Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tween Tuesday Review: Mysterious Matters of I.M. Fine

Franny's starting to notice strange behavior after everyone devours the latest Chillers book from I.M. Fine. At first there's the whole need for gummy worms. Next, everyone has headaches. Finally, everyone starts acting like a snake. Franny believes there's a connection between the books and the behaviors.

She tries to convince her best friend Beamer about the truth. It takes him a long time to listen to her, but even he can't deny there's something strange happening all over the country.

The two of them set out to uncover the identity of this famous author who keeps all private information out of print. Can they solve the mystery behind the strange happenings to their classmates?

My Thoughts: I've always been interested in reading this book because of the title and the cover. It's our current read for this month's 4th and 5th grade book club. I quite enjoyed the story - although I didn't entirely believe the conclusion. I loved the relationship between Beamer and Franny. I loved their sleuthing. Most of all, I loved how was a book about books and authors. A fun great mystery.

Cover Thoughts: Interesting - very fun.

Source: My Library


GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

I love tween mysteries!

Jessica said...

This sounds like a fun one!

Katie said...

Haha, those eyes on the cover are great! This looks like a good one.

I really like your blog, and I'm a new follower. :-)