Monday, April 18, 2011

Review: Sean Griswold's Head

Payton just discovered that her father has MS. The whole family's kept her in the dark for six months because they're trying to protect her. She's furious.

She stops talking to her family. Her parents make her see the school guidance counselor who suggests she start a focus object. Ms. Callahan hands her a notebook.

At first, Payton doesn't know what to write in her journal. Then she realizes that she's been sitting behind a boy for years. He has a nice head and thus begins her project.

She discusses her idea with her outgoing BFF Jac, who thinks the project should encompass the whole boy. Before long, Payton starts talking with Sean.

They become close friends. Payton starts bike riding with him. She starts confiding in him. Will her project really help her focus her life and comes to terms with life's curves?

My Thoughts: I LOVED Lindsey Leavitt's debut novel Princess for Hire. While this book is very different, it's also very good. Leavitt writes about the sickness in heart-wrenching and honest manner. I loved Jac creating drama and forcing Payton into embarrassing situations with Sean. I loved the conversations between Jac and Sean. This novel deals with friendship, family drama, discovering inner strength, finding focus, and a dash of romance.

Cover Thoughts:This cover grew on me. I like the chalkboard doodles and how they relate to the book. I love the tagline.
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