Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Review: Scorpia Rising

The final book for the Alex Rider series is divided into two parts. The first part comes from the perspective of Scorpia - an terrorist organization twice defeated by Alex Rider. They are devising a plan to bring Alex Rider's involvement in MI6 to the attention of the world thus bringing down two enemies with one strike. They need to get Alex Rider back into the field and they have developed an idea to lead him just where they want him.

Alex Rider's life has gone back to normal. He's happy just hanging out with his friends, doing school work, and rehearsing for the school play. Unfortunately, his normal life ends when a sniper appears on the roof across the street from his school, sending a bullet through the window into Alex's classroom.

Jack - his guardian is determined that Alex won't be caught up in MI6 again. However, even she can not stop him from agreeing to protect his friends at school from further harm. Jack insists on accompanying him to Egypt where they will keep an eye on a school for anything out of the ordinary. Someone might be targeting the students of wealthy families from around the globe.

Alex realizes the school isn't under threat. He knows something's not right, but he's unable to put his finger on anything specific. Instead he and Jack make plans to head to America. That's when things start going wrong - deadly wrong.

My Thoughts: I'm sad to see the last of Alex Rider. I LOVED this series for the: action, danger, adrenaline scenes, the crazy double crossings, the spy gadgets, and the determination of one teenage boy. I think the series ended the only way it could, but I don't love the ending.

As for the book: It took me a bit to get used to the two difference segments of the book. However, I liked learning more about Scorpia. I loved how they dropped certain clues to make their plan come together. After reading their section, I found myself annoyed at MI6. MI6 seemed naive, very naive. They also seemed horrific at research. I've always loved Mr. Smithers and was pleased he had a bigger role in the final book. I loved reading about his gadgets and tricks, especially his last trick. I loved the deviousness of the Scorpia group ad trying to uncover their plot from Alex's perspective. I love watching Alex in action.

Cover Thoughts: I'm not crazy about the covers - but they are interesting and eye catching.

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