Friday, April 15, 2011

Ten Things: Game of Thrones

This is my favorite book series, so imagine my delight when I heard HBO producing this as a series. I simply can't WAIT to watch it. As it's a very adult book (violence, gore, and sex), I think HBO is the right place for it. George R.R. Martin writes an amazing tale about a land in chaos and the right for the crown. His characters are complex, unique, layered, and amazing.

The characters: Jon Snow and Arya Stark are my favorites

The writing = I'm hoping that the sarcasm and wit transfers to the show. GRRM is my favorite author of ALL time (and between you and me, that's saying something)

The detail in production - check out a video of the set design

The sword fighting - check out a video of weapons

The costumes - I LOVE period costumes. I 'm quite looking forward to the clothes. Check out a video here

The landscapes - the books depict so many different locations and climates. Here's a photo of the wall - an interesting fixture in the series

Each preview looks better than the last

I LOVE Sean Bean and I think he's perfect for this role
Not tied to the TV adaptation, but Dance with Dragons claims to be coming out July 12th. I can't wait for the series to continue and I'm LOVING the new cover!
Plus the author recently married and his bride wore Tyrell colors.

WINTER IS COMING: The Games begin Sunday at 9 pm.

After all this - I don't have HBO, the wait is already killing me. Sigh, I hate having to wait for the DVD...

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Tere Kirkland said...

Haven't read the series, but I'm definitely interested in seeing what HBO has done with it.

Epic fantasy FTW!