Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Teen Tuesday Review: Kat Incorrigible

Kat's tired of being the odd sister out. Her two older sisters, five and seven years older, talk about things that she wouldn't understand. Her brother Charles has gambled away all the family money and her Stepmama is determined Elissa will make a fortune match and save the family.

Kat vows she won't allow her sister to ruin her happiness by marrying a man rumored to have murdered his first wife. Instead, she comes up with a plan to change everything. Unfortunately, her sister Angeline catches her before she put the plan into action.

Instead, Kat, her sisters, and their Stepmama attend a house party to Grantham Abbey to meet Sir Neville. Kat and Angeline attempt to persuade Elissa not to accept his hand in marriage - if he should ask.

When Kat discovers she is her mother's magical heir, she wonders if she can use magic to help her sisters deal with their romantic attachments.

My Thoughts: I've been wait for this book for roughly a year as it was published in the UK first. It was so cute- almost a novel from Sense and Sensibility (from Margaret - the youngest sister's perspective) with a magical adventure, a dangerous highwayman episode, and a romance plot. All of these combined make it absolutely entertaining, engrossing, and simply delightful. I LOVED Kat: she's unladylike, stubborn, smart, brave, resourceful, annoying (as only a youngest sister can be), and charming. I can't wait to the next book: Renegade Magic

The Cover: I Love the cover - it's super cute and I love how it wraps around to the back.

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GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

I've been wanting to read this one since I saw in the UK too. I'm glad it's as cute as it looks!!