. I can't imagine not plunging back into my teen years and SVH.