Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Review: Eona

*Spoilers ahead if you haven't read EON*

Eona has finally shed her false identity - now she must look to setting the kingdom to rights after High Lord Sethon took control. Now all the Dragoneyes are dead with the exception of the traitorous Lord Ido.

Eona, Ryko, and Lady Dela attempt to find their Emperor - the young son with ties to the throne. Indeed, Kygo is the true Pearl Emperor. When they find him, they must attempt to take the throne back from his uncle.

Regaining control of the land won't be easy. Death and destruction will come. Without their Dragoneyes, dragons are disappearing from the world. Now more than ever Eona needs Lord Ido alive - so he can share his knowledge. In the past, Lord Ido only wanted power. Could he have changed? Eona isn't putting all her hopes in his knowledge, she's also working on translating a folio left by her ancestors.

The knowledge and power she gains from the folio scare her beyond belief. Could her destiny already be chosen for her?

My Thoughts: The stunning conclusion to Eon: Dragoneye Reborn was an intense emotional read. I've been waiting to read this book for what seems like years. It was one of my favorite reads in 2009. I loved reading about the union between the Mirror Dragon and Eona. I loved the twists and turns of this read. I loved the relationship between Eona and Kygo. Honesty, I loved the book. It was heartbreaking, frustrating, horror-filled, sweet, satisfying, romantic, and vastly entertaining. My one complaint was that waiting length between the two books :)

Cover Thoughts: I Love it (then again, I'm one of the few people who loved the original hardback cover.) I Love how it ties in with the new paperback edition cover. I love the light from the swords. I love the dragon. I love the fierceness of Eona.

Source: My library.

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This cover looks super cool! I love the dragon!
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